Promoting Steemit from the airport all the way into the Streets of Lagos: "Steem Kids on a mission"

4년 전

Dressed in customized T Shirts already makes us stand out from the crowd and then, holding a cell phone, doing a video, talking and smiling simply makes you stand out even better, and that is what we were; "Steem Kids on a mission!" The stares were a plenty.

Arriving Lagos after 1 hour on air with @tojukaka was quicker than I expected and also the smoothest flight yet. We talked about the unending Return On Investment the Steem Blockchain offers and looking further, we discovered it gets better the minute you decide to apply yourself and make it worth something for someone.

I Feel Blessed!

Getting into Lagos for the Cryptohub launch and also brainstorming for the way forward for the Steemit Lagos community, was so much excitement as we continued the discuss until we walked into the streets of Lagos backed by the power of the Steem Blockchain.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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Good to see guys putting so much energy in promoting Steemit.

@ejemai...hope you be in Ibadan for the upcoming meet up. I am personally expecting to see and meet you. And our very own @tojukaka, you are a blessing to us here in ib.

Keep on Steeming

Am really glad that you have taken it upon yourself to introduce steemit as well as mentor young steemians in Nigeria. God bless you for being a light to our generation. Keep shining. Kudos as well to @tojukaka


Yessssoooo, forward ever backward never, we are #kinging,
My boss carry on

I go be like una very soon. You guys are so so inspiring in every sense.

We talked about the unending Return On Investment the Steem Blockchain offers and looking further, we discovered it gets better the minute you decide to apply yourself and make it worth something for someone.

This statement blew my mind. Thank you for being so selfless and an icon and a beacon for all steemians.

Actually, ejemai what you did, and what you are doing nowadays, it must appreciative, you are working truly for the betterment of the community, for the newbies, for the people who do not know how to survive or how to enter in the huge blockchain community.
I just follow you last couple of days and feel regret that, why I do not do it early, but still, your work is exceptional for the community, keep sharing such stuff for the betterment and prosperity of the community, it is encouraging others to do as well, blessed you and steem on

@ejemai I really aprecite what you are doing, I brouth this in a friend to steemit, and he is doing a good job, helping unemployment graduates, I've known him to be like this right from our university days, please kindly help and sutpport him.

Sir @ejemai, u are really doing a great job. I believe with people like u, steemit will soon become global. Thanks for promoting steemit, thanks for helping newbies too.

@ejemai you are doing a great job here on steemit and i must commend your good work.
I believe with you steemit will be taken to another level..
Great job boss!

Carry on steem ambassadors. More power to your elbow.

Correct Brothers @ejemai. For the next trip, I hope to join you guys 😂
Great work Bro,kudos.

Yo not steemit kids dude . We are growing up😀😀

Let's talk crypto... The ones we know :)
You guys are on a roll. Better way to move. Kudos on the publicity. ✌️

Hello from South Africa.
What is your mission? You mentioned you are on a mission.

Great job bro thanks for the support and all the help really appreciate it keep up the good work Steamit

This is touching hope to be mentored by you someday @ejemai

Keep up the good job bro. I love what you are doing. I'm also a promoter of steemit here in my community.

You guys are really doing great things with steemiteducation boss. The Enugu meetup rings in my head each minute. I am challenged by your sacrifices and selflessness.
Keep the Fire burning. We dey for una back.

Promoting this platform always is a great idea!

Kudos guys👍. @tojukaka don't sell your hearto..

I'm always motivated and impressed whenever i learn about your steemit evangelism, you are indeed a blessing to this community.

Welldone boss

I appreciate your efforts for enlightening us about this unique opportunity. Thanks so much. Please continue to educate we fresh steemians about this wonderful opportunity. Tips on success would be greately appreciated.

my sincere congratulations, you advanced fast levels, for your mutual support, a day ago in a meetup organized in my city, we discussed how you managed to get up fast and not only individually, but all the integrates that make up your team, keep on track with your successes.

Woow, great to know dat there will be cryptohub launch in Lagos. Pls how do i get to know when and where this launcheon will take place. I ve really been looking for Lagos based Steemit group. Hope i wont be left out.

Keep it up @ejemai. You are a light that cannot be dimmed. Keep leading the way bro!