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Total SBD Supply and Price per 1M Vests added to the Report. 

Volume is very high, Steem is on 5th position at Poloniex, Downtrend is definitely over...

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Like the additions to the report. (especially price per 1m vests) It's evolving nicely.


Thanks, i try to give my best :)

Happy to see STEEM (and SBDs) making a strong rally, but worried when I see within a week, author posting has dropped to ~1,300 posts per day. That should be something of serious concern.

I am glad to see the community has taken action on the matter with initiatives like Project Curie and the Robinhood Whale. My hope is the powers that be follow the cue of the Steemit community, and do something to either incentivize , retain or grow the author pool it has because without content there is no value.


@lpfaust - I agree with you on this and what scares me is the fact we have whales i.e, the creators doing things that reduce postings. @masteryoda is a clear example. He posts a daily stats post. It's different data than this and it keeps getting flagged by whales. So he has decided to stop doing the post, which sucks because I enjoyed the data he collected for us.

So that is 1 post a day gone just like that. Wonder how many other times this happens....it also does not motivate those that see this happen to post.

EDIT: I stand corrected @masteryoda has decided to continue posting despite getting flagged by @ned everytime because his audience pleaded for him to continue. The market has spoken!!!


Thanks for your daily comments, really enjoy them my friend :)
Yeah the declining number of Authors makes me worried too. Hopefully we see here an uptrend too, very soon...

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Well it's Sunday today. Next week we'll probably see those 1500-1600 daily posts again

Always great to see this in my feed. Shared on twitter Twitter✔ for my followers to see. Cheers. Stephen


Thanks Stephen, always a pleasure.

Thanks a lot! Very worthful for me. I'm beginning to understand.
Upvoted and resteemed!


Thanks, dont miss a single Report, follow me :)


hahaha, to the mars :)


Yeah not to bad today :)

Thanks for the information!