Amusement history

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The great Irish writer George Bernard Shaw was invited as a point of attraction to a table of aristocrats. The Boss, known for intelligence to little frail, said unwise to ask him: "Tell me, please; I have heard that fish regenerates the gray matter. What more than I advised to consumption? - A Whale!" Shaw answered promptly.


The Emperor Octavian Augustus II has been presented a Greek who resembled amazingly with him and, in addition, have about the same age. Augustus joking loudly, he wondered if his mother had been in her youth in Rome, about the time when the Emperor and his father was quite young. The answer of greek was promptly: "My mother was not, but my father was at Rome. About a year before your birth.


In the year 1906 was to form a new government of the French Republic. The designated by the formation, Ferdinand Sarrien, invited the home a few politicians for consultations, including the Georges Clemenceau. In the course of the discussion was served a cold buffet. Seeing that of the guests only Clemenceau host does not serve anything, he asked: "What do you want, Mister Clemenceau? "The Interior Ministry, to answer it. The next day, Clemenceau as interior minister!

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