Bloomberg Wrote an Article About Steemit!

4년 전

Did anyone else read this Bloomberg Article mentioning Steemit today? Guess where I saw it?! Someone shared it on Facebook!

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Steemit is finally getting some attention and let me tell you, its pretty exciting!

Read the article here :

It says that over 120,000 accounts were added last month....which I didn't think was true, I know that I read stat reports and the number of users being onboarded is really small.

Hopefully with the addition of a more streamlined entry point and the implementation of communities we can see a mass exodus from other places.

So read the article and let me know what you think. I know this is a quick post but I just wanted to share the article, I look forward to chatting with you in the comment section below! Steem on! Emily

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Wow, cool! This is why we need to work hard to establish ourselves early on before we get lost in the crowd.


Yes, I agree with you, @kenanqhd. It's still in early stage in steemit. And this is a golden opportunity to do better on steemit.


Yea! I have been trying to get friends to join, of course with the down crypto market right now its hard...hopefully when we see green again it will be easier to convince people :)

Interesting close. No longer will control reside with a small number of big companies.

Upgrade to Control is now ceded to a small number of large whales like @ranchorelaxo that vote for shit content.

Would be nice if we could take a bigger step up in that upgrade, LOL

Good news!There are many bot accounts,not real people.

Great news! This is an opportunity for steemit to drive thousand of people on steemit.

Looking forward to steemit updates. It could change the whole game.

I think so they probably meant 120,000 accounts have been made but think about it, half of them are dead accounts due to the reason that people just give up halfway. It’s hard for new minnows to grow unless they put a significant amount of work.


Well I think we are closer to 800,000 total accounts, with 60K active users. I agree its hard to grow on here but as it becomes more active that should help.


Yeah once the numbers grow, it’ll be easier for minnows to join and grow.

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Thanks for the good work @arcange :)

Well it was a honest article, which is good. But don’t think that this article will attract lots of new users. Bloomberg isn’tthe side which is read by much regular John and Sue Doe!
Still we have to start somewhere!


Well I saw it shared on facebook which is surprising since it was shared by someone who really isnt into crypto at all. Maybe the word is spreading. :)


All little bit help. The stories about the heigth and the bubble become bored. So they need to mine new articles!

I am very sincere I did not read that article, but recently if I read another post, the accelerated growth that steemit has.
And that is good because the higher the growth of the platform the currency could have greater value. I currently have a campaign with other friends to encourage the SBD to be included in Binance.


Awesome job doing your part to encourage the growth of Steem! I will check out your posts :)


Thank you. I have this campaign in English and Spanish, as well as helping to grow many like me on the platform of Steemit, I am Venezuelan .. A great pleasure to meet you

Nice find, I did not see this. I have seen one or two other articles on Steemit they have featured. There was also one time when Bloomberg wrote an article about airdrops and linked to a steemit article! I thought that was pretty cool