Celebrating 2 Months on Steemit and Tips for Noobs

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Wow, I can't believe its been 2 months since I joined Steemit. I feel like I have learned so much in the last 60 days! Steemit comes with a huge learning curve and I feel that I have a long way to go before I feel confident that I know how this whole ecosystem works.

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In this post I will be going over what I have achieved so far, and some tips for people that are new!

What I have achieved so far:

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Followers: 472

I am grateful to all of my real followers who comment on my posts! I love the interaction and I have to say that all of my interactions so far on Steemit have been very pleasant and I hope it stays that way! I always upvote thoughtful comments and I reply as well.

To new Steemians: Always engage with your followers! If someone takes the time to write a thought out comment you should upvote and reply! If someone asks you for help (other than an upvote obviously) help them out as much as you can or direct them to where they can get help. This is a small community now, but as people come on here they will be needing guidance and its up to all of us to create a warm atmosphere to keep people around.

Reputation: 55

I was lucky to have my reputation rise pretty fast. I attribute that to the massive amount of commenting I did the first couple weeks I did on Steemit. I know that it will get considerably harder to raise my reputation now. I am really looking forward to the 56 rep as I have been sitting at 55 for some time!

To new Steemians: Your reputation goes up when people who have higher reputation than you upvotes your posts/comments. If someone flags you your reputation will go down. In order to earn a good reputation you should always put effort in your comments and posts. It seems obvious but there are still a lot of new Steemians who spam comments looking for upvotes. That will not work here. You will get flagged. Make an effort, be yourself, make friends...that's the only way to grow here.

Steem Power: 453

I initially set a goal of obtaining 1000 SP by August, which will be my 6 month anniversary on Steemit. I did not earn all of my Steem Power by posting. I also bought a small amount of STEEM when I could afford it and powered up. Of course I wish I would have waited until the price plummeted because the first time I bought STEEM it was over $6! I do have confidence that in the end, it won't matter. (I think the price of STEEM will rise significantly this year) I am almost half way to my goal with 4 months left...not too shabby!

To the new Steemians: If you really want to be successful here and show that you are in it for the long haul you should invest at least a little money into buying STEEM, especially at these super low prices! As the price of STEEM goes up, it will become less affordable. Most people will not spend any of their own money and will try to rely on posting to gain Steem Power. I have to say, I think that thats a mistake. When you buy STEEM and power up you make a commitment to yourself, and to the platform.
If Steemit becomes more popular and you invest into Steem Power you will be ahead of 90% of all users already. Imagine if a million active users come on to Steemit in the next year and the price of Steem goes to $10. You know that you go around looking for others to follow with Steem Power, and that will be the same with every user that comes after you.
Is it possible to be successful on Steemit with no personal investment into SP? I don't know. But what I do know is that it will be significantly harder if you don't buy at least a little STEEM and power up as much as you can.
That being said, only invest what you can comfortably lose, like me. I am only putting in what I can afford to. I do constantly struggle with FOMO with all cryptocurrency so thats been tough...I want to buy more!

Posts: 1007

I have to admit that initially I thought that this number would be higher by now. I went crazy when I started here on Steemit, commenting and posting as much as I could. I was spending about 40 hours a week on here the first month. That has tapered off a bit as I have had to focus on my business which I rely on the income to pay my bills the last couple weeks. That's life I guess! I would really like to improve on these numbers in the upcoming weeks.

To the new Steemians: Try to read, upvote and comment on at least 10 posts a day in the beginning. I have said this before, and i'll say it again...the most important thing you can do if you want to earn anything on here is to engage in the community by reading other peoples posts.

I have written past posts about quality comments but I will recap the important points again:

  • Always read the post that you are commenting on. The author can tell when you don't.
  • If you are going to comment on a post, upvote the post. It's just good manners on Steemit.
  • If you only have 2-3 words to say, don't say anything at all. (Don't write nice post, beautiful post, etc)
  • Do not ask for an upvote or a follow for follow. It doesn't work. It might get you flagged.

Has My View of Steemit Changed Since I Started 2 Months Ago?

Kind of. I think I am a little more realistic about all of this now. I realize that mass adoption is further out than I thought when I originally started here. Also, the massive amounts of negative posts about Steemit did get me down for a little while. The whale wars certainly put a black cloud over the whole thing.
But listen, that doesn't mean that we should not continue on here. I am going to and I think everyone here that has a voice and that cares about the future of decentralized social media should take part in this. If Steemit is successful then all of us will be the people that win. If Steemit isn't successful then we all will know what does and doesn't work for the future. The future is decentralized. If Steemit doesn't work out, another decentralized platform will. The chances of Steemit working out though are good, they have the mover's advantage, they have a dedicated community and they have the chance to really make this the leading decentralized social media platform.
I am really looking forward to the implementation of Communities on Steemit. For new Steemians: the implementation of "communities" would be something like sub-Reddits on Reddit, where you could join any kind of group you like based on hobbies, interests, regions and anything else you can think of. I think it's a game changer for Steemit. I REALLY hope that they are planning to release it soon.

Anyways, that pretty much sums it up. I hope that in another month I will be able to officially call myself a minnow.....(I am still a plankton as of right now!)

What are your goals on Steemit? Are you buying Steem Power at these super low prices? I hope to hear from you in the comments section and I look forward to connecting with you here on Steemit! Steem on!

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What do you think would happen if facebook tried to incorporate steemit like components to their site. Would stemmit have a shot? Do you think FB is too greedy to try?


Well, the hope with SMT's (smart media tokens) is that many sites would tokenize. Steemit has a shot because Facebook is losing engagement at a fast rate. I wouldnt rule out that Facebook might tokenize at some point. Mark Zuckerberg has already said he wouldn't rule out some sort of crypto on Facebook. (Even though they banned crypto ads lol)

Congrats on achieving so much in your first 2 months! I'm also nearing 2 months since I first posted and am trying to reach rep score of 50. Just going to keep striving toward that for the rest of this month :D

Thanks for the post. It's always inspiring to read about other Steemian's journeys and achievements.


Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

great thoughts as usual. It's been a grind for me but I'm encouraged when I read you. I broke down and bought some steem today but I really can't afford it lol. I will never have enough it seems but at least with what I have I can sell my votes and earn a nice return while I'm working on posting.


Well it may seem like not that much now...but what happens when the price hits 10-20 each :D Congrats on hitting your goal of 1000+! I wish I had more money to spend right now :(

Pretty impressive figures. For sure if I do compare them with mine.
But you are a much better author than I am.
I do think that you deserve everyone that is following you!
Keep on going and remeber us when you have become a 🐳 yourself!


If I become a whale I'm sure you will be too if that ever happens, haha! Thanks so much for the kind words as usual, it means a lot!

  ·  4년 전

I bought some steem when it was trading at 0.90$ :p and i thought that let it sink a bit further and then i will buy a huge chunk of it. Suffice to say that i was so wrong. Should have bought more. Organical acquisition of steem is becoming difficult so it never hurts to purchase some. Every whale out there purchased huge amount of steem when it plummeted to 0.07$ sometime last year.. can you believe it? 0.07$..
kudos to you for reaching important milestones here.. you deserved it. And from here on out, your growth will be exponentional.. i wish you the very best of luck ^_^


Haha, yeah, I was thinking that the price would fall close to a dollar and I would buy more last week, but of course it started to stabilize! I really wish I would have bought at 0.07....imagine if we did where we would be now, I would have been an orca I think.
Thanks so much for the encouragement, I appreciate it :)

  ·  4년 전

If it ever drops back to 0.07$, i would sell my house and buy steem from it 😂😂

And you are welcome.. you are going to be a big success by the end of this year.. i can guarantee it.. ^_^


I think we would all do that if it dropped to 0.07 again! :D

Thank you very much for the advises. I only joined steemit last week and I feel like this post was intended for me. Thank you once again.


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post! :)

The future is decentralized.

I entirely agree with you. Everything is moving from centralized to decentralized. People want complete freedom. Being centralized it can't be done.

No matter what, blockchain and cryptocurrency will come to the mainstream. It might take time, but it will happen for sure.

Congratulations, @emmyem84! Steem on! See you around :)

Hey, congrats on the progress you've had in such a short time. Your growth on here kinda reminds me of @stackin , I joined close to the time he did and it was amazing to see all the connections he was making, all the commenting he was doing and just overall huge growth really quickly. You and your progress reminds me a lot of him.

I think you learned really quickly what works on here which is making connections, commetning, and also using the platform to your benefit ie all the tools we have at our disposal resteem bots, vote bots, etc. I've actually learned a lot from you on that front and kind of tried to mimic some of what your doing and have had success with it.

I notice crypto and steemit are in a bit of a holding pattern right now. I notice a lot of people slowing down their posting and not being quite as engaged, I find myself falling into this camp as well but I think its the people who power thorugh this period who are goign to do really well.

Congrats again on the success and keep it up


Thanks Johnny! I appreciate it. You know.. I kind of feel the tides turning again with crypto. Its hard to explain, I feel that we are currently exiting the bear market...I check coinmarketcap so often (probably every hour) and I just feel everything stabilizing. Hopefully we will start to see everything going up again within the next couple months!
I still want to buy enough SP to make me a minnow officially, so hopefully prices stay like this for a couple more days, lol.

great post for those who are new to steemit @emmyem .. its a great idea to post your hardwork and efforts that you have put in the last few months which might inspire a lot of us here .. thanks a lot

As you know from my previous comments, I definitely do not have the same enthusiasm as when I got here. I kind of feel the videos I watched pitching this (by witnesses no less) were based on lies. They showed these posts they were making that had hundreds of dollars of upvotes, but failed to mention they bought the votes. Someone else coined this perfectly. Its like handing someone a hundred dollars, telling them to wait a minute and come over to you and give it back. And of course you know how I feel about all the whale battling.

Now onto new dialogue. I have been researching Steem as an investment apart from the social platforms. And I hate to say I am not finding any compelling reason any investor would buy into Steem if they were not participating in the platforms (Steemit, Dtube etc). I say this because of the inflation, which goes to pay those who are creating content on the sites. Investors will see none of the inflation benefiting them. This will act as a deterrent, which is why I think there is such low trading volume on the exchanges. So then the question becomes, can Steem grow as an investment simply on the shoulders of the users?

I would think it possible, but it seems they drag their feet on so much it discourages people and gives a bad first impression which is the most important. I have read of people waiting 3-4 weeks and still not approved for a Steemit account. Dtube, full of issues. I found a really awesome artist. The few songs she put solely on Dtube I have given up on ever hearing again. It simply refuses to buffer. I am obviously out of the loop on programming and such, but if the sites lag and break down so much now what is the plan to fix this all quickly before enough people have a bad impression they never come back, or never try to play the video again?

I plan on sticking around with the small amount I paid into this, but I won't be sinking any more money into Steem until I see these issues being fixed. If it all falls I will only be out what I would have spent going to a dinner and show so no big deal. And I get to meet a bunch of different people I never would have like when I did Fakebook.


Yea, I can tell that you really don't believe in it as much anymore. I definitely am focusing on the positives since I am really trying to make a go of it.

As a minnow, buying steem power i think its a nice thing to do since steem is slow..thanks for sharing your idea on us...

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I personally agree that we should buy Steem with some amount of our money that we have particularly if the price goes down which I believe that it's nothing to be ashamed of.


  ·  4년 전

Thank you very much for your post. you have informed us in this regard. I am waiting for your support in the last posting.
good luck luck )))))