I Am No Longer a Plankton...

4년 전

I am so happy! I just realized that I am no longer a plankton, I'm officially a minnow!

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When I started here on Steemit I had a goal of reaching 1000 SP by August. It seems like a lofty goal but I told myself that I could also buy STEEM when I could afford it in addition to my earnings here on Steemit.

I remember when I started on here, I remember thinking that everyone started out as a minnow. When I realized that you needed to have 500 SP and up to be considered a minnow I remember feeling so sad, haha. I was not a minnow...I was a plankton!

In the beginning I was posting every day and I got to 1000 total comments/posts pretty fast. As the price of STEEM started to decline I found myself reading hours and hours of negative posts about all the issues here on Steemit and I have to say it got to me after a while and I stopped posting everyday.

I figured that it was imminent that the crypto market would rebound soon to the prices before Mid January, and theoretically as the price of STEEM started to rise back up I would once again be motivated to continue posting as much as I did in Mid February. Of course, the market hasnt rebounded.... (yet?) so I was wrong.

But I was thinking last night that I promised myself I would try to write at least 3-4 posts a week and comment and reply everyday for a year to see if this whole thing could work for me, and I have decided that I need to keep that promise to myself.

Then I saw that I had more than 500 SP and I felt rejuvenated again! Now I am halfway to my goal! I really feel like I have made some "Steemit friends" on here and they will be the reason I stay and continue as this platform grows. Anyways! yay for me! :)

How are all of your goals on Steemit coming along? Are you seeing any progress? Anything else going on? I am always happy to read your comments in the comments section below. Steem on!

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Nice work, welcome to the club. Theoretically now is a better time to post and be more active. While in dollar amounts your posts are worth less, since there is less activity on the site at the moment with the downturn you will be able to get more of the steem amount from the reward pool.
When we do get the next price increase then the money will be there too.
If you want to hit your 1000sp by august you have to keep grafting. 🔨🔨


Thats a good way to think about it! I am definitely going to keep trying. Looks like the prices are going up right now...I am cautiously optimistic!


That might be true on one level but I am not sure that is true in real dollar terms due to the SBD imbalance and the fact that the algorithm increases the displayed $ value of vests as the market cap of steem goes up and as half are paid in SBD which is above $1. So high steem price increases the value of vests which is multiplied by the SBD uplift over parity.

I told you before and I will tell you again. You have everything to become a whale!
You have a plan, good writing skills and interesting topics! Besides this you take the time to reply on the comments you are getting!
And most important you are, at least in my eyes, genuine!
All of the above, makes me think that you can easily achiev your target, as long as you stay engaged to the platform!
Congrats with becoming a minnow! Now go for 🐬!


Thank you Peter, you are always so nice and encouraging.. :)
A dolphin is what, 5000 SP? That seems impossible, haha. I would be happy at 1000 SP!

congrats. That was a fun day for me too. I hated being a plankton lol. I really started to cruise when I started posting on busy and using @qurator . They still do well for me btw.


Thanks for reminding me again... I have to look into that, I am already using busy!

Congratulations, anything is possible with hard work and effort. Can't wait to hit the mark myself. You'll hit your goal, keep it up!


Thank you for the encouragement, it means a lot :D

That’s awesome! Well done on your achievement! It’s all about keeping the consistancy we need more people to move up the ladder to share in the reward pool and make this community a success for all involved


Thank you! You are right, I am definitely going to keep posting and meeting new people...everyone is so nice on Steemit so that alone is a reason to stay active :)

Woo hoo! 😍🤗😁 That's fab. I still have no idea how to get to minnowhood! I did just talk hubby into buying me some steem with his bitcoin AND I won my first comp this week.. 5SBD woot woot! I've met great crew and renewed my love of writing so I'm like you.. I will persist for a bit. I will hang til Christmas and see what happens. Xx


Looks like you bought Steem at the right time! Its really up right now! Hopefully the price continues to rise, I cant wait until Christmas again, haha I Think this market has been bearish long enough! (I know im impatient...)


Far out it is too! Fingers crossed!

Congratulation on this achievement. Well I was thinking that everybody started as a minnow... I feel quite bad to be plancton only ;-). It's encouraging to see that it is possible to progress on steemit. Good luck for the future.


Yeah, I think the steemit calls under 500 SP "redfish" but i think plankton is funnier :) You will get there too! Keep up the good work!

I laugh when you write the word "plankton". Congrats from a redfish or is that also a plankton? 😁🤔


Steemit calls it "redfish" but I think "plankton" is funnier :D

Wow, it's a great achievement. Congratulations. It seems we started at around same time and you're way ahead of me. :(
Did you buy any Steem?

Congrats. Based on my initial understanding of this platform, in many ways the more SP you have the more rewards you will get. Not only due to your vote being weighted higher, but the amount of suckups who will vote for your comments in the hopes you will notice them. I have a feeling you may find the organic growth you had to get here will happen quicker for the next similar growth spurt.

You are always pleasant and upbeat, so that too will act not only as a beacon as you become one of the foundations here, but in solidifying the connections you are making.

It took you less than 4 months to hit this level, I am guessing it will take you less than 3 months now to double it.

Nice. The crypto lulls just weed out the people who are only here for the money and leave the community. The irony is that the ones here for the community will ultimately be the ones who stick around and make the money. Such is life.