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My First Post
Hi Steemit
My name is Mohamed Ibrahim, I am a freelancer multi-language interpreter, originated from Somalia, Born in a tiny coastal city called Brava, found in the Indian Ocean, It's a very beautiful place with a multicultural heritage. After spending 25 years in Mogadishu and I moved to Kenya and then UK, So, that was a little bit about myself i am insight-fully excited to join steemit and its community which empresses mainly in its ability to do day-by-day creativity more intuitively more effectively or more competently than its competitors.
Actually just came back From Saudi Arabia and performed a small pilgrimage (umrah)its a volunteer ritual, to visit holy places, as a result the feeling is refreshing and breathtaking, I remember I took my children to Disneyland Paris, I really liked the summer night environment, of Disney where everyone is watching the firefights and the kids are excited that memory remained with with for long time
But when I went to Saudi Arabia the warm night environment experience was very different and overwrote my Disney memory, a bit sad though as my innocent children were over the moon in Disneyland than in Holy places

me (1).jpg

This is how you dress when you are making intention to perform small pilgrimage (Umrah)

and then you pay visit the grand maestro Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him

thanks to steemit community for introducing me to Steemit, including the mastery effect of Vincent Briatore and Jerry Banfield, I Hope to explore more and have spectaculare fun in sharing stories and experiences together.

Thank you to all supporters!

Additionally, I appreciate the valuable insights and information of the users, which I learned from, conclusively they are really helpful
Thank you all for reading, If you intellectually have additional ideas, critique or anything else you want to tell me, please feel encouraged to comment
entitlement of preveledge Greets,

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peace and welcome. I look forward to your posts.


Thanks for your support

nice intro and cool looking photos of yourself you may want to make one your profile picture, I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post on the bottom is link that will teach you, then after you make yours feel free to enter the contest to create mine. here


thanks that was great help

Great presentation. Imstill have to mine but I’m still figuring how to upload my profile pic correctly xD
Thanks for sharing your life experience and becoming part of the steemit comunity.


thanks for your comment, slowly and gradually you will achieve everything, give it more time


Yeah I know... there is no worries...
Just the desire to do things the best I could :)