Note To Followers - Steem and Hive - Enjoy with Troy!



I want to thank my friends who have followed me on Steemit since May 2017. Each of you have been special and have contributed to my growth on this platform.

With the recent, division between Steemit and Hive, it seems more like and divorce. As the child we have the decision of what parent we wish to live with. I am not computer crypto challenged, so moving from one platform to another is not easy. I did look up Hive and think I am on both platforms???? Can a person be on both? I sense something different because of the following.

Steem now comes up blue and red both. Steem and Hive does not show my posts.

I often wish I could talk to others over the phone or in person. But that does not seem to be an option.

Again a note thank my followers. At this point I will soon be a Dolphin if I stay here. That is still a decision I need to make.

images (7).png

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem.

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Troy, I think you should make hive your main platform. Just use your same login keys to get into hive. I am powering down and making hive my main platform. I will still copy and paste to Steem for the time being.

Listen T, you don't like Hive, we get it. But you're literally leaving money on the table by NOT posting there! For goodness sake, look at the compare:

This is the value of your Steem wallet

This is the value of your HIVE wallet

What more is it going to take you for you to believe Hive is worth trying out?

it seems more like and divorce

I see my migration to Hive more like fleeing from a sadistic psycho-bitch with a long record of scams and clear mental issues. I never had any liking for Justin Scum and Tron Foundation. I had him blocked on Twitter before he even bought the Steem blockchain, because I can smell a rat from 10 miles away.

You can still be on Steem and no one will disrespect you for it.

As for me and my house, I do not want to share the same blockchain as that scammer Mr. Sun :D