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Income from Fiverr and YouTube

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Hi everyone, I registered around 2 weeks ago on Steemit after having a conversation with a friend of mine at work. I was actually having a conversation with another friend in regards to different ways to make extra income online. I was telling him about the one that has been the most profitable at the moment which is where I offer illustration service among other things, I also mention that YouTube is a good thing in the long term even though I have not collect payment from YouTube yet, it does look promising since my channel is showing a very fast growth lately, coming from 100 subscribers to almost 5,000 in les than 2 months.

Joining Steemit

Then my Steemian friend told me "I get paid for blogging". I was like; What do you mean? Are you a Writer? She was like "NO" it's call Steem it check it out. I read about it, took a look at the FAQs and the Start Guide and I loved it. I was ready to join and I did.

My Goal

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While I keep using Steemit and I enjoy doing so I keep asking people if they have gotten paid for it already. I keep seeing posts where people say they've purchased a truck, or a computer or anything and it looks very good because these are testimonials from people using it. Those sort of things keep me motivated to keep Steemit until I can say I purchased something from Steemit. (I decided to buy a Surface Pro with Steem money. It's my goal now).


Today I received a message that my first payout has been received. Pretty good I'd say 4.75 SBD and 4.19 SP. It may not look like much for people who are already making a living from Steemit but for me it looks good since working on Fiverr for $5.00 per illustration ($4.00 after the 20% cut that Fiverr gets) it's not a bad thing. Because all I'm doing is sharing content that I already enjoy sharing. My illustrations, my opinion, my ideas. It's just nice that a site like this exist and I was able to discover it.

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I have told almost all my friends at work about Steem it, some have joined some are not interested but I see that it's easy to get people engaged when it's a win-win situation like this one.

Like I said earlier I have a YouTube Channel, It's in Spanish and if you're interested here it is and I plan on sharing the word about Steemit on my channel since I talk about ways to make money online. Things that I have already used myself and are proven to work. So the only reason I have not shared Steemit there yet is because I have not gotten paid yet. But looking at the progress that I'm making here with my illustrations and post I don't doubt I'll be sharing it soon.

If you have gotten paid already let me know in the comments.

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