Overview of the Platform Definition

2년 전

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Before we continue the discussion further, let us briefly describe the meaning here referred to from the word 'Platform'. Linguistically, the word 'Platform' has a lot of meaning, some of which define the meaning 'Floor or elevated stage used by public speakers or artists to be seen by their audience'. A structure is lifted along a rail line where passengers can ride on the train at a station also called the word 'Platform'. And there are many more meanings defined by language experts for the word 'Platform'. And the word 'Steemit' is a name embedded for a decentralized social media network built on the basis of Steem Blockchain by two technological development experts (to be explained in front)

Of the many definitions I have found, it can be concluded that the meaning of the word 'Platform' here if combined with the word 'Steemit' is very appropriate is * 'A medium that can be seen by all who access it'. So in a nutshell, Steemit Platform is a media website that when you access it, you can see everything that people do in Steemit. And vice versa, everything you do in Steemit, like writing a blog, commenting to transfer funds can also be seen by others who access your Steemit account

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