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Congratulations! You've been resteemed by my Cat-Bot because you posted in one of the followed categories (#steemit)!

You also get a small upvote from the bot (I'd make it bigger, but with so many great posts in the category I'd be out of voting power in no time) to thank you for your contribution.

If you're interested in this category, you should consider following this bot to see what other posts it finds!

Since this is still in Beta mode, I'm afraid the unsubscribe is manual... so I may be a bit slow, but just reply to this post with UNSUBSCRIBE and I will (sadly) leave you and your future posts alone. (I really don't want to spam people, I promise)

However... if you want to HELP make this service better, you can upvote this comment and add to the power these bots provide... or even be awesome and make a transfer donation or a SP delegation!

Or... you can do nothing, and we will happily keep on resteeming and upvoting you every time you hit one of our categories!

Whatever you decide, thanks for steeming and keep on being awesome! This community needs a solid stream of great content like yours!