From @ firzee0717 to all my brothers in steemit :) ## salute me to all of you

4년 전

Hi my steemit friends all !!

Warm regards from me @ firzee0717 :) :)

Hopefully we can all guide each other. .

Mutual support for mutual success in steemit, not mutually overthrowing and degrading others.

Because we all have the same goal to succeed here.

Maybe among us have errors in posting or commenting.

I hope we can remind each other to create a sense of mutual respect and kinship that closely.

Man never escaped the error !!

Do not let the newcomers in steemit lose the spirit to keep moving, just because the postings are not as good as the others ",

Or maybe because the error in commenting dipostingan you all.

I'm just a newcomer who is nothing compared to you who have long in steemit !!

I just want a sense of togetherness among all of us to help each other and support each other ...

I say sorry as big as my sentence is not pleasing to you all, or maybe my writing is just a joke for you, "

Forgive me if indeed I have the wrong mindset in delivering this paper.

Those who appreciate togetherness, will never be left by the togetherness itself, because togetherness is beautiful and beyond anything :) :) :) :)

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Good movement to build togetherness

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