The Ridiculous Situation I have been through using Steemit


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Time to say goodbye my friends.
As you know, I have been blacklisted by cheetah several days ago. I was about to quit, but then I decided to ask for more info on the link that cheetah provides in every comment.
Two days ago, I have got the answer. The reason why my articles are plagiarizing other contents is because of the disclaimer. Yes, a standard disclaimer that you can find online when you want to alert people that you are not a financial adviser. The same standard disclaimer that I've been using since 2013, when I was working as an analyst for a Swiss Financial Magazine, when Steemit wasn't even here.

The first advice that they gave to me has been to change the disclaimer. So I tried, but cheetah appeared again.
After that, I asked again if there was something I could do and I got this message (which I find ridiculous):


I should apologize for writing contents for a few cents per day :D
At that point, I kindly replied that I was not going to apologize and that I would have accepted their apologies instead.

From that point, silence. No one is even replying to me anymore and cheetah is still there.

This has been my experience with Steemit.
Two stars out of five. I would give 0 for what I have been through and for the sad discovery that it is more about tactics and strategies to get a reputation than the content itself. I give 2 stars because I have had the chance to contribute to the community and I have had the chance to read some interesting articles and meet other good analysts (that I will continue to follow).

Thank you everyone, it's been a pleasure. I hope you will continue to enjoy my work on other platforms.

Federico Sellitti



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This isn't Steemit, @forex-intraday. It's a self-appointed police force that pretends to work on behalf of the Steem community. They amassed enough of a following that they can pretty much get away with being typical jackboot thugs. And, of course, they don't bother reading what they put out anymore.
The author of @Cheetah is @anyx. He's working with @Greymass now. They make the new EOS wallet, eos-voter. It's a great tool. And all my dealings with him have shown him to be a great guy. My guess is that he doesn't know how Cheetah is being used to hurt people and the community as a whole like this. That's on @SteemCleaners, where the real problem probably lies.
My suggestion is to share that this is happening far and wide, so that Steemit Inc, Anyx, the larger Steem community, etc are all aware of the abuse that's going on. Just a cursory read through their literature and the lack of humanity involved in how it's all automated and so draconian reveals the story. Just two minutes in SteemCleaner's Discord would make any freedom loving person want to puke, feeling like they're in the depths of statist bureaucracy.
If TIMM appeals to you, come on over and we'll publish your stuff. Use our disclaimer if you want. They can't make it not show up on TIMM or our social sites and it'll keep you plugging away. No pressure, just an option to get away from the centralized thugs.


Thanks @anotherjoe,
very detailed answer.
A TIMM member contacted me and I appreciated it. I have it in my agenda, in my projects to follow and I think I will give it serious thoughts during the weekend.
In any case, I'm happy to be surrounded by amazing people like you. I'll continue to follow all the friends here and I wish you all the best.
Hope to see you soon :)


Thanks @anotherjoe,
very detailed answer.
A TIMM member contacted me and I appreciated it. I have it in my agenda, in my projects to follow and I think I will give it serious thoughts during the weekend.
In any case, I'm happy to be surrounded by amazing people like you. I'll continue to follow all the friends here and I wish you all the best.
Hope to see you soon :)

Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #cheetah-appeals channel in our discord.

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Get a life and start haressing other people

This is ridiculous. No one should have this kind of power. Blacklisted for a disclaimer? Really?
I'm sorry to see you go @forex-intraday. I only hope your experience will trigger a backlash against those who would bully and @Cheetah. This isn't fair. Blockchain was created to AVOID centralized power. I hope to see you on TIMM my friend. Your content is valuable and should be seen.


Thanks @workin2005, we'll keep in touch on youtube :)

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Probably my lack of understanding but why would you give a sh*t about Cheetah? Your followers appreciate your postings, like me!
What are the consequences if you continue?
I have Flagged them with each reply to your posts.

A real shame to see you leaving!!!!


I appreciate it, I really do.
There are several reasons for me, but I will try to explain the main one.
At this point, I don't believe in this project anymore. I have been blacklisted because some words in my disclaimer were similar to another one. A standard disclaimer, a formula that every non financial adviser uses. Like on the CV "I authorize to treat my...", I have been blacklisted for using a standard formula as disclaimer at the end of my articles.
Moreover, it's been 3 days that I'm trying to contact people to remove cheetah from my posts, but no one seems to care or, people who care, do not have the power to do anything. Do I seriously want to write on a platform that can kick me out for no reason whenever they want? Do I want to write on a platform where the most important value is exchanging upvotes and most of people care only about upvotes, reputation and payout?
There's a youtube link in every post. From there, you will find all the links to other socials: facebook, twitter, linkedin, quora, my website etc.
I will continue to write and post analysis. I don't mind doing it for free.
I prefer to write for free than having a comment to each post accusing me of being a plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. I only wish I had the name of the person responsible for the BOT, I would not hesitate to sue him/her for defamation.


try look for anyx in their discord. he's the owner of cheetah.

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Thanks for the explanation. Still find all this very worrying... I will connect through other platforms and keep following tour posts and updates. Please keep goin and don’t let this derail you

Wish I found your blog earlier!

Ah no! COME ON self appointed custodians! You are RUINING this platform to the detriment of us all!

I admire the intentions, but a badly executed idea is doing more damage then doing nothing at all, and innocent people are getting in your line of fire! If you're going to do something then DO IT PROPERLY for crying out loud! 😡

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