Are We There Yet?


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Are we there yet reads the title above. That is the question often asked by kids riding in a car on a long trip. lol
My reference is to cryptos though and also the precious metals.
I have been seeing a welcome change in price direction over the last two or three days.
Will it continue? I can hope so. Two years of waiting can be very tiring for most of us.
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I am posting this to keep adding something from time to time.
Nothing of significance to report at this time.
I do like "XLM" though and am watching it closely.
Will it be a winner? I want it to be. But, I am just guessing at this point.
Most of us are just guessing and hoping we are picking something worthwhile.
So many to watch and study about. Adding the ones that are sure to fail in the long term.
Is something I want to avoid if at all possible. Trash comes to mind. Ha
Trash Can.jpg

Since I have nothing certain to write about and would just be wasting your time.
I will stop now and watch world events as most of you are doing.
Before the cryptos are adopted into the world system.
We could see a lot of turmoil. That will surely drive prices up over the coming months/years.
So, what do we do? We sing. Ha
Or let someone else do it for us. For me. That is the better choice.
True. He does sing Calypso and not "cryptos." Ha ha

Thank you "MyChemFan987" for adding this to Youtube for us to enjoy.
You have done well...............

That ends it my Friends. Nothing yet that sends chills of excitement up and down our bodies.
We wait a little longer for that.
Thank you for your time.

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well the hard phase is almost over likely we will see a new dawn :)


You could be right. I hope so.
But, I was looking on Discord where I am a member and one of the posters said that his brother.
Apparently a "TA" guy hasn't bought yet. He is still looking for more downside.
It could happen.
But, I wouldn't want to be on the sidelines and out of the game at this point.
Just my thinking.
Thank you

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