Maybe I Should--Before I Forget.

2년 전

Added to YouTube by: RoadtoRoota-Published on Jan 2, 2019
Cryptos are near and dear to my heart and I suspect to many of you too.
So, it seemed like a good way to spread the truth as we see it.

Just so you know.
You need to know that I don't have any voting power to reward you.
You have been warned.
Just enjoy the song and the truth that Bix is trying to spead to the world.


Thank you


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Happy new year and great article. thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.


Thank you


Hi @francisk ,When I started in Steemit I did not have the power to vote and you helped me, now I can help you, it's the fairest thing , now you can answer to all.
Excellent post


"Now I can answer to all."
That makes for good times/days as we move along in life/Steemit.
I appreciate your thoughts and your intention to help as we all move forward.
Steemit can go with us wherever we go in this life.
Thank you


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welcome back to my friend!

No worry man continue posting short videos about songs or something what you want to share with us. Regards


Since we don't have a crystal ball that would show us the future clearly.
We make adjustments from time to time in our lives hoping to create a good outcome.
Whether we will be successful in our efforts and prognostication is yet to be determined.
As long as we have breath.
We move along in this life looking for a better way and a better life for ourselves and for others.
Sometimes we do very well and at other times.
We make some mistakes.
In our mistakes.
We check to see if something we did or planned had some miscalculations.
Correcting what we can in such cases.
We plod on.
Thank you


Lovely shot there and its always amazing to see you after such a long time wishing you a very happy new year :)


Wow very beautiful natural view .thanks for sharing this post.

Good morning @francisk, I just want to say hello, I hope you have a beautiful day in the company of your family.


Thank you Martha
I have all but negelectd Steemit. My bad.
I have been totally into XYO. I have told you about that before.
I have been mining XYO Tokens and now have over 35,000.
I labor day and night with collecting coins.
I have dropped one of the coin services I have followed for a while now.
Wanting to have more free time.
You can mine XYO yourself.
If you have an android or ios phone.
The Coin App.
In Play Store or Apple's App Store.
You do a lot better with a "Sentinel" though.
Thank you for remembering the times when I was nearly daily involved with Steemit.
I do want at some time in the future to get back to posting on Steemit.
But, that is not right now. Too much going on for me to be active.
Thank you, thank you

I'm so happy to start off the new year like this!! thanks for sharing

Hi sir,
Good morning life is not as easy and straight as we want, it's nice to see you again and I am happy that still some friends are ready to support your post and it's a sign of your care which you spread and given to everyone. I am very sorry I didn't come to your post earlier today morning I found it and I request you to start your journey of Steemit again as it's very beautiful platform where we can speak and write well wishes to each other.
Waiting for your lovely reply.

With love and respect ✊


Thank you Little Dove
You are always so consistent.
You never waiver in your commitment to me and to others.
I so appreciate and love that about you.
You are one of a kind my little Steemit daugther.
Never give up.
Your dreams will come true for you.
With love and respect.


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