Hold up, Chuck!



Why would you make my flagging of a few cents from you on hive justification to flag me for dollars here on steem?

You decided to be an enemy to those people.
You chose to fight a battle you can't win.

I, on the other hand, knew from the fork that flagging was dead on steem.
I took my account off any downvote trails.
I didn't agree that fighting was the proper response to being sold down the river by ned.

Two wrongs don't make a right.


Now here we are and you are taking your little bent feelers out on me.
I didn't choose to fight with folks that I couldn't beat, you did.

Now all you are is a bully.
I have no recourse against your flags.
I have done nothing to you on steem.

If I could find you, you wouldn't do what you do, you cowardly prick.
My bet is you would pee in your pants if you were ever in the presence of a real person.
Keep keyboard warrioring, you will get what you got coming.

If you think you are finding friends among the crowd in your ears, you are sadly mistaken.
Unless friends to you back stab you at their leisure.

Get a grip on reality, please.

Small minds think about people.
Average minds think about events.
Great minds think about ideas.

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