Back To School: Creating STEEMIT ADS Banners For My 50k+ Members Gaming Active FB Page and Youtuber's channels.

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So, instead of writing on philosophical (headache) matters and already too much articles on many subjects around. I decided to change how I spend my time here to work on marketing subject. It's fun (not saying it's easy) and 60% of the work of any project, sometimes. Will be buying off Shutterstock. My friend (invited him to Golos, Russian-speaking) and I own a FB Page, couple of them actually, and a Youtube channel associated, I will be posting these Steemit banners for some time for free. Results will be posted on my page. I hope no one minds Sony, can put Xbox, Segamega, Flipper. I like minimalism in ads and old-school, it always represents the full point of the ad.

And thanks for the swift response out there.



Thanks for reading! Use these banners for free, and if you grab some time, link people to this page :). Follow, Resteem. Enjoy.

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Thanks for sharing, I'm not into gaming professionaly myself, but you should use some of these two banners on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter on other networks where more #gaming events are occuring.

Oh Yes play ads on social media to grow steemit
its wonderfull to talk new peoples


Modern advertising is striving to creating simple and clear ads of the products, companies and projects. Everything more than a sentence is a waste of time for both the marketer and a buyer's concentration. Rememer VW, just Das Auto?

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