Neversea organizers launched a donation campaign for the Constanţa Casino! Donate and become a hero

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Your name should remain in the history of this monument!


Here is the link where you can see more!


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Some details about the Casino:
Location: Constanta, Romania
Adress: Queen Elizabeth boulevard
Built: 1880
Demolished: between 1891-1907
Rebuilt 1893-1910
Architect: Daniel Renard; Petre Antonescu
Architectural style(s): Art Nouveau

The organizers of the Neversea Festival launched a donation campaign for the Constanţa Casino for several years, saying it is "an invitation to all Romanians who want to remain in history among those who have contributed to the rescue of this building.

"Besides the festival and besides what we offer in the four days, we also believe in the footprint we want to leave in the community, beyond the festival period. We wanted to be the initiators, but also the catalysts of a campaign to make the city of Constanta worthwhile, and the chosen objective is one of the symbolic buildings of Romania, the Constanta Casino. Everyone who binds a memory of this splendid building can contribute and together we can save it, "said Edy Chereji, director of marketing and communication Neversea."

Everyone can donate, from today until November 1, on SOS CASINO . Besides the initiative of this campaign, the organizers of Neversa will double the sum of the donations made by the public.

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Hi @Gabriel.ncl

I'm an English guy living in Bucharest. I have never seen the Casino but it looks beautiful. I will definitely check out the website link.

Thanks for posting about it.


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