Steemit Free Weekly Lottery Week#22 - JACKPOT = 12.87 SBD +90% of this post and Week #21 Results

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Post with all explanations about the SFWL/Post com todas as explicações sobre a SFWL :




In 18:00 UTC of 13/08/2018 the block number was #25038125 with the block id 017e0d2de0fa9b976bfcde7eba33f77e9bfb44ca given the results:

Às 18 horas UTC de 13/08/2018 o número do bloco foi #25038125 com o id de bloco 017e0d2de0fa9b976bfcde7eba33f77e9bfb44ca dando o resultado:

Steemit Free Weekly Lottery Week #21 Results


Provably Fair/Provas Links:

Block #25038125 :

Results on


Accumulated! No one has hit the JACKPOT. / Acumulou! Ninguém acertou o JACKPOT.


No need to upvote,no need to reestem,just comment your five numbers in that format: X - X - X - X - X , Example: 3-7-12-13-18. Remember 1 entry per person each week.

Upvote with voting power above 85% is recommended to have a better jackpot to everyone.As ever week if no one hits the combination, the jackpot will get accumulated.Even when someone hit the JACKPOT, will acumulate 10% for future Draws.

Reestem if you want to share with your followers and friends,Lets all have fun.

With no need to pay for entries, there really is nothing to lose by signing up for the Free Lottery. Why not give it a go right now to try and land a great prize?

Não precisa dar upvote,não precisa dar reestem,apenas comente seus 5 números neste formato : X - X - X - X - X , Exemplo: 3-7-12-13-18. Lembre-se, apenas uma participação por pessoa em cada semana.

Dar upvote com voting power acima de 85% é recomendado para obter um melhor JACKPOT para todos.Porque se ninguém acertar a combinação,o JACKPOT vai acumular.Ainda se alguém acertar 10% irá acumular para sorteios futuros.

Dê Reestem se você quiser compartilhar com seus amigos e seguidores,Vamos todos se divertir.

Como não precisa pagar nada para participar,não há nada a perder em participar na loteria gratuita.
Porque não tente agora mesmo acertar o grande prêmio?


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- If you want to support us on Steemit and earn some passive, you can delegate your Steem Power to @gambit.coin at ,You can also undelegate at anytime.

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My numbers for this time! also reestemed it so that more people join, greetings :)


Thanks,good luck.


Wow last results =

2-7-10-15-16 the closest so far!