Atheist Republic Joins Steemit, Could this Move On board About 220,000 Atheists to the Steem Blockchain?


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No doubt, things are getting more interesting on the Steem blockchain as the days roll by. The new Steem is already gaining traction as evident in the positive power up and power down statistics released by @Penguinpablo. While the innovations may not yet be reflecting in the price action, the potential is overwhelmingly great.

A few days ago, @atheistrepublic, which is arguably the largest atheist community on the internet, joined Steemit courtesy of the efforts of @Theycallmedan (one of the most prolific Steem advocates) whose Twitter campaign sealed the deal.

@Atheistrepublic currently boasts of about 2.2 million followers on Facebook alone even without considering their thousand of followers on other social media platforms.

As one of the largest congregation of atheists worldwide, the question is whether at least 220,000 atheists (which is about 10% of its Facebook user base) will join the Steem blockchain and get rewarded for holding their beliefs.

Frankly speaking, it is very possible for us to get up to that number from the activities of Atheists Republic on the Steem blockchain.

This is no exaggeration because, as lovers of freedom, atheists are independent-minded and can easily leverage on the Steem blockchain, providing not only intellectual but financial freedom. This means that for the first time atheists can get to share their seemingly controversial views and get rewarded for it.

Not only that, the forthcoming release of the SMTs will also mean that Atheist Republic can establish a community of atheists around Steem and reward them for sharing their views and interacting with the Steem blockchain.

A major constraint with onboarding the potential 220,000 atheists would have been the persistent delay with approving new accounts but, with the recent announcement from Steemit Inc, it is expected that the process will be faster, easier, and more convenient.

As I write @Atheistrepublic has about 100k delegation already - thanks to @Theycallmedan for keeping his words. With this delegated stake, I expect that the team will have a good start and expose more of its members to Steem.

While I am not myself an atheist, I believe that Steem needs diverse community of people to survive and @atheistrepublic presents that great opportunity for free thinkers.

I am @gandhibaba, the young man who goes about carrying his magical pen, not his gun, in his pockets.

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Wow, lotta votes ! I wonder if Atheists beleive in the big Bang , the Globe, and are evolved from pond scum to monkeys to this peak of intelligent being they see themselves as. I was an athiest and I thank God for allowing me to see the light. They hopefully won't be disturbed enough to ban me from thier chats. I personally feel atheism is the first step to finding your true spirit. I welcome them and pray God does the same for them as he did for me. Have they established a keyword?


Hey Big Brother Dave, good to see you sir after a long long while. I am trying to rebrand and relaunch @Steemitcentral into what everyone could be interested in. In a week or so, I should be done.

Glad that you found the light. I nearly became an atheist at a point in time too but thank God I found the light. I don't think they've hit the ground running yet. I am still looking out. Cheers!

We need to be a place where all the world's topic can come in the hope of finding resolve or ascension.

I believe in Jesus Christ. My experience growing up in NYC metro found me in discourse with many beliefs an positions.

Good to meet you (:


Great to meet you too bro. You're one of the tech essayists I respect on Steem. Yes, indeed we need to build a Steem that will allow diverse views.


Thank you. I particularly liked your "Homeless of the Earth" as a title.

Also, sry for the late response. Been busy with non crypto stuff.


Thanks a lot for your tons of comments. My day is made already.

While I am not myself an atheist, I believe that Steem needs diverse community of people to survive and @atheistrepublic presents that great opportunity for free thinkers.

I share this opinion totally


I completely share your sentiments too. Thanks for stopping by.


My opinion is based on the fact that freedom of thought, freedom of opinion and freedom of expression are three things that I like very much, both for myself and for other people.

Hello dear @gandhibaba.

While I am not myself an atheist, I believe that Steem needs diverse community of people to survive and @atheistrepublic presents that great opportunity for free thinkers.

Like you, I am not an atheist, but as you affirm, we need large and free-thinking communities in steemit, not to alter but to freely express their ideas and beliefs.



Thanks for sharing these views too. Cheers!

@gandhibaba, In my opinion this is situational aspect and it will going to depend upon the Promotion effort by the team. But let's hope that they will going to onboard many users 👥 to Steem Blockchain. Stay blessed.

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