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As far as what you are feeling @geneeverettshow, we are all feeling it. Due to the sun, cosmic rays, and the effect of the Grand Solar Minimum, our internal organs are being effected. Research cosmic rays and see for yourself if that might be a contributing factor.

I have comments to his posts and like to hear his response. He thinks outside the box, and I believe he has investment experience. We are all here to discuss our views in an orderly fashion, and as we know, none of us will be in the room when they discuss conditions of the RESET and which countries currency will be the new world reserve, if any currency at all. Most likely digital and at least a portion with precious metals. Sending some white light your way for your health and well being.


Likley that will try a world bank currency
And try to blow up these markets one last time. Hey great info btw! I will look into the cosmic ray stuff! Man this world is under attack from the elites and beyond it’s crazy!

I've spoken with @pocketchange too, and I cannot see how his theory would work, after a complete implosion of the Dollar. If you look back in history, a new currency after a reset was never the old coins.
I can even imagine that this whole reset thing might affect the people so badly, that they puke if they only hear the word Dollar, or Cent. And that it will take something completely new and different to regain the trust of the population into a government issued currency. Like in Germany after WW2, when the old Reichsmark went to hell and every German got 40 new Deutsche Mark as a fresh start. The old coins were scrap then too. But if you had gold or silver, or property or other valuables, then you had a big advantage over the those who only had the 40 DM.
And thats the scenario I'm expecting, not only in the US but also for the Euro, and perhaps the Yen and other currencies which only consist of debt.
But I may be wrong and they keep this system going for decades.


Agreed! All the currencies are in same boat. Maybe they will try to make a world currency abd no more world reserve and dollar gets worse next t I suspect all will be in same boat.
Many say the pound is still around ahd that was the reserve before dollar but the debt is so bad I can’t see China or Europe taking over. All the debt is too much. If gold backing comes the debt in real terms will bankrupt every nation so I do think they will try some scammy move one last time before real money is back.