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25일 전

It's My Three Year Steemit Anniversary!

IMG_7964 (2).JPG

Um, I didn't have a cake lying around to celebrate with, shocking I know, but I did have an applesauce oatmeal muffin, woo!!

A whopping three years ago I actually got around to listening to my pal and coworker extraordinaire @jacobtothe and signed up for a Steemit account. I know in the scope of history that three years is about an eyelash of time length, but honestly it seems like that day was quite a while ago.

I mean, in that time we've seen booms and busts, whale wars, weird experiments, a whole virtual silverware drawer full of hardforks, spamtastical behavior, bidbots and votebuying, people coming, people going, people nagging and whining, people celebrating accomplishments, and most of all, a whole lot of quality posting.

IMG_7961 (2).JPG

This particular year has been one of the most flintlocks-kicking, trial enduring spins around the sun that I have gone through. And still, through it all, I keep coming back to this wonderful little Petri dish of human excellence. There are just so many cool people here, and Steemit itself is the Waygu beef of social networks. Yes, we have our issues as a community and a platform, but we get to be ourselves in the process, and that is a cracker worth noshing on in my book.

To all the people who support my ramblings through upvotes, comments, or even exasperated head shakes, let me just reiterate how much I appreciate you all!!!!


And as almost always, unless otherwise cited, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's rather aged but still in fighting form iPhone.

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Happy Anniversary Kat!

This is where I usually make some sort of attempt at humor, but life is a little wacky right now and my brain isn't on so you'll have to settle for this little blast from the past:
general befuddlement.png

Place it on your mantle with pride.


Awe, the befuddlement trophy, thanks Chops:)

No humor needed, I know you are suffering from heat loss and all, heh. I'm totally going to put that thing on my mantle, well, I might need a little assistance, I am on the short side...

Also, I hope life is wacky in a fun way and you're brain is on standby from fun exhaustion.

shakes head exasperatedly...



I knew it!! 😁


Hehe, happy anniversary!

Hey Kat,

Beaucoup commendations and congratulatory noises on this auspicious occasion! On which I shall reiterate how much I appreciate you! Despite any evidence to the contrary, like missing some of your posts... :O

I somehow missed remarking on my own third Steemit anniversary, as I think I was off somewhere sulking... But I am trying to "be back" and trying to write more...

I'm so glad you're here. <3




Well, belated congrats to you my dear friend! I am so incredibly glad that you have stuck around:)

Would ramble on more, but I've got to go help put snow tires on my car, the floof, it be coming soon!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, and thank you beyond kindly for the congrats!!!


Ah, floof!

Try not to get buried in it!

And have a grand weekend yourself, my dear. :D

Congrats on 3 years, Kat. Wonder what the next 3 will hold?


OGP!! Thank you! And EEEEK! I don't know if I even want to ponder the contents of the next three years, this one was a bit of a meat grinder, LOL! Loving the new OGP avatar by the way:)


Thanks! I dont want to be one of "those guys" that has a overly dated profile shot lol. Gotta keep it real!

Congrats on your three years with Steemit! That means I'm not far behind; guess I better figure out what day I actually joined. I always enjoy your posts, even if life gets in the way enough to prevent your posts from being a daily activity. Believe me, I get that!


Awe, thank you😊

I always appreciate your comments and posts, even though it sometimes takes me a couple of days to actually get to the reading and responding to them part. There's always something, huh!