Steemit Upvotes For Tipping in Real Life

3년 전

Imagine there's a QR code in the back of a taxi. You scan it with your phone, and it takes you to the driver's Steemit post, which he created specifically for collecting upvotes as tips that week.

The ride was pleasant, so you upvote his post and drop a few words of thanks in the comments. Your tip is registered instantly and without fees.

Could upvotes on the Steemit blockchain be the future of real life tipping? Could we see this scenario play out in restaurants and hotels? What about for street buskers?

One advantage for tipping with upvotes is that the tip isn't coming directly from the tipper's wallet -- upvotes merely tell the blockchain who should receive newly minted coins.

But if your vote power happens to be running low, you can still tip by transferring Steem or Steem Dollars directly from your wallet. One QR code can provide three forms of tipping, with no fees, on a single platform.

Also, because upvote strength is tied to the amount of Steem Power a person possesses, a "fair" amount can be tipped regardless of the tipper's wealth -- whether you're a starving student or a corporate lawyer, giving a 100% upvote has a similar sentiment.

After using Steemit for a few weeks, I've begun to feel the urge to upvote people in real life. If they were already on Steemit, instead of Facebook, this would be possible today.

Can you imagine a future like this?

Image credit for taxi photo

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  ·  3년 전

It is a good idea. It would be great if it will be build on STEEM, but there will other token platforms that will allow that.


yea it would be a crypto way of saying thank you for your service

What a great idea. It's like tipping someone for their action in real life. When the Steem blockchain grows and grows and more users join who knows what might happen. This thing is world wide.


I can't wait till I can tip for my beer, with crypto! haha ;)

Hey this is a pretty sweet idea, I like where your head is at. Not only would you get to upvote and write some comments but you'd be introduced to their social profile / blog. I don't know about you, but I've met some pretty interesting taxi drivers in the past and would enjoy learning more about them and maybe learning more about their city. Then what would have been a few dollars tip becomes a longer term way to support that person via steemit. Essentially it's a social tip :)

Steem has a lot of potential, donation and charity is certainly amongst them. In the past my posts have enabled to raise donations and help make a difference in the real world!

this idea is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!

hahaha so true, I can totally see that system being implemented in the now too distant future. "I've begun to feel the urge to upvote people in real life" that is just awesome!


Right? When I visit YouTube and give a thumbs up to my fav creators, I feel so useless.

That feeling has crept into RL!


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thats freaking genius.....

Very good idea and this is one of the platform of steemit and it has lot more to explore like the one you have mentioned to engage people and businesses.


When I saw the @darthnava fundraiser, I knew this was a game-changing platform. Even if bitcoin's original vision came true (digital cash, micropayments, etc.) it doesn't have the giving culture embedded in Steemit's code.

Bro! you are living in 2030 haha, I am now following you.


Let's get that down to early-2018!! xD


Yeah seriously, you aint lying future man haha

You could do a mystery shopper scenario where one person gets delegated 1,000,000 SP and goes around upvoting exceptional grocery store employees!


This actually gave me the idea to do Steemit treasure hunting xd Find something and you get a 100% upvote from a whale!


Upvotes for gifts and prizes is a cool idea. If you don't have a whale, you could get a pool of users to chip in.


yes gifts an prozes and a steemit STORE is what we need on next hardfork or whenever we can build a special section withinveryones profiles wherethey can make a post that has somethingf or sale and enable a smart contract that letsthem sell items that they can use escrow with or something or verify venders who sell items intehir stores, it could alllow steemit to replace ebay or amazon one day!
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You are a grate man. Standing ovation to you. Glad to knowing you. Hoping none of us disappoints u with such post.thanks again


Yeah exactly! Would be pretty cool :D


btw do you work in a grocery store?


I work for the store pharmacy which is a separate company, but I do work inside the store and have to listen to the shitty repetitive music. Luckily the player was broken today, so it was just blissful.


I would definitely get the mystery shopper to hit the pharmacy and maybe complain about the music too.

  ·  3년 전

I love this idea! I think there might need to be a little tweaking done as I am sure the cab drivers or anyone would want to have the tip be a fixed amount and not fluctuate based on the value of Steem. Otherwise, being able to upvote people in real life sounds like the future to me!


I think a strong use case is for sporadic tipping, like for street performers. Many people don't want to physically take out their cash, nor are they sure how much they should give. Also, with an upvote, you're not computing the cost in the same way as when you're handing over money.

  ·  3년 전

I really like that usage. It keeps in the spirit of the platform too in creating quality content as well. I would love to be able to reward a street performer in this way, hell, just a couple weeks back there was a shadow puppet artist that I would have loved to give a full 100% upvote too!

Love this idea and it should be implemented in other fields as well like tipping at fast food point or restaurant. Any area where tipping is given steem upvote would be great and it will happen some day.

You got visions :D
That idea sounds like a dream, if steemit blows up this could even get a reality, you should get a patern for that haha :)

Thanks for your post! But... Up voting gives value of Steemit in return for good content on the platform. Bij getting new good content, Steemit will become more valuable, so the reward is worth it.

A page for the taxi driver to collect up votes is no good content, so the earned Steem is spend by Steemit, without getting value back. This means that Steemit get drained by features like that and the price will drop. Maybe there is a way around, but rewarding a person should only happen when this person adds something positive to Steemit.


I believe the Steemit blockchain has a destiny much greater than functioning as a blogging platform.

For instance, it's already being used for charity and commercial fundraising.


I agree! @firepower, check this out


Thank you!

This is an amazing idea. The situations in which tipping would occur would grow exponentially, putting smiles on a lot of faces!

It's not that hard at this moment you should only create a new post every day where people can vote on (everyday because after a few days the creator will get less, if I understand the system). Then the user should have the posting key somewhere on his phone and should be able to scan something (like your qr code). The qr code is linked to the latest post and there u go.

Oh I really like this. Not only for taxi drivers but this could work other service-based jobs too!

Bro, I am really enjoying your posts! I am on Steem a few days now and it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes!

It all seems a bit unreal to me, but I never felt more exited about a platform before. My background in economics + web design resonates fully with this concept!

By seeing your enthusiasm and success in a short period of time I am becoming totally exited about Steem and the enless possibilities. I am creating an APP and Steem actually might be an addition / basis as well!

If you want, follow me @gigafart because I will soon be posting from the beach as well and I will make sure to include some pictures and dedicate them to your inspiring words!


I believe that this method of motivation makes sense, the driver will try to work well and be polite with the client :)

Nice idea! It was better to have the scanner of steem at anywhere.
So that we can provide our opinion and payment directly !!!
Sounds good?


A smartphone app that scans and immediately loads a tipping interface would be ideal!

  ·  3년 전

The idea is really interesting, and creative. Personally I like it.

Thanks @gigafart. (best name ever, by the way)

Can we implement this to our uber drivers.?They are doing a great job.


Not sure if uber would be happy with that, never know though.

As the market caps of these coins continue to grow, it is only a short matter of time before some engineers and programmers will get together and start developing the software and hardware to create such a system. Soon (I hope) we will be able to tap our Bitcoin card, Ethereum, Litecoin, whatever coin you like to use. Excited to see how much this will grow.


Steemit is way ahead of the pack. It's one of the only cryptos with a functioning product + userbase.

I'm still kicking myself for not using gigafart as my username!


Dude, I kind of regret it. I had no idea I'd be sticking around when I joined last month... but Gigafarts it is!


Every time I see it I laugh... your brand is strong!


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hahah dont regret it! Its a funny name! AND it sticks out!
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I saw ur name and i could tell u must be young or youngish, as u are full of energy and hope and ur like whatever bro ur CHill and its paid off to be a nice person here! Im probly even too intense and ddontappeal to as many peope but im glad u like my rants and can tell I am honest and mean what i ay, and i can telll that you are Deserving of your postion, as u are heljng alot of minows

its dfffiicult to hoard steem but some peopel do, some see steemit as just a way to make money and thats fine, they have that right, and theyd ot have to interact

but you ocmment more than post artciles! u interact with everyon! i trry to reply to all my replies but itsstart too be overwhellming BUT I ALWAYS upvote AL my replies! sp ANYONE whp comments on ANY of my posts automatically gets a few cents or a few dimes!

And i cant WAIt ntill I have $10,000 to $100,000 in Steempower and i can actualy give out like $1 to $10 at atime even at 20 percet votng ppwer!!

u realize u can see ur voting ppwer ahere at but i wanna know when u are at full voting power and u set ithe slider to 100 percent how much are ur upvotes worth? Like $300?

Love it. Brilliant.

epic idea, maybe in time it will become reality :)

Great idea!

Really Smart Idea bud :) I like.

Good idea. You could have a code that you could input into the actual site if you don't have your phone handy/broken/dead battery or if you're working in a cafe with a different device.

Yes, I can imagine a future like this. This is a very good idea!

This is the kind of thinking that will get us to break through the old paradigms of what is possible and what we have yet to see possible.

"When there is no vision the people parish"


Noice idea!!! :]

WE DONT NEED Qr codes with stemit!!!!!! We just need a username!
All i need too send someone to letthem send me steem is my username @ackza and a simple link to is ALLL they need to find my profile and my blog see my wallet etc thats ALL they neeed!

A qr code would just take you to their profile an anyone can make one with a qrcode generator just google "qr code generator"
and for the URL link area just type in your steemit profile link, for example mine would be

And then hit "generate" and youll get your own QR code that takes someone to your steemit profile! I added some text and steemit logo

That is all they need to pay you in steem too! Anyone can use a poloniex or bittrex or to send steem withot a steemit account

Feel free to use this template for your own scannable steemit Qr code link!

But do you get my point about how steemit os SO advanced that we dont need Qr coes we can just have easy to reember usernames we can useto even google search what w remembered! just google the work steemit and the name u thought you saw in case you cant write it down etc, you cant do that with bitcoin! Bitcoin doesnt have usernmes! ethereum has some sort of domain name service but noone kows about it and u have to buy into it and the names become expenive etc

steemit is SO much better its the EASIEST crypto currency to use PERIOD

ahha ii JUST saw that it was you @gigafart that posted this! I was just going along the trending page and saw this cool post!

hahah im sohappy ur making $100 posts now man! I knew u culd! ur steempower paid off so well


It's nice we get usernames in place of alphanumeric gibberish!

Good idea. You can implement it.

Its a great Idea but I think not all are going to be so open minded.

Don't get me wrong I love cryptocurrencies I hold a lot of them but there is a certain satisfaction when someone tips you in hard currency by that I mean Fiat currency.

It might be my own view as in my country digitisation is still a theory any has just started testing things out.


Wow, novel idea. The innovation is limitless in the blockchain of the steemanator. UpVoted, followed.

it would be a great acomplishment and steem could become more powerful than etherum.
upvote me just i have done for you.let start it from here

That would be a genuinely nice thing.

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Hi @gigafart
I was new in steemit. and I feel like I'm lost in steemit and no one is directing me. please help me find the real identity, and help me get what I have been working for so long. thanks for your attention.

sounds like a promising future, right @gigafart?

you are really great man @gigafart,,
i hope, there are so many peo[le like you.

an impressive post @gigafart

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The future can come true. I'm sure steemit must have grown immensely. beyond the power of other social media. A brilliant business idea.

It's great if Steem Dollar becomes the same means of payment as bitcoin. Then his price will skyrocket!