New Address for @goldenoakfarm March 19, 2020:

2년 전

Sunrise crop March 2020.jpg
Sunrise in March 2020 on @goldenoakfarm

Everyone, please update saved bookmarks as the Steem site is undergoing major changes and there’s going to be a split. So I guess I’ll be posting as usual at this new site.

It was an easy change for this Neanderthal which is why I’ve done it. I far and away do not understand the why and wherefores of it all, but it will be finalized on Friday March 20th. I guess I can post on the new site then, as I don't seem to be able to now. So Thursday I will post on steemit.

For friends and family, if you aren’t on steem, please follow me to this new location

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Still thinking where to go. I understand after the fork, what we post on Hive won't show on Steemit and vice versa. So if I stay put here, I sure will miss a lot of you who will be moving to the other side. But I only have a few people I follow, one of them is you. So if I don't see you here, I will definitely check you out on your new address.

I hope I dont lose contact with you - have towait for my daughter to set me up and lock down is not helping me.


It was really easy, even old Neanderthal me was able to do it! I wish I could remember where I found the instructions...