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Hey I'm just a little Steemian but some things I've noticed and it seems all newcomers need to hear them repeatedly as they are more important than they apear to the untrained mind.

So the first thing to realise about posting on Steemit is that you SHOULD NOT DO IT.

That is : There is no point posting when your post is unlikely to be seen by anyone who would be inclined to vote it up.

Doing this is like sharing a post on Facebook only with your friends list before you have any friends.

Your article will get no upvotes, you will get no reward and you will feel that your wonderful article has not been apreciated and probably give up.

Before you post you need to garner support from your fellow Steemians so that they will remeber you and feel you are worthy of their vote.

The second thing is not to concern yourself with what you will write about. Once you follow the steps outlined below you will have lots to write about. Make notes about the things which inprire you along this journey as you are likely to forget them and lose valuable material.

So here is my list of things to do :

1 Browse the Hotlist and read articles which interest you.
2 Select content you are sufficiently knowldgeable about to make meaningful comment people are likely to like and follow you for.
3 Upvote articles by clicking the UpArrow to the left of the current value. This will earn you rewards.
4 Resteem the article by clicking the Uturn Arrow so that the article will appear on your page as well for others to see, thereby helping the person whose article you are expressing interest in.
5 Follow the author of the post and possibly mention in your comments that you are doing so and request they follow you.
6 Upvote comments on the article and follow worthy commenters.
7 Continue to do this without posting any articles until you have developed a group of followers who would upvote your articles because you have made valuable contributions to their articles and supported them with your vote.
8 Join Steemchat and make friends as supportive friends are you dread and butter and caviar and everything in between.
9 Read tutorials and learn from others.

Start writing content, without posting it, as the ideas come to you.

When you are sure of an adequate following, start posting your articles.


No specific sources I can refer to except Pixabay

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Thanks for the list of things to do. I am going to set about doing at least one of those things every day! :D

Thanks for the advise. I wasn't really sure about the steemit process, but your BLOG makes things a lot clearer. Keep up the good work!

Thanks fellow Steemian, that helps.

This is good advice! I've only just joined as well and I am mainly focussing on building connections and gaining a following. Commenting earns me around 75% of the rewards right now. I have started to put a few articles up from the beginning, just so people can get a little bit of an idea of what I'm about when they click on my profile.

I think I did everything the opposite because I started out not knowing anything and just had to find my own way.
If new Steemers find your post, they will have a guide, but they will probably still have to find out some things on their own.
Thanks for your wisdom and help, someone will be better off for it.