Blocked in Russia

작년 is facing major censorship problems around the world. Over the past year, large and powerful governments have taken notice of the governance system Steem's DPoS Blockchain uses to carry out direct democratic operations. One reason for this, possible corruption.


When building full stack decentralized applications, it becomes really difficult to censor users who seek today's critical and globalized information. I'd compare the blocking of or to the likes of global book burning. You are cutting the supply of data off, in a world ran by data.

Developers building fully decentralized applications have to do things once, instead of building a censorship-prone application, and completely reworking it to avoid government censorship. The benefits for building with the full stack in p2p (blockchain/ipfs) are many.

Fully built Dapps make things harder for large corporations or governments who push for anti-freedom values, often attacking or censoring users and their politics or opinions. A massive increase in cost efficiency is also possible compared to centralized systems, as the developers of these full Dapp's have to host little if any of user's data. We can compare DAO's operational costs to traditional corporate operational cost, often DAO's can cut out large user cost burdens.

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You are right, the blocked it here for a lot of providers, thanks god for my provider they unblock him, maybe my provider is not following all their rules. I visited recently the in-lawas hours and it was blocked there as well, so I had to use vpn to login.