Last Post on Steemit!


As you know the new chain HIVE is launching tomorrow and I as well will be a one to join it. Justin Sun is a fucking joke and I'm glad we can break free of his dictatorship. A huge thank you for everyone behind the development of the new chain. I don't fully understand, how it works exactly or how the migration works but I'm extremely excited to see what happens, both with Hive and Steem.
As I just read, posts that Justin doesn't like on are now being hidden. I really can't figure out what the hell is wrong with this guy. Yeah, that's what we needed, the CENSORSHIP on the platform.


I'm pretty sure this is my last post on the Steem blockchain but I will still check back here, at least for some time to see what is happening here and who stayed.

See you on the other side!

Oh and by the way, needed to make a new logo because the one with Steem sign can no longer be used.
It feels so strange. I have used my old one over 2 years when posting here.

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