A New Curation Paradigm for Steemit

2년 전

Like many, when I started with Steemit I found a number of great posts and, like many, I started up-voting immediately. Initially, I was unaware of the 7 day curation period and that my up-vote had no affect once the post had paid out.

Well, I'm pleased to report that @holger80 has a solution. @holger80 has created a utility, well a group of utilities, one of which will allow you to up-vote after the 7 day curation period. Effectively extending the time frame where we can reward the content we choose to support.

You can find out more about this utility by visiting Steemrewarding post.
Or, you can check out the Steemrewarding site directly. Connection support is through SteemConnect.

This seems to be a work in progress. And, I did uncover a bug which @holger80 jumped on immediately and fixed. So, I feel confident that Steemrewarding will be a success.

Now, I'm personally testing the up-vote functionality after the 7 day curation period. And, it is working as described in the Steemrewarding post. In 7 days, the beneficiaries I've designated should be receiving a reward. I'll keep you posted.

If you decide to use the utility, please check it out thoroughly and make sure you understand the nuances of the Steemrewarding site. @holger80 also has a Discord Channel, so you can contact him directly.

One last thing, @holger80 would like you to support him with your vote for witness. As many of the tools provided by other witnesses, you do not have to vote for @holger80 in order to use the tool. But, I think if someone goes to the trouble of maintaining quality tools for the benefit of the community, why not support them. Anyway, just my thoughts.

Have a great day and be safe out there.

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I do agree with you that we should support developers who do good things for the platform. I am not sure if I have him on my witness radar, but will look in the morning.

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