Beginners Guide To Steemit [Part #1]

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A New Platform

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a social networking and blogging site that has the potential to change everything that I do how I and you benefit from being involved within it, and also rewarding me by teaching what I know about analysis to you regardless of background and education. In this way where we both share the rewards of that involvement but also of course from what I teach. What I will teach you over the next few weeks and months will allow you to take what you earn from this site and get the most from it. That site is of course

The Way Forward.....

I am empowered once again to share what I know and have learned since with regards analysis, trading psychology, personal development – all bundled up in a course that I will provide to you all on
It’s easy to look out there and believe there is no longer opportunity, but the World has changed in the last 7 years and the World’s financial markets have with them too. Markets have recovered hugely and are at new highs. IPO’s are springing up everywhere, even new currencies and business models have been developed. We have enormous power with us constantly thanks to incredibly smart and powerful phones. The World also appears to have got more dangerous too, more so than we ever thought possible. We hold our loved ones closer than ever before, we have perhaps become more insular and weary – perhaps that has resulted more in the rise of Social Media also. The News media bombard us with negatives and doom and gloom. Job insecurity still remains despite growth and fears of countries breaking away from others with referendums, Spanish Catalonians wanting independence, Scotland too and of course there is Brexit and Europe! Add to that we have Trump, Twitter and North Korea!It all could seem that there is no longer opportunity, but there is, there is more than ever. Despite the World being in flux and in many ways, it always has been. History tends to iron over the feelings of what it was like living during those times, to being images, snap shots, text. Things haven’t really changed, opportunity is always there providing you have your eyes open enough to see it. 


== You are become a member of No doubt you can  posted, liked, comented and more do on steemit. Chances are that you can earned some Steem too. we all do.   

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