Many Phishing Victims and Money Stolen By @clementin

2년 전

Again after many peaceful weeks, I came to discover phishing links today. Please dont open any link you find in the comments, otherwise you will loose your money and your account. Even if the links are shared by users with high reputation, dont open them. Their accounts are hacked and used to share phishing links.


This is one of the accounts spreading the virus right now @make-it-healthy
And there are always many accounts involved. He is getting upvotes from this account to support his spam comments @realmeandi


I am very sad to see users loosing their money and a lot of money, while we cant do anything. I wrote posts about this topic some months ago and I will repeat what I said again. We really need somehow to stop the money transfer from the stolen or hacked accounts or at least return them to the reward pool. Users are loosing their money and the platform as well.


Now if you track these accounts, you end up here @clementin and thats where all the money goes and then from there to @blocktrades
Maybe if we can make contact with @blocktrades and let them know about the situation, they might return the money or freeze their accounts. Innocent victims might not even know how to recover their accounts or dont even know that they have been hacked.


Please when you read this post, resteem it to warn other users and mostly the new ones. We have to work together to stop this kind of abuse. Thank you!


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Opening the links is not the issue. The problem is that the link opens a page copied from SteemIt, including the Login. Entering your keys there is how you get stolen.

If you're already logged into SteemIt, don't trust when another login appears. Close the page without login in.... and return to SteemIt.


Unfortunately many people who dont know about this, believe that it is Steemit website. It happened to me before too :(

Wow! It's so good to know! I always get sad when I see people losing their money JUST by clicking on a link. Nothing seems to be safe nowadays!


Indeed nothing is safe these days. We should be careful with every decision we take.


You welcome Dear :)

Thanks for the information @hanen — it's shameful how these scammers keep working the site.

I looked at the way they operate some weeks back, and it seems they use the very LOW value accounts they get the keys to to RUN the phishing attack, there's a larger account that's compromised but slowly powering down that's being used to upvote "greyed out" comments, and then there are "sideways transfers" that inevitably end with clementin.

As you say, some poor folks have lost a LOT of money.



I am really sad, because one user lost about 1000$ and I am not sure if he is at all aware of what happened to his account. I emailed @blocktrades and waiting for their email. Hopefully a positive response.

  ·  2년 전

I absolutely hate hearing this happen to anyone! Always grateful for the heads up!

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Yes it is a terrible experience and nobody should go through it :(

I think the most Blocktrades can do is block the Steemit account, once a transaction has started I don't think Blocktrades can do anything. The problem is these thieves just have to open a new account and continue doing their robbery.


We will try and see what we can do about it :(

Oh oh.. there are also phising emails

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I never open any email from a source that I dont know. Try to be careful all time.

Thats really shocking. I didn't know such things are possible here 🙄


Well everything is possible here :)

That is so sad to have such people as clementin in steemit. I wish him all the worst for such a terrible activity. Maybe we really need to cooperate and to write collective letter to blocktrades. If so you can count on me and sign my name as I am with all those who want to clean steemit from such trash and help people at least somehow. Thank you for this warning I will follow you @hanen


I cant understand how people can survive with stealing other users money. The money that many people worked weeks for it. Will see what decision will come out about @blocktrades and let you know. You can also join us at Steemflagrewards Discord Channel :)

Thanks @hanen for your post and alarming us. Now a days lot of phishing or scams are happening. I have also found one phishing scam about Kraken exchange phishing Telegram Channel. Can read detail post here:
We should work together against those scams and frauds.



It is really terrible and going on for months now.Many victims just dont know that it can happen to them very easily. Hopefully we can find a solution for this problem :(

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Utterly disgusting. Humans can be such vile creatures...................


It is really disappointing :(