What is happening with Steemit?

4년 전

I have noticed major Glitches on my wallet records where it says I have made payments a few times for the same payment then it has gone away. Also seeing actions recorded being out of order. Like showing things from 3 hours ago as last action and something done 3 minutes ago under it.

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I hope I'm not being too intrusive here, but this post led me to writing up my offline workflow, hopefully it can help you all out a bit! :) Just check my latest post, i dont want to spam it here!

Hopefully steem will sort these problems out sooner

I've looked at your wallet but I can't see any of the things you described. Looks like it's sorted now.


yeah it went back to normal. It was some kind of glitch I suppose. Have noticed it a few times in last few days.

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helpful post

I had also issues the last days and saw errors. The worst one: I lost a post, which was sent, but not published. I was so furious.


Ohhh man that must have sucked.


Alll the more reason to not write your posts in Steemit but somewhere else first, then just copy paste it to steemit 😎


Right, also a good option. As an author you can do this.

It can go away when you reload the pages.


Yeah that is what happened with mine.

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