Your Must-HAVE Steemit Assistant Has Arrived (She'll Change Your Life!)

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Want to be more successful around here? Want to know who mentions you? Upvotes? Comments? Follows? Your new assistant can do it all!


I know you were all hoping it was going to be me but alas, it tis not ;)

I'm too busy telling you wild, exciting stories, gallivanting around the globe and tempting you with healthy creations in the kitchen to do all your online management!

I do however know someone who can pick up some of that slack if you're interested!

We already know you are (else, why would you be here?), so let's skip to the chase and I'll introduce you to her!

Disclaimer, I wanted to help Gina with her resume because when I hired her, I thought she was so fantastic that maybe other people would want her to work for them too! So, I wrote this resume for her detailing her incredible skills that she's brought to my table and hope that you'll find her as helpful as I have!

Name: Ginabot (Gina)
Job Title: Notification Bot
Objective: To help make your Steemit life super easy!
Current Employer: Discord (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week)


Secret Agent (Spy)

  • Mentions
    I can keep an ear and eye out to see if anyone's talking about you and if I find out anything, I'll let you know who's saying what!
  • Comments
    Get live notifications of who has sent you a comment! I think that taking all that time delivering a message to you is wasteful, why not just get a live notification when a message comes in?
  • Follows/Unfollows
    Meet some new friends (or create some enemies- I hope not!) either way, I have a 6th sense for this stuff and will let you know as soon as it happens!
  • Word Watch
    Is there anything you want to know about? I can listen/watch for it! If you're interested in knowing when someone posts about veganism for example, just let me know, add it to your watchlist and I'll give you a shout whenever I see it come up anywhere on Steemit!
  • Resteems
    I can let you know when someone else shares your post! That way you can connect with them and never miss an opportunity to see when someone is sharing your post!
  • New Post Alert
    Do you have a favorite Steemit author(s)? (Cough, @heart-to-heart, cough 😘) If there are people you really want to keep up with, I can keep a watch out for them and let you know when they post so you'll never miss out on their posts again!
  • Tag Alert
    If you're on the lookout for a particular tag, I can watch out for that for you too. Any tag you want, let me know and I'll tell you when someone uses it!
  • Upvotes/Downvotes
    I will record all of the incoming votes and let you know who is voting on you (and who is downvoting you if it happens!) I can also let you know if anyone cancels their vote!


  • Blacklist user(s)/tag(s)
    I can just block all of the spam if you want. Anyone/any tag who/that has been blacklisted will skip the notification services I offer for you so we don't waste your time! If you don't want to see anymore from a certain user or a certain tag, it'll be like it never even existed! Poof!


  • Managing Your Money
    I'll keep track of all incoming and outgoing money transactions and report back to you!
  • Post Rewards
    I can let you know the moment your rewards are in your bank account! If you want me to help you budget, I can make a report up for you and send it your way whenever you ask for it!
  • Delegation Alert
    I can show you your delegation stats such as if someone has delegated to you (when it arrives) or if you've delegated to someone else! If you need to know when a previous delegation is back in your account (after 7 days) I can easily give you a nudge so you don't ever have to think about it!

Witness for the Witnesses

  • Producer reward
    How much SP is being made per block and when is a block being produced? I have the answers!

  • Witness Vote
    If you're a witness, I can let you know if someone has voted for you! Congrats! We can celebrate!

  • Price Feed
    Up to date price feeds for your nodes. Easy as pie.

I'll deal with everything on my end so you never have to worry. I'll just send you a little notification whenever anything you request for me to watch out for comes through. We can communicate on Discord and that way, everything is all organized in an easy to manage format!

If you let me know what program you like best (maybe it's or Steemit or even another site) I can have the links sent into their format. You just have to manage my settings to let me know what works best for you!

I hope that you'll find my services useful and consider me for employment on your blog. Please see below for a LOR from my current employer, @heart-to-heart.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I highly recommend @ginabot as a personal assistant to anyone on Steemit! If you're the most successful account on here, just starting out, too busy or just too lazy to keep up with everything, @ginabot will really take the stress off of your hands!

Personally, @ginabot has saved me a momentous amount of time since I hired her only about two weeks ago! She reads all of my messages and lets me know what is important so I don't have to sift through everything on my own! She's truly a lifesaver!

Ginabot is eager to please so if you have something you need from her, fear not asking. She will handle it without a complaint. You may end up getting more notifications if you give her more work to do but it'll all be organized and ready for you whenever you have the time to give it the attention it needs.

I don't know how I was managing without Gina but I am sure glad to have found her and couldn't recommend her any higher. If you need any more information concerning her work ethic (tireless) or effectiveness (100%) please feel free to contact me or get in touch with her!

Please see attached some files of her work with me!

Gina's biggest fan,

Screenshot (369).png

Here is where everything starts.
Kind of the paperwork of the new employee.

How do you want to view your notifications?

Of course, I use for my preference, so my links come to me through Discord in my notifications from Gina but when I open them, they open in my profile.

Screenshot (370).png

Steemit isn't perfect to say the least when it comes to displaying of comments. With Gina, she sends a message in Discord every time a comment comes through so you won't miss it!

Here's what it looks like when she sends the message through!

Screenshot (372).png

If you want a receipt of your accounting:

Screenshot (375).png

The secret agent, spy game that is SO USEFUL!
I used to never know when someone mentioned me until they would finally send me a private message asking me why I didn't comment on it!
Not anymore! I always know! Thanks Gina!

Screenshot (382).png
Screenshot (383).png

This part is really cool!

I get people telling me all of the time how they missed my post and I know the same goes for me with theirs!

Well, @ginabot has fixed that problem because now you can add your favorite authors into your notifications and Gina will tell you whenever they post! How great is that! Just put in the user name of whomever you'd like to follow and voila!

Screenshot (384).png

The same goes if you don't want to see something of someone or something!

Screenshot (385).png

Let's say you really want to know when a certain tag or word is being used (I tried this with 'vegan' but it resulted in an insurmountable amount of notifications so beware!) Now you can have Gina look out for it for you!

It works great for contests, I use it for #veganwednesday so I don't miss any submissions :)

Screenshot (386).png

I don't have experience with Gina's work with witnesses but here are her credentials:

Screenshot (388).png


Gotta have her?

(She tells me that this is the best way to get her working for you is clicking on the link below however,
if you want to know more about here before you hire her click here! here:)


  1. Click this link to join Minnow-Power server on Discord.
  2. Go to #registration.
  3. Type command ..reg name (example: For mine it would be ..reg heart-to-heart)
  4. You'll receive a message and code from Ginabot to verify your Steem account.
  5. Follow her instructions and open the link she sends (don't share it with anyone, it's unique to your preferences!)
  6. Save your settings and it's all set up! You'll receive notifications straight away!
    You need to be a member of Minnow-Power Discord channel to receive the messages from Gina so don't delete the group or you'll miss out on her fun super powers!

If you have questions, go to #help and ask anything.

Big thank you to @neander-squirrel who created Gina for us! If you love her like I do, her salary goes to @neander-squirrel's account :)
heart thing.png

I just know you're going to love Gina, with all of her incredible abilities!

If you liked this post, and want to see more posts by yours truly, Gina will make that happen in a jiffy by setting that up for you! Just add my user name into the new posts section!

I put my heart into all of my posts and my goal is to spread inspiration and motivation with everything I share here! I love my Steemit family and am happy to have my assistant Gina helping me manage everything easier!

Let me know what you think of AI assistance at your service!

Are you going to give her a try?

Are you already using her?

Let me know your thoughts!

Sending you love today and everyday! 😘

Until next time,

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Thanks, amusing review!
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@accelerator <3 Thank you! I would love for everyone to know about Gina. I think she's incredible! =D

I've been using @ginabot for a whole and it has really been helpful. Before I started using @ginabot, I used to get lost of complaints from friends saying I don't respond when they mention me in their post, now with @ginabot bot, not only do I get notifications for mentions, I also get the link to the notifications.

Awesome ginabot


Hey @samstickkz I completely understand what you're talking about! I had the same problem or people would comment on another post saying things like I commented over here and you didn't answer and I would have no idea! This has been such a game changer for me! Happy to hear you're already using her too and will therefore see I commented back to you ;)


lol thanks to her i saw this reply. i dont know if i have made any donation to this free service. i will do so if i havent .


Awww me too! Gina is so good at her job! Look how well this works! I just paid her some wages for her excellent job, I think she deserves it =D


Yes she does

This is really an original and fun way to introduce GINA :D
Thank you very much! <3


No need to thank me @neander-squirrel, she's a top notch employee and I really appreciate you making her accessible to everyone :) I have really enjoyed having her around and I know that everyone who finds out about her and starts using her will agree! So, thank you! =D

I have just heard of Gina before but now I think it is time to get to know her for real! Thankyou for the detailed instructions, so much easier when you know what to do!


Hi @lynxki :) I completely agree! A lot of this technology stuff can be really daunting so I like to make it as easy as possible to use! I hope you give her a try (super easy I promise) and if you do let me know what you think <3


This looks like something I've been looking for. Something with notifications and smartphone support. Gina and Discord symbiosis support both of these and geez that setup took me just 2 minutes.

Amazing!! Thaanks for this



Wahoo! All set up so quickly- what did I tell ya? I know you're going to get an instant notification for this comment so no excuse not to reply ;) Let me know what you think so far!


Hahh yepp yepp, that's the best feature...also actually the reason I got into it...notifications :)
Thxxxx for the tip

Thank you, had a look and saved this post to inspect later! We definitely need all of the help that we can get! Blessings and Upvoted!


Yes, it's quite a thorough review so it might take some time to really get into but I can tell you right now that it is incredibly helpful and keeps things much more organized so you don't end up missing anything important! I hope to hear back from you about your experience :)

Ginabot is just the best. I would highly recommend having this lady in your life. Great detail in this one @heart-to-heart.


Hey @moonunit :) Fun to see you've already got her running around for you!


I honestly don't know what I did without her in my life!

thanks for sharing! looks Very interesting.. testing ;-)


@eco-alex you are going to LOVE her! She is right up your alley :) She's made my life so much easier, I am positive you'll feel the same with everything you have going on <3


you are So right.. i DO love her already.. ITs really fantastic to get push notifications on mobile for just about anything that happens on steemit, including tagged keywords throughout the hole of steemit! wow! THANK YOU!


Haha uh oh maybe now I've just accidentally made more work for you? I hope Gina takes some of the load off instead of adding to it! <3

great job @heart-to-heart! Looks like an interesting project. I'll check her out.


Hey @ashe-oro :) This is what I was gently mentioning at lunch! If you could do me a favor and let your lovely gf know I will message her on about tomorrow I'd appreciate it :)

Gina is bae! Been using it for a while now and it has helped me a lot, even to catch up on posts that i might have missed...but know she can't compete with you, for my heart, right?


Hahaha I am Valentine, Gina can be bae, I'm not the jealous type. Plus, I am also in love with her so it all works out :)


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha my darling! My cutest heart! My sweetie! My original bae Valentine. You know a bot can never compete with you. I am all yours.

This looks very impressive and I'll definitely have to check it out or try it out. It almost looks too good to be true. Hehe.

Thanks for sharing @heart-to-heart


Hahaha I know right? Should be some sort of charge for such services ;) Honestly though, I have it, it works and it's free! I would not be able to keep up if it weren't for her help! Let me know how it goes for you <3


I've seen many reviews of ginabot recently but this is by far the most comprehensive. She's my favorite :D


Well you know how I am by now ;) I like to do my homework :) I love her, seriously she's the best! I think everyone should have her, I can't imagine what it would be like without her now ;)

Thanks for sharing bried intro and detail step by stem usage of Ginabot Indeed very helpful and beneficial bot. Thanks for sharing @heart-to-heart


Hi @kamchore! It is my pleasure, I love being able to share valuable advice like this and I really believe Gina is something everyone needs in their life :) Have a great time with her :)

This is a pretty fun post—great job!

I'm pretty new to Steem in general, but I've just started using @ginabot, and I already am really glad I do—the notifications are super useful and customizable.


Hi :) You're lucky to have her straight away! A lot of us were having a hard time keeping up with notifications and that's where I have found her to be incredibly helpful! PS welcome to Steemit :)

Amaziiing!! post :3

Got to loveGina great post about her


Thanks @tattoojay, I think it's really fun to hear that so many people are already using her! Wooo! Go Gina! :)


Ohh yes have been using Gina from very early in her career

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YES! Awesome! This will change my Steemit life :)

saya sangat syka postingan anda
tapi postingan saya tidak ada yang menyukainya

She looks so awesome and what a job you did, selling her. I was gonna ask a question, but you kinda answered it towards the end. Was gonna ask if she takes salary and how much 😁


Haha well she will work for you for free technically but I think she deserves some $ for her efforts so I think whatever you'd like to give to her on a donation basis would be appreciated! Her caretaker is @neander-squirrel so make sure anything you want Gina to have goes to him ;)


Hahaha... Fairly well

bit worried about receiving more notifications with all the other crap that comes into my phone, but some of this is really useful. i really like the way uve explained it with the resume, ur post are always really engaging and different so i'm going to consider it especially if I get that job (got a few interviews coming up ;) which means i cant be on my laptop as much, wish me luck x


Haha I hear you, I don't have it on my phone- I am not responsible enough so interaction is limited to my lap top which keeps me balanced ;)

Good luck on your interviews my dear ;) You can use me as a reference if you need lol xoo

I think I will check her out, thanks love for sharing! This most be so very helpful!!


It is soooo helpful! I didn't realize how much I was missing before she told me about it ;) <3

I'm setting up GINA right now and can hardly wait. What took me so long? Looking forward to being able to keep up with comments and replies more easily. Thanks for sharing your experience and advice @heart-to-heart! Did GINA notify you of that mention? :)