Caution SMT Token ICO SCAM Alert.

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I Have Not Heard a Chirp from the Non-Existent Steemit Team, Have You?

This has scam written all over it! This is the from the Steemit group on Facebook . Here is my response.

2018-03-26 14_24_57-(1) Facebook.png

This is the Last Post on the Official @Steemit Twitter Account.

Yup, you read that correctly February 27. What the fuck happened?! This team is really disappointing me. Lack of communication is not a good thing. So now we have scammers out there and all we hear are crickets from the team. They should be all over this like flies on shit.

2018-03-26 14_28_28-steemit (@steemit) _ Twitter.png


The admin for the FB page booted me.

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The SMT project has not been rolled out or updated well at all. Now if scammers are using the lack of info they really need to do better on the communication.


We have been waiting for SMT however if it's not rolled out soon we will go with another blockchain.

I commented on that post too calling it a scam, it did not seem like he was a scammer but he is misleading 100% its apparently the first smart media token to launch on the network but still seems fishy becouse this seems like it would be announce by the steemit team

The admin for the FB page booted me

Did the Admin happen to be named Muhammad Faisal Raza?

Just kidding... but thanks for the alert; I'm sure there are plenty of innocent ("greedy?") newcomers who'd be taking in by something like that. More evidence, I suppose, that the crypto space-- including our own-- is very much "The Wild Wild West."

Thank you for spreading the word. Sucks that people are so scammy. Investors beware - all that glitters is not gold. Keep up the good work!

Probably referring to the @appics ICO that starts on the 28th?


Why would he be collecting emails? Sounds super suspicious. I am sure @Appics has their own procedure for raising the capital.


@appics has a large referral and bounty program. Maybe he wants to give out his personal affiliate link to get credited?


Recipe for scamming. I do ICO's for a living. They should have an automated program for anything related to affiliates. If not then everyone and their brother would be doing this across the web circa 1998.


Hopefully no one is foolish enough to get scammed by a sketchy FB post.

  ·  2년 전 is the ico developed by smt team you are a sick guy

Yeah, that looks very suspicious. I had a look at his profile and he's a member of a lot of Steemit groups, and appears to be the main admin on that particular page.

Good on you for highlighting this. I notice he's removed your comments from the post too, and it's just people sending their email addresses. Looks like a scammer to me.

They really need to get out, keeping people informed of the progress made to avoid such scam incident. Who knows if those social media are fighting back with such scam messages to discourage people

Glad I only rely on steemit on updates. Although I hear the news later at least when it does come out many of the people I follow write about it to validate that news is real.

Curious was it listed Feb. 27 2019? Would be too long if for real :/

Maybe "the team" actually are the shit rather than the flies.

PS - if spam comments were an art form, your posts would be art museums!


I get so much spam comments. It is ridiculous.

i have been very dissappointed with the progress on SMT's and the lack of apparent interest from the @steemit developers. it feels like they have left thid platform to it own devices.

I firmly believe steemit and its blockchain is just the prototype and a more efficient and engaging application will soon be revealed. ( probably by a totally different team)

Thank you for the head's up, Randy. I'm in a ton of fb groups for steemit. Next time I go in I will quit that one if I am in it. If the admin booted you, it cannot be "official" I don't think.


Yes, it is definitely not official. They took advantage of the lack of social media knowledge of the team when they launched and grabbed the group before they could get it.

I am seeing more and more of these types of scams they use some kind of bot to follow about 50,000 accounts and enough people follow back so that when they delete all the people they have followed the account looks legit and trusted, i really hope people are smart enough to swerve these so called ICO's but they will soon get there comeuppance nonetheless...

Thanks for this update sir. I see someone has already "sended" . Am surprise how easily people give out their info all because of some cheap adverts. Sometimes I wonder if they read and understand before they send their info and I think most people including me are guilty of the fact that we don't know our email address should have some sort of privacy

You are a wonderful person, my friend, I am always watching you
You are like me here. I wish you every success

  ·  2년 전

Wonderful post

Wow! I absolutely had no idea about this issue! thanks for keeping us informed! @hilarski

Thanks for letting me (and others) know
To be honest I already would not trust a name like that. The scam does not surprise me at all

Your action is really appreciable and yes we can find scammers all around and you said right and in my opinion also the lack of communication is there that's why scammers are spreading the fake news and in my opinion there should be proper communication for all updates so that all Steemians can be stay on the same page. Thanks for sharing this awareness spreading post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

People often want to take advantage of the FUD of the crypto market. People loose hope and fall prey to these scams, so your post become very helpful for the community.

There is a telegram group for SMT where the team answers some questions being asked. I think ned put it on one of his post.

thanks for this warning the scammers are everywhere and people go blind over it

Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest @hilarski

thank you for letting us know sir, this helps me a lot 🙏🙏

Every word of your mind, you wrote very well. Hopefully you'll be giving us a good post like this.
I would like to say you keep it up and well done.

Very nice
I love Facebook

Thanks for the heads up! Upvoted!!

Amennnnn and the @appics project has so many red flags.

I don't know if you saw their comment that their data will be on the SMT blockchain not the STEEM blockchain. My gut tells me they are misdirecting everyone.

The admin for the FB page booted me.

I don't know why, but this post made for a literal, and much needed LOL!

Now that you've made mention, I expect an official 'appeasing update' from the devs in a few days. lol!



I notice most crypto devs use twitter so i use twitter for crypto updates


Interesting...Btw, I'm unable to access Steemit. It's good to have the as a backup.

Best regards.