No More SteemVoter for You!

4년 전


Remember the Soup Nazi from Sienfeld?

This is how I feel today as I turn off my SteemVoter for 90% of the people I had set up on it.

Reciprocity is The Name of The Game.

I looked at my posts and saw something really odd. Most of the people I had on my SteemVoter were no longer upvoting me as well. These are the people I thought I had built relationships with over the last two years. Well, the one way street ends today. Going forward I will upvote manually via articles that appeal to me and articles that I click on via Steemit Facebook groups.

Here is the List of the People That Have Been Marked Safe for My SteemVoter.

I know the list is tiny but that is ok. I would rather save my SteemPower for articles that I enjoy and on the people who comment on my posts.


I Know I Don't Have 50,000 Steem Power Anymore but Relationships and Reciprocation are Important to Me.

2018-01-17 09_57_46-reciprocate definition - Google Search.png

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Haha, that was a great episode.
No soup for you!
I love George Costanza.

Hello @hilarski,

That's right decision you have, i fully agreed with you. always love to visit your post and Commented for your fair and supportive work.


I have always been against automatic vote, if you really build relationships with other users, it implies the reading of their materials and live comments on the subject.

But, I understand that it's hard to find free time for this (every day follow updates of friends and participate in discussions). And auto-vote in a sense is an opportunity to say Hello, to express respect for your relationship. Accordingly, if you withdrew from somebody list you have lost the interest of this person to you. So your actions in this case are absolutely correct.

I perfectly understand how people can act atimes. I understand your feeling of being taken for granted. I can understand how hurt it must feel when you feel that others see you only as a resource and nothing more.
Kindness is giving. There are different levels of amount. It's about balance. If you consistently give & never receive back the scale is tipped in someone's "favor". At that point you stop giving so MUCH. If someone responds back with extra kindness and the scale is suddenly tipped in your area, if you respond back it is balanced. Keep in mind the commitment & intensity is the factor. It's a give & receive relationship & you should give & receive mutually acceptable amounts.
It would be a waste of my valuable upvotes that i would have used to reward highly engaging contents and good feedback than to give to others who never came to refuel me with any positive back. Thank you @hilarski for choosing to rewarding content. Its an encouragement to me and so many others who have not been noticed for sometime and hence stopped posting. I agree with you that reciprocation is as important as the relationship.
I am motivated. Thank you so much and i am sorry that happened to you.

we will continue to encourage you and follow up your publications dear @hilarski where each enjoys an equal benefit

I am really sorry about that @hilarski. One good turn deserves another, but many dont follow that.
we expect others to behave in a same way we behave with them. But unfortunately he or she doesn't .
They Just take us for granted.
It happens with me alot.
Sometimes you leave a lot of your important things to talk with someone and while talking he or she continuously looking down in his stupid mobile.
Sometimes suppose we are working on some important issue and some one interrupts us still we give him our important time but if he is in our place he just ignores us.

When he is in good mood he talks freely if he is not he ignores even our presence.
I know this is not related directly with steemvoter, but it happens to me from a different perspective. Its great that you want to divert your attention more to people who deserve it more.

Well, a lot of weird stuff been happening lately.

I will check your blog out and see what kind of stuff you talk about..

I am new, but I certainly reciprocate for those who take care of me.

I personally believe in manually voting. This way it is easy to return favour with justice. I have started following you just since last 2 days. It was interesting reading your posts.
There are people who believe in reaping benefit out of others trust. This is basically misusing of someones trust. With this decision of your people who were misusing your trust will get to learn a lesson.

I was surprised I was still on that list when I returned to steem after 2 or 3 months time of being away. Thank you for the support you’ve given me since I’ve started here on steem! :)

It's great to introduce us the top bloggers in your list. Definitely I'll have a look all the above mentioned steemit bloggers.. @hilarski

When someone comment to our post just vote the comment!! Its for the sake of appreciation. LOL


Only if it is appropriate and matches the blog post. Too much spam.

Yes @hilarski you are right, Comment should be related to the topic of post.

I hope to be one of the new people who will support you @hilarski
Do not care about the past and think about the future with the people who encourage you and follow you

yaah agree with you no more steemvoter! only people comment!

I do think reciprocity is extremely important as I have found that a lot of people get what they can out of people and when they are no longer they discard them! Keep on pumping out good stuff!

i always upvote you & always resteem your post . Not because you vote me back because your post are always valuable for me.


You are pretty new to my posts. I remember the first time I saw one of your comments since you are pretty famous Mark. Bwahahahaha.

  ·  4년 전

Must be really weird to notice that for other people that are as big as you on here no reciprocating too.

Atleast you got me as a regular visitor! In most cases not in time, but I am not missing any of yours! It's not a matter of reward, it's knowledge, by watching and reading your posts I am gathering knowledge!


I loved the soup Nazi ahah! I do all my own up voting and re steeming to.

Thanks a lot @hilarski by support my blog and my goals on steemit.

Fair enough. I never used automated voting and do all by hand. Sometimes the vote me back, often they won't but that is cool too. Giving is fun too.
Have a nice one!!

This is just not fair.
Infact this should be reciprocated especially with the nature of the steemvoter. Give and take. On another level, like many people who state that kindness doesn't need to be recipocated is in my humble opinion false to some extent. A relationship with anything including a pet is somewhat recipocal. Every human has the right to feel validated. Acts of kindness are given without expectations true. In a sense you are trusting the other to validate you in return. It's trusting that they will not take advantage of your kindness or giving nature. Recipocating, validating are huge components to any relationship. Without these two it becomes muddy waters. If I am giving to you it's usually out of love, compassion, or respect. That is why I give. The conclusion is if you do not recipocate you do not feel ANY of those emotions for me. We aren't keeping score here, but it could possibly change YOU over a period of time enduring invalidation or intermittent reinforcements. Reciprocating and validation are basic communication and human needs. You aren't asking for mountains to be moved! These things should be expected
I liked that you told us anout this @hilarski

I think the temporary crash of the Steemvoter caused many users to reconsider their voting lists. I saw a lot of shitposts, for which respected users with high reputation voted, and their behavior looked rather strange for me. Now I realized that they were on someone's list of friends and just abused this friendship.
Right decision!

Super happy and GRATEFUL to see that I'm on the list and of course I agree with you brother. RECIPROCATE is how we show appreciation! I read your blog every day, first thing when I come to my studio, and it's a great way to start the day! Thanks for everything bro!

Precisely why I switched off mine too. People that I thought would support me since the beginning stopped. Very sad that this happened but yes, I did the same.

hi! I have a question, is it better to vote 100% to few people I like instead of low vote for bunch of people? I recently started voting for comments for my blogs. I appreciate your advice!


I like to spread it out.


Guess short memory could be the problem.
But your post always stands to innovate and inform steemians what to do.
Keep on steemit.

it's a good decision sir. may always be successful for you as well as your wife. greeting everyone ...

it is something that will probably be a wise allegiance that you do. I love it. but may feel tired when viewed on the side. lately i keep seeing your progress and your wife. I also always wait for good news about the development of digital currency. good luck to you always. and also your family.

it was a very wise decision. maybe in this way can make you to help other small fish.

RANDY you the real MVP !

This is how I feel today as I turn off my SteemVoter for 90% of the people I had set up on it.
Very bad, using your power of vote in a very bad way. Excellent decision to take it off~

Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good idea, if you need vote you must be active supporter ;)


Woah, you even vote for people! You're saint! :D


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

SteemVoter sucks anyway. :)

It's actually good in my point of view - it will make more people reply to your posts after reading them carefully and putting the time to think and phrase a quality comment - now that they know you will invest your steem power and attention in the quality commenters of your blog.
I will personaly, be more motivated to do as mentioned - I like commenting posts I enjoyed but time is limited and the incentive of your attention and potential upvote makes it much more alluring to invest the limited time on your posts :)

This is the called a real man. I love your style dear @hilarski. You earned lot of RESPECT by writing this line. This is so deep for the people who love humanity:

I Know I Don't Have 50,000 Steem Power Anymore but Relationships and Reciprocation are Important to Me.

I don't know where do I fall in your list. But I must say that you're the one of few steemians who really have great values. And who not value only the money but HUMANITY. All the best dear friend. Keep it up. My support will remain long lasting(I know my SP is too low but my 100% upvote is always for you). Cheers!

I do think correspondence is critical as I have discovered that many individuals get what they can out of individuals and when they are not any more they dispose of them! Continue directing out well done

De eso se trata esta comunidad, no? de la reciprocidad, del intercambio. Saludos amigo!

you made a wise decision and i think manual curation will be more beneficial then automatic and in this way we can also support good quality content too, thanks for sharing your intentions with us, it's really helpful for me, Stay blessed and thanks for sharing

I think it’s great you did that because you can actually tell who engages with you and who does not , people get really greedy or stuck up and don’t realize how others are helping us . Now you will see who’s actually reading and engaging and who is not

I guess that's the fair thing to do! If some people stop supporting you, then it's only natural to stop supporting them...

I certainly understand that @hilarski and I feel the same way with my list of auto votes, I will definitely be looking into mine as well. I still prefer to manually interact with my friends here as well. Although with so many it is hard to reach everyone every week. Thank you for keeping me on your list, I love and appreciate your support.... always.

That’s the idea of the day!
I 100% agree with you!
I have never used steemvoter and never will!

Always it is necessary to be reciprocal with those who have helped us to grow. Happy day

I'm going to sign up for Steemvoter today. It seems like an awesome thing. Thanks for putting things into perspective. Hope you are having a great day.


It is a great way to upvote your favorite people even if you are not at the computer.


Thanks man. I just got logged in and waiting for account approval.


I just added you.

What nonsense
It might be beneficial to you, to start sharing what you have, and have access to, with others outside your circle. Those who have less than you cannot equally reciprocate, and that might relieve the feelings you have, of being taken advantage of.
I’m sorry that your stwem friends and upvote colleague have made your gift of generosity such a burden, but there are many people who would be demonstratively grateful for anything you would be willing to give and thats the good decision you have made
Even if it’s your time, your advice, or things to help us live a more productive life on steemit, your contributions are valuable. Don’t stop giving of yourself. I am happy that you find people who are more receptive, and happy to share their thanks, in return. Thanks @hilarski.

I did the same by going a step further. I completely removed all delegation of steem power to any bot.
Since I saw nothing in the form of reciprocity. Now I simply use the discord group for interaction with others. Helps me retain my little bit of sanity.


I definitely agree it should be a two way street with voting on Steem voter. Relationships are the most important thing of all.

Upvoted! That's true. It's just fair to receive upvotes when you're voting them. Some just want profit and I guess we can't go much about it. Don't worry I'm sure you'll meed better people this year :)

This is a self centered world, everyone has to beat everyone else. Steem is such an odd creature to me, you mix vanity (social media) with pseudo-monetization and you get posts like yours as a result.

Reciprocity is a thing people are blind to, especially on Steem. In a sustainable monetary system there must be 2 parties that strive to make it a 'win-win' for all involved as often as possible.

Your post demonstrates a clear 'lose-win' scenario where you are "ciprocating" on a 1 way street...

Steem is just that, a pile of steeming poop that is black hole time suck.

How much time did you spend writing this post? Probably too much time. I set a 5min timer and leave.

I like to engage in the "real world" becasue at the end of the day Steem cant afford me. Most of the lemmings here are looking for social hand out on a one way street to drain your wallet.

Good luck and Ill see you next week for 5min. Hopefully you've smartened up and Ill never see you here again because your too busy engaging with actual people in the flesh. Steem is worse then fb in so many ways and thats really sad

Steemit is trying to build a COMMUNITY not just a platform for bloggers who want to post and get paid. That means being active with your audience and helping them feel valued, and definitely not by trying to game the system with upvote bots. Your post points out some key elements about how Steemit is evolving and is only as strong as its users.

Voting power is indeed always to be aware of that, because is our strength,
Thank you for sharing

Well ! The best utilization of the power if can happen is by manual voting.
By the way some through auto and some through manual is also a great choice, as i do.

Reciprocity is the best thing you can do
Thank you

Sometimes it is useful to do an audit, and to revise the relationship. Good work.

Aah the famous soup nazi, just recently when i was watching This Is Us, there was an hidden homage, as an iniciate i recognized it😅

Thanks for sharing this high quality content with us !
Appreciate that

Hmm.. This sounds a lot like "upvote for upvote" as opposed to upvoting quality content.

I wonder why so much quality content on Steemit doesn't get any attention...

@hilarski...dear voting is not a matter .we always encourage your post and apritiate your posts...i am always with you i love the content what you posted bro..really a very nice articles you write..thank you for sharing with us

@hilarski - Sir you took correct decision. Why wasting such valuable vote power for people who are using your trust, but not giving you their kind cooperation back... Nice decision Sir... 100% agree with it...


"but Relationships and Reciprocation are Important to Me" well saying dear

Great topic, steemit is a one of the best platform, thanks for great sharing

nice post sir,very informative.Upvote and resteem this post.

Thanks for the information sir.
It is great to introduce us the your post top list .
have a great day
Im later for this post

The idea is to enjoy the platform. and at the end everyone does what they like

wow....its a great post....i impressed to see your post....i hope everybody like your post....thanks for share this

Interesting postings and certainly many who like.
Hopefully the next post is more interesting and useful.


this guy is probably using an translator for his english (if you read his posts you can find some more really "strange" sentences)
I think he wanted to say some thing like: "hopfully the next post will also be that interesting and useful"


It is important to exchange opinions and ideas


What a waste of time. Empty filler content clogging up the comments is mega lame bro...

good post friends, I like posting friends.

Can you tell me which are the best Facebook groups to share our posts there?

more space for others ;)

  ·  4년 전

But I like your soup, how could you do that Randy! I want chicken noodle soup and one with meatballs!

upvoted // resteem
images.jpgimages (1).jpg

By the title I thought steemvoter is dead.

minonows! now they are deeply going very poor as if comment right on blog but not get upvote, at least they deserve reply whats their on going.

Thanks for sharing my friend

upvote and resteemed done !

Your survey in steemit is nice to me. Your steemit survey we all try to lift our steem power up

That is great news for people who read your posts here.

i really love your post.
your all post are very helpful for us.
thanks for share this post

good idea !!! just do it !

ohhh thats great thing to choose and also good to vote manually and also apealed and on facebook group on steemit hope we are connect with you for alwasys and i like it
good work @hilarski

Thank you for info

  ·  4년 전

Right decision at the right time.

~Followed & Upvoted

this is cool, something that can be entertaining for us who see this post.

I have noticed that if I make a comment when I upvote, my friends come to my page and comment and upvote my posts. If I simply leave a vote, they don't respond at all.

we have always loved your work and we will always be with you sir no matter what happened :)

Finally you made the correct decision.Do not waste your precious vote power on such people.

Reciprocity is definitely what people should strive for in an ideal world @hilarski, but I would say (based on many years in social media) that most people don't operate like that. For example, we have 6500 followers on twitter, but I doubt more than a few hundred are there for any reason other than "hoping to get something." But you probably know that from your own experience, too. People just "collect friends" (or "follows" as it might be called, here) and that's all. But it's not how you build relationships.

Sorry, just rambled a bit; I don't actually know you but this caught my eye. Have a great day!

This is totally true, I'm a newbie myself and I find this very frustrating, u upvote someone's post with content but he/she doesn't reciprocate. J fee this platform needs support from others to make one grow..and the earlier we start doing d better it will b for everyone.
Nice one

Has steemvoter been re-enabled? I thought it was being shut down? I really hope not.

Actually you are on my Steemvoter since the SF 1 ... I never would ask you to vote for me in reciprocication or add me to ur list, I know I am not in your list and I do not care ... I do not did added you waiting that. I will take my vote out of this post because I am not agree with your opinion on this one buddy ...
Hope the family is ok!

LOVE LOVE and more love your way!!!
Same approach! My steemvoter is off and only on sometimes for 10 chosen people but I switch them around and mostly I help my #steemit-austria team

Good for you, manual curation is a pain in the arse but it is really the way to go.

I know how you feel- I drained 250 people off my following list (you're still there). I'll continue to upvote your posts when I see them.

nice blog. keep it on

Ironically I just began my SteemVoter campaign this week!

Hopefully I don't see the same issue down the road....

Oh well, self-curation is fun, rewarding and you get to read/learn more!

Good move on your part! I only have one or two people that auto upvote me. It isn't much value but I like that someone found value in what I shared. The only issue I came across is they are not content creators so I can never really reciprocate.

Congratulations on making that move. I've been doing the same thing on Facebook and Twitter to some degree. Just letting go.

Question about Steemvoter: I used to use Streemian. Had you on there, but it went down. Tried using SteemAuto but for some reason my wallet won't let me send .001 sbd to @steemauto.

I think SteemVoter is the one most of us only have access to vote on 5 accounts yes? Or does that limit grow in time? Do you use any other services besides Steemvoter? TY.


LOL. Looks like I answered my own question on SteemAuto. I finally got that site approved. Looking forward to curating again. I'm working to bring the #improv community to steem and the steem community to #improv. I host a live show on dlive, facebook live simultaneously to reach those who are not on steemit. I'm setting up more resources for this community. If any tips ever come to mind, happy to hear them. Thank yous

is it always your vote for my vote?
"Most of the people I had on my SteemVoter were no longer upvoting me as well."
I thought steemit is about rewarding the most interesting content ...
indeed it´s about voting circles (in the higher playgrounds)

I really don't know what made you so upset Randy, it's your decision, I had you in my steemvoter list without you reciprocating and still not upset on you.. I am confident you are a strong marketer and deliver great content .

For me, I dont mind other steemians not upvoting me when in fact I was upvoting them instantly. Call it a nature of human being of not getting enough what she/he expects to have.

Steemvoter is something I have to spend the time fixing up as well. It’s just been left as set and forget for so long and it’s really doing nothing for my curation rewards or long term relationship building on the platform.

Good to see you are of the same opinion as me so I’ve given you a follow and I’ll see you around!

hahah i was always safe from that lol :D

if someone loose your vote, it's a big loss. nice update & we need to be very active supporters of yours. impressive thought @hilarski

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

relationships matter in this life more than anything else

with great power comes great responsibility ;)

Ok no worries hahah just kidding its your life its your choice :)

Sounds like a good move to me. Steemit IS a type of social media!

Hahahaha I love this post ! You know that people I put a Steem voter on stopped almost immediately to comment under my post !!!! -_- Yes... recriprocity...

I have only been on since July, still don't know what steemvoter is LOL. I always did voting manually. I just wish more of the people I am connected to popped up in my feed. I am a business owner, and I am just not able to be on Steemit all day. When I get the chance, I get on, look for great articles, and upvote. I also spend time welcoming newbies-all manually though.