15 ways to change your life by using steemit ! (Part - 1)

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I have spent 6 months on this platform, 2 of which I was extremely sick and didn’t post anything but still steemit has changed my life completely for good since the first week I found it !! This article is inspired by @tarazkp’s post Work: your golden ticket to waste which made me realize why there is no reason to whine but instead feel blessed to find this platform. Here is how my life changed through steemit it and how you can changes yours too :-

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1. Earn huge money !! :-

Of course. This was the reason that brought you here isn’t it? But wait, there is something that you don’t know yet. You won’t be able to earn HUGE in the beginning. In fact, sometimes you won’t earn AT ALL!! So don’t ever count your monthly income here when u begin. Just know that it will take time. Also, DON’T compare yourself with others. Some people grow rapidly, some grow slowly and steadily. Just be you and don’t hurry. Things will happen someday. Enjoy the journey until then 😎.

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2. A friend in need is a friend indeed !!

You can’t just post here and then expect upvotes (unless you are friends with a whale already). No matter how amazing you write or how awesome your content is. If you don’t make friends here, you CAN’T grow.

Steemit has given me some amazing friends. I always thought that one should not make or trust friends on a social media platform. I mean, how can you trust someone just by chatting with them. In today’s era one cannot even trust their family members (well sometimes). But no, my believes were all proven wrong !! I have found some people here that are even better friends then those whom I made offline. Universe chooses weird ways to make people meet. It shouldn’t really matter where you met them. So befriend like minded people here. You can find those who write about the same stuff as you do and connect with them. Not just for steemit, but for yourself, for your life.

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3. Upgradation :-

Steemit not only helped me improve my mistakes but also taught me how to be a perfect writer. It taught me what changes to make in the format, in the structure, how to keep the reader bound to read till the end, how to make them engage, vote and share. I knew how to write, every literate person knows that but these things that I learnt here by reading other’s content are no less then a jewel. Steemit will help you upgrade to a better version of yourself. It is important to not get noticed in the beginning because it will force you to furnish your articles. Money is important but what’s more important and permanent is the skill set that you will receive here through learning. It is important to READ before you write.

Steemit helped me become a better writer. I would ask you as well to Grab this opportunity instead of complaining.

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4. See the mirror that steemit shows you -

Steemit will tell you what you are !! It will break your over confidence if you have any or it will boost your talents if you have any by bringing it in front of you. Sometimes the posts that I believe won’t earn much exceeds the dollars I expected and those that I thought is going to do huge makes me rethink my writing skills.

Steemit will help you understand the areas where you lack and vice versa. Work on them and make yourself better day by day instead of just WANTING more and more votes all the time.

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5. You will learn how to be patient :-

As I said, it takes time to grow here but growth is assured if you don’t give up. People in the real life today are being more and more impatient. We all want quick results, quick money. Steemit taught me how to be patient which again helped me become a better person.

I don’t need to tell why being patient is very important in our life. People loose big opportunities, loved ones, relationships and what not just because of being impatient. I didn’t sell my steem at all and then they jumped from 1$ to 10$ !! All the impatient people suffered by selling them off quickly. So keep patience and keep steeming.

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6. Steemit is an ocean of ideas :-

I see people posting crap on their walls. What they saw when they went to the market, pictures of sunset when they ain’t no photographer, photos of flowers with no original content, copied jokes and such non valuable posts. *I understand that everyone can’t be a writer but you can all be a better reader !! If for a moment you would stop begging for votes and start reading other’s content, I am sure you will have amazing ideas and opinions which you can share with us instead of those worthless posts.

When I finally decided to take steemit as my permanent work and writing as my profession, my mom asked me if I was sure. She asked from where would you bring so much content to write about? And my answer was by keep on reading. There are so many talented writers on steemit and if you are a reader (and a human), you can have opinions !! That’s it!! You get your next article there!

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7. You will learn the art of being attractive :-

No no, this ain't instagram where you can flaunt your selfies to grab some votes. To be attractive on steemit, you need your words to be attractive, not your face !! I wasn’t good at socialising when I came here. Steemit taught me the art of making friends. You will have no choice at the end but to make friends to grow on steemit. It is important to stay united in this platform. Individually, you ain’t s**t. 😛

Some way or the other, you will learn how to make conversations on steemit. If you don’t know how to do it, you will learn, research and keep on trying !! This is how another skill will be added to your list 😁

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8. Taste failure to taste success :-

It is very important to fail many times to be successful in our lives. Steemit will help you in this once again. Being successful in the first time might boost your ego and won’t allow you to feel other people’s pain at their bad times !! It can turn you into one selfish being full of pride.

Steemit teaches you many lessons, one of which is that we need to fail many times to really understand how success feels like and to truly enjoy success when it approaches. Struggle has its own joy and importance so if you are a struggler here on steemit, be happy instead of being sad. Enjoy the journey.

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(Stay tuned for PART - 2).

Did Steemit change your life too? Leave your comments and tell me about it !!

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Ive been thinking for weeks about a topic i want to write about. Theres just too much in my noggin amd without anybody asking for a certain piece of info my brain is judt like" /-here-" here is everything, pick something". But, i can not. And that makes me blue :(


Create several accounts maybe?


That would mean i just have multiple platforms in which i can draw a blank lol.


@jamesford, I would say, write about two to three topics that you love, let's say: criptos, food and nature. Your posts can be of value to others, especially if you have experience in any field. Sometimes we assume people already know what we know, and that is not true, everyone has something unique to share. Start posting and see what the community likes the most. Don't wait any longer, make it happen! You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain :)


Yeah you're right. Most times im just really quick to dismiss anything i want to share


Do it! and keep me posted.


Well i wrote something for jerrybanfield's supernatural writing contest. Not because i have a winning story but because you believed in me lol it was scary, the story and writing it, hope someone gets something out of it


Great! Sorry for the late response, I've been super busy with my real job, but I'll check it out right now. Thanks for sharing!

Great advice. Thanks.

You make some very good points here, and I admire the work put in - plenty of content and you make good use of animated graphics to emphasise points. Our mutual friend @nainaztengra said to me that community and networking was the key to growth - and she is of course perfectly correct. And that community can take many forms, making friends, commenting and sharing on others work - supporting those struggling that you feel deserve the help - sometimes the smallest acts can make you the biggest and most fierce allies. I would say I enjoy a varied range of posts, and many people I follow can pull off a post with just a photo a few lines no problem - because they can take an amazing photo and it speaks ten chapters of text. Equally I have been amazed to discover great works of writing, @mistress lists the developing novel Mistress of Magic: Morgan's First Apprentice by @techslut and it's honestly made me remember why I enjoyed reading books when I was young.


Exactly !! Steemit taught me to read again !! I used to read novels when I was a teenager. I left it long back due to a busy life but now it again became a habit.

and yes, some photos speaks a lot but i agree. I appreciate photographers but sometimes people just put photos because they don't want to write. Their photography tells if it was done from heart, or for formality.

Thanks for your support all along :D

Wow, this is a great article. It gives encouragement to new Steem users, or perhaps users like my self that create an account months ago, but became a little discouraged. Im not a very good writer, I don't think I know the secrets to be engaging to readers, but you give some great ideas on where else to create content and gather ideas. :) I'm going to Follow and Resteem this Article. Thanks!


I am glad I could be of some help. There are more ways incoming in the next part soon. Thanks for your comment and resteem. I followed and upvoted you :)

Thanks for the post

You're right with all your points!

Almost everyone signs up for "huge money", and that includes most of the whales, who might already be holding some big coins. As you post regularly you do tend to become a much better writer, especially after knowing what works and what doesn't - the hard way.

The biggest lesson is indeed patience! I wrote about it some time ago in my post, Steemit Teaches You One Of The Greatest Virtues

I'm staying tuned for part 2! :-)


Yes no one joins here to learn !! But god has his own way of teaching things to people. Steemit is a different kind of social media platform, a revolution !! It is completely out of the box. A big salute to @ned and @dan :D

I said it earlier in my reply to your comment at Adsactly, that I had a feeling that I might be able to learn a thing or two from you. I ended up learning 15! You're amazing. You write beautifully and from the words you wrote, there is no doubt that you are a very observant person. Of course, even in sales, people buy from you, first because they like you, then they buy again because they trust you, not because of your dazzling sales speech or your expensive teeth and certainly not because of your perfect dentition.

A basic need of humans is the need to connect and there is no better way to do that than to dig in and find something beautiful within each person you meet and show it to them, making them see that you see it too. They walk away saying, "That woman/man is nice."

Not really, you only made them feel nice. In summary, success on steemit, social media and life is based on the realization that Life is not about you. It is about us. Everyone

I mean, think about it: If you post good content, eventually people would find it and when they do, they would feel bad that they did not find you earlier. They would call their friends and loved one, "Come and see." If you sit waiting for people to come, no one will because everyone has their troubles.

It is true that people are selfish and unkind but what happens when you go all out to help one of those selfish and unkind person? Somehow, they begin to see you as an extension of themselves. I am preaching to the choir here, obviously. But what I am saying is, beautiful post: I can totally relate.

Well done!


Not really, you only made them feel nice. In summary, success on steemit, social media and life is based on the realization that Life is not about you. It is about us. Everyone

Wow, this is so profound . I couldn't have said it better myself. This seems to encapsulate what the Steemit spirit is all about. Thank you so much :)


Thank you for your validation. I am glad you agree.


Thanks church boy. But there are only 8 points above, not 15 :P others are on its way.

Your name symbolizes so much about your mindset, I like it :)

I am sure you learned more then I wrote in my article. Your words speak so.

I post content with all my efforts into it. I sometimes know that almost no one will read it. And most of the time no one does. They still vote seeing the length of the post but I still give it my best because if only 1 person would read it, my words would actually make a big difference in his/her life.

Selfish people also can be won by being selfless. but sometimes they try to exploit us even more. I then try to stay away from them and help those who truly deserve it. It's just how I think. There are always people who DESERVE help and some who don't.

Thanks for the amazing comment. Followed you :)


Thank you. Yes you are right. There are only 8 but I did not count. Yes, not many people read the posts because not many people read. Those people who love to read, sometimes, do read. I could see the amount of effort you put in your writing because only such effort could make posts easy to read.

And yes, I have reflected on these things about steemit on my own and most of what I wrote in my previous comment were my own conclusions about the nature of things here. Having said that, I must add that steemit seems fairer than life itself. Here, you have to care somehow, or at least pretend to care or else you're easily forgotten. In life, most people can do just fine without caring or pretending to care.

You are right again that some people deserve help and others don't. The way I see it though, is that help rendered to those who do not deserve it is wasted on them because there are surplus of those who do.

Oh, and I'm only churchboy because I live beside a church. If I knew I would be spending this much time on Steemit, I would have chosen steemboy. Now I'm stuck with churchboy because I'm sure steemboy is taken :)

Thank you for taking the time to reply my comment, for checking out my blog and for the awesome support. And thanks for not holding it against me the fact that I read the post you haven't posted yet :)

You're appreciated. By the way, awesome profile on instagram and so many followers! It goes to show that you consistently post quality content across different media. Okay, I will stop here. Of course I followed you first!

Good post

This is very encouraging, thank you for sharing this, I've learned a lot...yes we have to spend time also reading others' content because there are jewels there.


Exactly. And it would only help us at last !! Thanks for your comment. I followed and upvoted you :)


Yeah, same here. I just hope I don't give up at some point cus I'm new here. I'm glad I stumbled on this😀😁😘


You are very right about that.

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for such a motivational post,beginners like me will certainly benefit from it.


I am glad i could help :)

I needed to read this article to make my way throught Steemit. Who knows, someday you might have my gratittude for running across this encouraging article. I am your new follower now, and maybe your friend in the future :P
Upvoted and resteemed with pleasure 🌸


steemit is nice place to meet nice people from each corner in the world lol. keep steeming and eatning chocolate lol


Indeed Khaled. You’re one of the nicest people in the Steemit community. 🍫


thanks. glad to meet you as well

DON’T compare yourself with others

amazing post dear, thanks :) I'm feeling exactly like those words..


You nailed it.


Yes. A tortoise can never be compared with a rabbit !! But it can still win, with its persistence and willpower :D

Thank you so much for your upvote and comment :D

You read my thoughts. Very nice writing, good job :)

I've actually influenced a few other people around me to start posting on Steemit. Some of them dropped out shortly after, because they were expecting to earn lots and lots of money after their first 2 posts. They thought that they will, by magic, become popular and get lots of upvotes, even though I explained to them that it's not that simple.


Hhahahah I can relate to you with this one. It happened with me and my friends as well :p

thank you for giving me the encouragement to keep writing on steemit @himshweta, i started my journey last october and i have grown a bit but sometimes I felt lost in motivation and your post gave me the boost i needed!

Very very well written my dear friend and iam agree with each and every point that you mentioned here and especially with the "Friendship" related because this community is based on mutual support so if we want to grow here then we also have to help others to grow.

My life is changing because of steemit and the crytocurrencies world, I live in a very strange country , Venezuela, and this new world has opened new ways of life for me. It is true, this plattform is not for everyone, requieres time, discipline, learning skills and empathy, in my case I enjoy all these things. Thank you for your words, greetings from this corner of the planet!


Same here !

Just found your series here and started reading. You make some valid points. Failing is easy. All you have to do to fail is give up.

succeeding is hard. If it was easy to be successful we would all be rich. Remember the1% rule. To be successful you might have to write 100 articles just to get that one that explodes.

You might have to look at 100 companies before you find the one that is right for you.

So many people give up before they even begin. The go out and try something new and get turned down by people and even by family members and after being rejected a few times they just give up.

Be patient and enjoy the journey.

Thanks so much for sharing this...you wrote everything i needed to hear
I will just copy this, n save somewhere


You can bookmark as well :P Or can come to my profile every few days :p. I am sure there would always be some thing or the other here to help you :D Because that is why I write :)

so true! newbee here so to be honest I decided to be a member because of MONEY real talk! but after reading this article it opens not just my eyes but also my thoughts, my way of thinking about steemit. Thank you

  ·  2년 전

we as humans want quick results and success that sometimes make us too impatient but we have to keep in mind that ''Rome wasn't build in a day and ''never say never''.
Thanks for such an encouraging and motivational post...i shall remember the lesson :)

love this sooo much! so much good knowledge in this post, very inspiring and everyone should read it!


Thanks Alla :D I am trying my best to make it reach it to all possible steemians. Even Jerry Banfield helped me reach many people by resteeming it. I am feeling very much peaceful and happy to find how helpful this post is acting for everyone.

Thanks for your support :)

nice point im the new on this steemit community after spending 20days her i unable to understand what to do because by seeing others earnig and comparing with me.im zero ther
i thought it was very hard toget that target but seeing ur points i got encourage thanks @himshweta


It is hard !!! No doubt in that. But success doesn't come easy. Better to enjoy all along the way and not to rush.

Thanks for your comment :)

This is great advice. To be honest, I do find myself getting frustrated. I feel like I am not getting the results that I should but at the same time, I am enjoying the process of improving my blogging skills. I came from an engineering background, so my style of writing might be too technical at first. I am learning and actually enjoy the process of creative writing.

As a native English speaker, I realized that I don't put enough time into improving my own lexical resources and style. This platform allows me to have fun making pretty photos and writing in a way that engages people. I have had success, thanks to curie, but now that my reputation is higher, I am expected to up my game. That isn't a problem for me. I want to find ways to improve every post but other times I really do wish I got my eyes on my posts.

I've invested a fair bit of money because I do believe in this platform. I guess it'll just take time.


This year would bring much more then expected for steemit as far as I believe !! We steemians should become an example for others to join in !!

You are lucky to be seen by curie. I never got it’s attention 😛.

I wish I could feel that joy too when u see above 90$ on your post 🙈

But it’s okay, Slow and steady tortoise can also win the race. Here you need to knock others door to view you. This comment is a way you knocked mine. I will have a look at your blog now 😋.

Thanks for your comment :) 😁 All the best.

Wow! I'm so speechless. I'm someone that usually do not have the patience of reading a lengthy article but there is something about your article that made me read every word. I mean it's so educative, interesting, motivating and well structured that I'm ready to read it over and over again without being tired. Thumbs up for you, thanks for the great ideas and I see you're truly a writer. Keep it up


Haha :p Its because this article is made to benefit you and it is what you were looking for !! ;)

But everything I write would benefit you I assure. :) because that is the sole purpose of my writing. To help others :)

Thanks for your comment :)

Thanks for your nice posting!

This is really inspiring and I agree fully!
It would be so good if people realize that asking for an upvote is totally non creative and has nothing to do with sharing ideas and inspiring one another.

But maybe we must be aware of the fact that there are a lot of people out there, not capable of the kind of creative process that is necessary to "blog", but were attracted to steemit in the believe to make some quick money!

grtz, @vjbasil


Yes but it's okay. Sooner or later, those kind of people will leave !! Don't you think so?


I hope so

Hi @himshweta, I love the perspective points you have shared here. I definitely resonate with the sentiment, as Steemit has been making my life so much better, too!

I think the part about patience and the ocean of ideas is key. This is a place where you can really explore and also begin new niches that haven't even taken a root here yet. It's a fascinating place to find oneself, especially if the intention is to participate and grow.


You understood it very well !!

Everyone needs money, i agree but the lessons steemit teaches you are priceless. :) :D

thanks for comment.

I bumped into your article at a Discord channel. I'm glad I took the time to read it. Your making some good points there.
SteemIt is changing my life too. I never used to be a community person, but these last couple of weeks it feels like I'm sucked in... and i don't even mind. There's some great community power going on in here.

Also, I've always been kind of a loner in my online life. But here on SteemIt, I notice that lots of people are reaching out, and I find myself interacting with them pretty often. I never thought I would be able to do this.

SteemIt has become a full-time job. Not because it has to be, but because I want it to be :0)

The only thing that's worrying me these days is the giant in-stream of new people who just start posting crap, without taking the time to educate themselves. Sometimes I'm scrolling the tag streams and it seems impossible to find a quality post. With the prices of SBD and Steem this high, more and more people are going to sign up and 90% of them is going to start posting crap... I'm a bit worried that this will eventually lead to the death of this platform...


Nah don't worry !!! Steemit will find a way I am sure :D
Just keep supporting the good content, the bad ones will automatically leave sooner or later ;)

I don't remember how or why I ended up here in your post, but as you know that's also part of this wonderful platform, magical things happen, yes magical.

One of the things I kinda hate here on Steemit (and I know you will feel familiar with the feeling too) is when you read something from someone and it's really cool and you actually enjoyed it but there is no almost no way of just saying "thanks for sharing" and not looking like vote begging or just plain random commenting, and the feeling goes evn bigger when you are not a writer or content creator BUT, and then it comes this huge BUT, is that whenever you start commenting and you truly liked the post (as it happened to me) the connection between you and the post starts flowing, ideas come and you connect SOMEHOW with the OP.

Don't know maybe it's just me, but honestly, I am no writer, I am a businessman, an investor but its totally true when you said "Steemit will help you upgrade to a better version of yourself." it's is so true at least for me.

Anyways, great post, keep them coming and I think you forgot to link the gifts in your post.

Wish you the best!


Haha. This comment of yours says so much!! You might not be a writer but we all have something to say!! We all have our opinions!!

That’s what steemit do to u!! Brings out what’s all inside you. Yes it happens with everyone. People will start loving this platform no matter what because it’s giving them so much and they would realise it only if they don’t give up.

Yes i had to link the gifs. Thanks for reminding. I will have a look at your blog now 😋.


Thanks for going to my blog I'm kinda newbie here and i started to participate again like 3 weeks ago. I feel happy i came back, i have learned a lot and now we have more great people like you!


Thats so sweet of you to say :)

Nice write-up. As a newbie, you answered some of my questions. I consider this write-up as an orientation of some sorts, introducing me to steemit plus I can see that we have some common interest. I'm following you right away. Thanks for the enlightenment.

What an amazing post! I totally agree with everypoint. Well written

Great post! Your gifs give me life! This may sound like a silly question, but how in the world do you insert your gifs? Everytime I attempt it only comes out like a picture. T ~ T


well i just upload it the way i upload pictures. And they do fine.

Nice article. I came to Steemit with no expectations at all. Within a month I was lucky enough to discover some incredible people who opened up to me and welcomed me in such a warm way that made me feel like a family. I am looking forward to seeing where this journey will take me.

Every single word of yours are on point, before I got to steemit I do really find it so difficult to read any post that contains much words but now I read them all with calmness.

I find this post to be very helpful in every sense,i joined steemit through a friend and i just wanted to make it big on a very fast terms but it don't work like that,i haven' been here for more than two weeks and i got over 300 posts which is insane,i typically just comment on anything and that took out the quality of my work which may be what's affecting my bandwidth limit,it just goes from negative to positive every now and then.
I saw this link via discord and the caption was nice very nice in fact and that was what led me here and i've learnt few things from here,thanks alot and i will be watching out for the part two.

Thank you for sharing this great insight ,great content and I really appreciate all the effort you put together, we all do. PATIENCE sounds like the major key , only key. Patiently waiting on the other part.


Thanks for your comment :)

very true! To be honest, I decided to become a Beginner because of the true talk of MONA! but after reading this article, it opens not only my eyes but also my thoughts about how to think about steemite. thank you

Thank you for you info.

well, Steemit is good on testing yourself with words mainly. If you are not good with words is like being ugly at Instagram


lol HAHAHA. that was funny and true :p

Wow! Kudos to u. U av said it all, i was almost discouraged, like posting things & having few votes, gosh... it was so annoying & i felt like quiting, but now I'll just be patient. Thanks for ur words of encouragement


being patient is not enough. You will also have to try different things, and experiment WHILE being patient.

All the best to you. :)

Hi @himshweta Thanks for your thoughtful words. I am also around since last September and "keeping on keeping on". My main postings are photographs and generally that does not really create much engagement and few votes and comments.

I would like to write more. Though for me it will need a re-ordering of my practice.

I have spent forty years in the corporate world writing, documents, memos, procedures, presentations and training courses.

That doesn't fit me well for the blogging style.

So I have some work to do. Any thoughts you have would be welcome.


think about what you can write about the best. Can you teach what u know to others? Start tutorials !! Just use your 40 years of experience. I am sure there will be more then you can imagine.

thanks for your comment. Keep visiting

Very helpful, thanks. Something to start thinking about as I am unemployed and have lots of spare time on my hands :) Alex


Go for it. I was on the same page once. Steemit gave me a chance to fulfill my dreams 🤗.

Thanks for ur comment. Keep visiting.

Reading someone like you who have same interest as me is a huge inspiration. Hope to sail in the same path. And I want to learn lot from you. Thank you for being there to help us.


The urge to LEARN will take u far, trust me ☺️

Thanks for ur comment :)

Thank you for your post! It's really touched me. Especially part about being sociable, because for me it is a struggle... I am not good at socializing and I grateful to your for your advices which I personally find really helpful.

Waiting for your next part :)


Glad i could help.

Thanks for your comment.

Next part will be out soon :)

I loved this. I'm already noticing a few differences and some improvement in my writing even after just one week on here. Of course it's disappointing to spend hours on a post and not have anyone read it, but I am using that as a lesson in patience, like you said.


Yes !! But also you will have stuff to show to people if someone asks for it !! Like someone u know already, not on steemit. I only write the best possible i can or i dont write at all .

Thanks for ur comment. Keep visiting :)

This is absolutely spot on.

I am new to steemit, and believe it or not, not for the money.
Although there is a certain attraction to it of course ;)

I love these tips. I can totally relate to it and it is a nice set of "game rules" to start with.

Love to see that you are here for only 6 months and already make this kind of lay out articles.

I hope to learn and evolve on this platform which struck me as " more mature than any other platform I know"

And that is what kept me here after making my account.

Hope to see and of course read more from you, and again, thanks for sharing these insights with us.

Glad to be on board on the steemit train


YEs only 6 months but totally feels like my old life was years ago! My life has completely changed !!

It is mature right noe but soon more people will aboard crowding the platform. Lets see how it all goes !!

All my pleasure. Keep visiting :)

I'm so lucky I get to read this post. I'm a new member here and every article or blog I write is somehow unnoticed and unappreciated. I felt discourage from time to time. I keep in mind that my introductory post was somehow appreciated and i guess i need to improve my writing skills or my art skills more so i wont go unnoticed again. But heyyy, failure lurks just around the corner. If ever i have something to post, sometimes, i doubt if i should post it or not. Im thinking if its a post worth checking or reading, or just another crap in their feeds. Reading this post made me realize that im just not the only one struggling to sharpen their skills. It gave me confidence that its okay to have a very slow start. What's important is the process on how we improve ourselves until such time, we'll get benefit from it. Thank you very much for this post!


INTroductory post is always the most noticed. May be that’s why people have hopes . Hehe

Try to make ur post, the best u can !! Dont fear criticism , only fear NOT IMPROVING after being criticized.

Yes keep moving thats only what’s required!! There is always a scope for improvement even when u r the best

Thabks for comment keep visiting :)

Great article! Really drives home the idea of helping others before helping yourself and what an amazing platform we are all part of.


Your comment is Short but sassy !!

Thanks for that ;) Keep visiting.

It's just been a week when I came to know about this platform. Firstly, I want to say a lot of thanks for writing such a motivational, beautiful and satisfying post which no doubt is really an absolute guidance to beginners. Secondly, I must compliment your writing skills, how beautifully and concisely you wrote everything which can make any reader bound to read till the end. Thank you so much once again. Though my SP is too low still I'm upvoting this post and resteeming it as well.
@abdulmanan I encourage to read this post, please.


I must compliment your writing skills, how beautifully and concisely you wrote everything which can make any reader bound to read till the end.

You have no idea how long did it take me to learn it all . Hehe. Glad you liked it. Thanks for resteeming voting and commenting.

Keep visiting here for more amazing stuff ;)

Oh my, what a great post. And all the point you made point to success in general with everything. Your description is so perfect, total common sense, and a great encouragement for all of us.


Thanks shevans. Glad it made sense to you. Keep visiting for more helpful stuff.

Thanks so much for sharing, great thoughts there! The only thing I feel I differ a bit from is the money reason. It is not the first reason for me at all. I mean, yeah, if I can eventually make some money, that is great but from the start I decided I wasn't going to cash out before a year on Steemit. On the contrary, I actually invested a little bit of my personal money because I believe so much in the platform. I am more focused on how to build a following & retain their fidelity through great quality posts. I agree with the fact that Steemit can help us become better writers, if that is what we really want (I do!). And for the networking? I totally agree with you. It is not easy to swim through the ocean of Steemit as a Minnow all by itself, we gotta group up and help each other as a community! Also, reading and commenting articles is so important, like you say. I carve out an hour each day for that and I can already see positive results.


That's a really good thing you are doing. Keep reading and adding more to your knowledge.

Thanks for your comment :)

Hello @himshweta. First of all let me say that I found you in #postpromotion at Minnow Booster. Yes, you're sentence that said "I know you just want upvotes and don't ever read !! But you are going to thank me after reading this thread"... well it resonated with me after posting my own article there. Saw I took the bait and came here LOL

So to you guys out there #Postpromotiosn can help :)

Anyway, @himshweta this is one of the most valuable and helpful articles since I have been here for the last 6 weeks.'

Thank you so much. And I look forward to Part 2 . Needless to say I am Following you now :)

And of course Resteemed !! No doubt


Saw I took the bait and came here LOL

Hehe, Well I told you will thank me later ;)

thanks for resteeming, following and commenting :)
Keep visiting whenever you need some help.

Been on here for about a month as a content producer and I couldn't agree with you more. Points 4, 6 and 7 especially. People who jump into Steemit with the goal of making money right off the bat will never make it, they will be broken. But, those who come to build with others, those are the ones that succeed. It will take time, no doubt.

The last 30 days have been some of the most interesting I've ever experienced in many ways. I've found a community that cares, put out more content on a regular basis than I ever have before, and been inspired to work even harder to grow. Where else can you go and do that?

This was a great article, and I look forward to reading the next part. Thanks for posting and be well! :)


Glad to hear that you found people to help and support. Steemit has given me some amazing friends from all around the world. All the best to you.

Thanks for your comment:)


Slowly but surely. Like most of the good things in life. Be well! :)

Great input, your are certainly a nice, well-organized writer. I've always dreaded writing, but being on this platform has really brought an element of fun to it!


I have always loved writing but never found a platform.

But here, writing becomes much more interesting

Thanks for the comment and resteem :)

This post is really inspiring. It inspired me so much.

I joined steemit last year but I am not that active. I am afraid to post something because I am afraid that others won't like my entry. But after reading this I feel so refreshed.

I've decided to be an active steemian just this week and posted 3 entries where I got low upvote or no vote at all. I got sad but when I read your article about being patient, now i am determined to grow and to learn more and hope to be as good as you are :)

Please cheer for me till then :)
Thank you so much for sharing this post!


Dont worry dear !!! Just keep it going.

People might or might not like ! First write for yourself and then write for others. I wrote for myself in the beginning, and now I write for others. Just write from your heart. Dont think about people. When u would like yourself, everyone else will 😋

Whenever u feel demotivated u can come to my blog 😬😁😛

Thanks for your comment.


I followed you so I won't miss any of your post 😉

Thanks for the advice! I'll keep them in mind 😊😊😊

Wow... This is clear and understandable..........looking forward for the other part

Thanks for the information, am new here and looking for friends too. Also looking for information like this to put me through. Thank you and can't wait for your second post regarding this subject.

Good post, it makes me sad when people give up early on Steemit, if you want to succeed you need to put in some serious effort


I agree !! Success doesn't come easy. It only comes to those who deserve it !!!

Thanks for your comment.

wow this is very instructive. I am new on this platform and i think this is a great welcome advice and tip. About the best thing i have read here so far. It's time to spend more time here and enjoy all there is to enjoy.


Yes !! Exactly:)

Great post @himshweta.
I really enjoyed reading your points of how steemit changed your life and can't wait to read part two.

I love steemit because it is a life-changing platform and I really enjoy it.


Glad to know you enjoyed. Stay tuned for the next part. :)

Thanks for your comment. :)

I have read many posts about the "How to Steemit", but I have got to say your post my friend is the most enlightening one of them all. Being new to this platform and just "blogging" in general has been a steep learning curve for me. I strongly believe in this platform and it is up to us to keep the framework together. And Steemians like yourself are reasons this place works. Thank you for this advice and I look forward to reading part 2! Resteemed and following!

That was an exciting post to read! I just had my account approved a couple of days ago. I considered that I may not make any money for a while, but there were other reasons that I joined. Thank you for giving me some other reasons to hang in there!


Steemit is like life........... Many ups and downs are here. I will just say that look only for the positive. Only then can you grow here.

All the best :)


Thank you. I will be following you to learn more.

Thanks for the great read!This was very encouraging for me. I am new here and trying to figure out the best way to use this platform. At times, it is very discouraging to see some people come in and immediately skyrocket while you struggle.But I appreciate your advice and have been trying lately to focus on reading and improving my networking capabilities instead of posting. Keep up the great work!


do it all together , in a balance. read and write, DOnt just do one of them.

iam really new to steemit and by reading your article i really have learned a lot already, it is really true about what u said that people are posting pictures and saying what they saw in the market, that really is not steemit is all about, i have already learnt my lessions from you as a english major student i will save this inspirational lines in my brain. From now on i will try to be a better writer and definitely looking to make some good like minded friends. Thank you for your valuabe words.

Muy bueno, concuerdo mucho contigo. Soy venezolana y steemit llegó a mi vida en un momento crítico en la economía de mi país, al principio lo vi como una entrada más de dinero, pero tal como tú lo dices en tu artículo, he conocido mucha gente que me ha ayudado a crecer en la comunidad de steemit, personalmente y profesionalmente. Además que me ha ayudado a mejorar en la escritura de mis temas y a desarrollar mi creatividad, aunque ya en Venezuela con todo lo que estamos viviendo ya nos hemos convertido en supercreativos. Gracias por tu post! Saludos :)


Hey !! Sorry but I can’t understand your language.

Love this post right on time!!!!!! Good way of steemit life

  ·  2년 전

Wooo very nice..

Great! I had the intention to write a similar article but now I will write mine in another way, however by quoting your article (link). Your ilustrations are also well chosen and it can be felt that you write your articles from your experience and with your heart.

This has really changed my view of success on steemit.... It's helpful, many thanks.


Glad to hear that. :D Keep visiting for more amazing stuff !!

With the GIF, your post is very good. It fits perfectly to the 8 ways you describe. Some of the ways you mentioned, I can only confirm. Looking forward to Part 2!


Gif takes a lot of effort and time trust me !! But in the end, when people like it, it feels it was worth it !!

Next part would be out soon. Stay tuned

Thanks for the comment :) and the resteem. I followed you :)

Nice work

By keep on reading or by keeping on reading?


By keep on reading.



Hello ☺☺

Hi @himshweta! Glad to know that Steemit made you a better person.

Thanks for keeping your online presence open!
Four (4) Keys To Open Connections on Steemit

True talk. I like ur presentation, honestly I'm encouraged and so is every beginner I believe

A lot of strong points here. Well most of us got attracted to steemit because of the cash involved, hence the impatience. But being in the platform will surely teach one patience and ofcourse show one there's a lot to be learnt.
I like this post.

Great advice especially for newbie like me. Thanks! Totally following!

Wow i love your post, hope you like mine😊

It is truly helpful for newbies like me! thanks a lot.

One of the best thing while being here, is to learn something from those shared content and to meet new people with the same interest as yours.


Yes and many more amazing reasons are there on steemit to stick with it 😃

@himshweta in a nutshell it can be said

B true
B yourself
B original
B confident &
B wat u r !


Yes and be happy and willing to learn, even if you are not getting paid :)


Everything is not money but eod money matters. I belive most importantly the exploration that u do on steemit is d vest thing...people can write their mind out and can rad anyone post.....helpin in building a good confidence..

Nice post! I'm new and I try to grow up here but it's very hard 'cause very few people see my post, if you can go to my profile and vote for my post it would help me a lot.

Thanks for the informative post. I'm new to Steemit and I found a lot of your points very helpful. Waiting for part 2

Very good article, always nice to see content creators who take time.


Thanks for this motivational post... resteemed :)

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Dont spam. Or else You will get downvotes !!


..it's kind of engaging in the beginning actually ... the beginning of a romance novel from the perspective of a young man in a unique culture ... Engaged, yet I am not at all interested in romance novels! I would agree with you though, the behavior of putting so much effort into a comment that ultimately is irrelevant to the original post is somewhat spammy ... He really should have put the effort into creating a post with perhaps a 'romance' tag (? -- I didn't even check if that tag exists. At least his presumably well intentions though suffering faulty execution did provide an example of 'room for improvement' in our etiquette conversation here.


How can you be sure that he really put some effort or just copy pasted the same content everywhere ?


Yes, good point, typical behavior of a 'hardened spammer'. A novice spammer may not be so resourceful, or just too lazy or distracted to repeatedly offend... An inadvertent spammer as I had presumed, without further investigation, 'innocent until proven guilty'

An really inspiring & technically brilliant post! Inspiring in content. A great example of a post that is well structured - headlines, paragraphs, white space, gifs.

Patience is the key to success

I was inspired to read the post

Thank YOU.Amazing... I am following your job a long time and all posts are a good inspiration....

it's incredible that i too share the same thoughts , it took me a while to understand everything , especially in the first few months , i am indeed grateful that @jerrybanfield introduced me to this platform.

I am a huge believer that steemit is THE platform for making new friends , seriously new and real ones !

Thanks for the inspiration!

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Very helpful. Thank you for pointing me towards this.


Glad you listened to my words :)


How could I not? :P

What a motivational post,i benefitted from it.Thanks.

Being new here at Steemit this is just what I needed to read today. You are right - read more, write less. Develop a unique voice. Thanks!

What a motivational post,i certainly benefitted from it.Thanks.

Very true post.... I only pray to earn as much as u do

Great post, thank you. I've been here for 18 months and is now slowly growing - sometimes it takes time...


Yes. Don't compare yourself with others. The tortoise won in the last even when the rabbit was faster ;)

Thanks for your comment :)

This has been a helpful post for me. At some point I was thinking this Steemit thing is not for me but I am encouraged by this post. Thanks a million.

Bagus sekali ulasan anda, ternyata didunia steemit bisa merubah pola pikir seseorang dengan cepat dan tepat.

Great post, I'm following you, and waiting for the snd part.

Good One !!! Keep posting good content !!!

One of my friends had already travelled around the island from the steemit earnings
I think its really change her

I must confess it's the money that attracted me but after sometime I saw I was a better version even when the money was not there.
Steemit had taught me how to be positive
How to persevere
How to read
How to write
And again reading this post I must say has motivated me and am ever grateful for this post
The best advice I've gotten so far

Steemit is a social network + blog which pays you for posting credible and relevant contents, but the challenge is that not only is everyone a blogger but also what content would interest bloggers/steemian.
As you said earlier;

I understand that everyone can’t be a writer but you can all be a better reader !! If for a moment you would stop begging for votes and start reading other’s content, I am sure you will have amazing ideas and opinions which you can share with us instead of those worthless posts.

And yes without friends on steemit you're nothing;

You can’t just post here and then expect upvotes (unless you are friends with a whale already). No matter how amazing you write or how awesome your content is. If you don’t make friends here, you CAN’T grow.

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, considering I joined in Jan. Keep it up :)

In fact, I am very disappointed with the steem, nothing seems to be that I can not even finish my time and I am not able to get any help and can not afford to post. ... everyone is seeing a good alta position. I can not boot. I can not hold the magnitude. If my family is very problem , then I can do my studies. If I do not study, I will have to start off with a lot of hope. What can I do now?


I see your reputation is quite low !! Why were you downvoted?

Good post thanks for inspiring us

This is an important piece.

The way Steemit changes one's life is like the way the sun shines its light on the earth to give it warmth, hope and energy for exploits.

Thanks @himshweta

An exceptional article at the highest media-shamanic standards. Congratulations!

And super inspiring - you obviously write from the heart and from experience.

Well said, This is like Steemit 101

Hi himshweta. Congratulations on your successful 6 months here on Steemit. I agree with you that making friends is the best way to get upvotes here.

I am only one month and a half from 0 and now have the money to buy bid bots to gain visibility and quicken my growth for some of posts. Great points here outlining how to become successful here on Steemit. Upvoted and Followed!


Well I am not a supporter of bots !!! I never use bots on any of my posts !! But it is completely your wish. Bots sometimes makes you loose money or more dollars on your post discourages whales to vote you. But its your wish.

Thanks for your comment :O) Keep visiting.

I like the gifs and I use them a lot too. They captured my attention till the end :)

Well said. I will try to keep these thoughts in mind. Best thing for me to do is to consistently post, vote, and comment!


Yes..... !! Just be regular :D

Thanks for your comment.

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Amazing truth girl

  ·  2년 전

Bookmarking this, love it! I agree on every count and I am saving this post so I can use it to help new people. I especially agree that you really learn who you are here. I am still new and experimenting but this is such a gift to me to find out people dig some of the random weird stuff I do ...it makes me appreciate my own hobbies as valid! Very healthy for me and I look forward to the ways this place will continue to draw me out.

Follow me.

Great contacts and advice, specially for new people in here. Actually, I joined it because of the idea behind Steemit, it attracted me, and to use it as a blog and practice writing. It looks a motivating place for me.

The "being friends with a whale or you won't grow" part is something that makes me question why?

If I attempted to do that, (I haven't because I know they aren't just going to be friends with you)

seems like you're just being friends with them to be boosted on steemit

and for those who are trying to be friends will just give whales the impression that all I want is them to upvote my content for money,

I find that to be a bit fake and only interested in monetary gain rather than the content itself

Is this is what steemit is about?

Is this the reason why I am uploading content on Dtube and Steemit just to be friends with a whale?

Why does it takes to know a whale to be a whale?

How will someone thrive without the help of a whale?

People even use bots here, I know nothing about bots, am I also supposed to resort to bots for me to grow?

If I am supposed to use bots to grow, how is rigging the system seems encouraged here?(the impression of it)

These are questions I have that I have wondered since I joined on July 2017.

I don't mean to be a downer, I am all for making money for your content.
I just have questions that pertains to how a person would get money here, which is just odd and new to me.


Seems like you didn't understand my words. I asked to be friends with other steemians, NOT WHALES. That was a taunt for those who were already friends of the whales BEFORE joining steemit.


Whale or no whale, It's still applies, and that doesn't really answer any of my questions regardless if I wanted to be friend with a whale or a steemian.


Is this is what steemit is about?

Is this the reason why I am uploading content on Dtube and Steemit just to be friends with a whale?

Why does it takes be friends with a bunch of steemians just to take advantage of each other to be a whale?

How will someone thrive without the help of a whale?

People even use bots here, I know nothing about bots, am I also supposed to resort to bots for me to grow?

If I am supposed to use bots to grow, how is rigging the system seems encouraged here?(the impression of it)


Steemit is about growing together!! It’s a community. You cant just expect to grow here if you put good content and do nothing else. That’s true.

I don’t mind it. Success doesn’t comes easy. Steemit has its own way.i

Bots are a lacking point that steemit is fighting and it discourages everyone to use them. They’re working on eliminating them


Alright, thank you for answering all of my questions! I look forward for part 2 of the many life changing ways on steemit! :D

Although I have a very old account, I only start posting in the last couple of weeks. Very interesting your points, they all make sense.

Looking forward the part 2. ;-)


Thanks for reading them. :) Part 2 will be up soon :)

You are going to totally change our mind about steem. I will ever try to follow your points. Thanks for sharing

so true it hurts


Why would it hurt !

I am glad to meet you at this steemit. Thank you gladly for you to hear me your friend here helps me by following and riding on me :)
Thank you for @himshweta
From: @bekpungoee

I just wanted to add one more comment about how great and inspiring this post is!
These days I am about to continue writing on Steemit, after a couple of weeks break, and this text came in the perfect moment :D
I am excited to read more of your wisdom :)

  ·  2년 전

nicely gathered and evidently truthful. have made alot of mistakes in the past. thanks for sharing. will like to resteem once i get your permission.


I am glad I could be of some help. Of course. I would be glad if you resteem :)

Thanks for your comment.

You have really helped me. It´s a very good article. Thanks.

Thank you for your advise it is good info !!
Upvoted and Resteemed

The biggest change for me is that I started creative writing. I started to do the freewrite and people liked my stories. I'd never done anything like it before; it was the support of the freewrite group that helped me to carry on with it. Now I write one story a day. I love it.


Keep it up :)

great encourage for newcomers!
i think you are motivational speaker


No i am not :p But yeah good idea :p I can try

Hello there @himshweta
My routine was change by this community, hehe
very nice points you have in this post.
I like number 5 & 8.
I'll wait for the next 7 on your part 2.


I hope your routine changed for the good :)

Great post. Great animated graphics. Lots to learn from you. Thank you. @reonlouw

incredible article... धन्यवाद

Great post thank u @himshweta
And thank u @fatimamortada for the resteem to make it able to me to see it 👍🏼

Nice article. Congratulations.

This post is great and has been very helpful. Thank you for sharing

You know I've actually read many post of how they have benefited from steemit by some steemians but I must say this is the realest of them all. Some just keep hammering on being patient and that's all. Thanks for sharing this article of yours and changing my perspective of steemit for the better.

This is a great post @himshweta. I agree with almost all your points. I have learned so much since I started in Steemit as well, and I strive to improve my posts each time.

I do think that beautiful photography with no words is still valuable, because for me, it's like entering an art gallery and just taking the experience of the image as is. I guess there is a time and place for anything and that value is relative. What I don't condone is the use of copied material or re-posting things like a borrowed youtube video, unless the author adds very strong arguments and a unique point of view about it.

All in all, you are so right! I really enjoyed reading your post. You are a very talented writer actually.

In my experience I've found with Steemit a new motivation to keep doing what I love the most: learning and creating something new every day. And I'm extremely grateful that this platform exists. I've tried to get my mom, my brother and my friends to join and I can't believe they are still doubtful. It's very frustrating, but I feel like to each his own.

I will posted for your amazing content! :)


THANk you so much dear :)

Awesome advice, and after 4 months i really agree with you
Take your time, make friends, find your nitche

Point 7 really encouraged me. I'm also quite bad in socializing. In fact, I'm even worse in socializing online than in the offline world. I think it's because I'm very insecure and when I write with people I have to much time thinking about whether my written words are correct or maybe they get it wrong, maybe someone doesn't like me. That's also the reason why it took me so long to publish my first post. Now I'm slowly engaging in the community but I have a long way to go. But I'm glad that you had similar problems and you managed to solve it while engaging in steemit, so I hope it will eventually get easier for me as well. :)

thank you shweta i didn't take steemit seriously
But from today i will.

So much truth in what you say.

One thing I will add though is as a musician you don't even have to be a writer as there is an awesome addition to Steemit called #dsound by @prc.

We can now upload our music and, like you, I have found an amazingly supportive community of other musicians who all support each other!

But yes, don't past spam, be original and post QUALITY content, whatever form it may take!

I def took time to read this article....I love the content....Steemit is an amazing place...I've always been a social butterfly so meeting new people always excited me...and it is so easy to meet new people here of many talents or even lack there of but still awesome people.....So my time on steemit allowed me to be who i am and spaeak my mind and meet so many like minded and even different people.

I have been here around a month and my content has reached way more people than i could have ever thought....thanks to my friend @infamusfiend for showing me this platform. It has been slow with money but I know eventually my time will come....I am going to read the part 2 of this right now

much love

Tengo poco tiempo y se como duele. Esta experiencia me fortalece, me gusta los retos y steemit es un reto ahora para mi. Gracias por este post @himshweta

good post . i'm waiting for the next part.


Its already out

Hi @himshwesta I am so glad to have found your article and are fully agreed with what you have pointed out the 8 out of 15 points in this post. But I could not wait to express my feeling now before I read your part 2

I am now into 6th week in Steemit and has so far attended a bootcamp where I received a formal training to do steemit beginning of Feb 2018. It was my first day of training, and I have seen show cases of high earning articles which are so impressive and to a certain extend, unbelievable. Honestly, I was dreaming to earn half of those more than $1k post.

However, in reality after 4 weeks into Steemit, i fell into the phenomenon of what you have pointed out in # 1 and #2 and the rest...

You know what, certainly, this comment gave me an idea to write into a full article to post it in Steemit. With that in mind, I better stop to elaborate further...

Once again, you have hit a nail into my head and had wake up my "dreaming" state of mind. I must go back to the drawing board and work smartly with reference to these 8 and later full 15 points.

Oh... I just realised, I am 29 days late to read this post. And I ahve no idea @himshweta you will read my comment at all. But I have discovered your part 3 post though


great job sister @himshweta


teuka keuno lagoe?

Absolutely love this - I am looking forward to getting better with my content and hope to share value and insights I have learned over the years. Thank you for sharing this series - I am onto the next Part now. Cheers C :)
MY INTRO VIDEO: https://d.tube/#!/v/queen-maeve-v2/cyr15j55
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That´s a great post, I´m looking foward to get better! thank you

I am very new to steemit, but i am totally agree with your above content, that is why I am here. I would like to grow slowly and want to furnish my skill of writing by reading the posts of others.