5 Things That Never Would Have Happened To Me Without Steemit.

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Hello Steemians,

Today I want to share a handful of things that wouldn't have happened to me without steemit. I've previously shared some of my improvements (both as an individual but also as a writer) and a couple of things I've managed to do so far on my steemit journey so I won't go into any major details about those things..


Here's what I want to share with you today..

5 Things That Never Would Have Happened To Me Without Steemit.

  • I would never have become interested in cryptocurrency.
    It's a short point but it's one of the most crucial ones.

  • I would never have spent 10+ hours per day writing.
    I publish a bunch of things on steemit but what I've shared on steemit so far ain't near the amount of posts I've actually written. I probably write 2 or 3 articles for each post I publish on steemit.. And I do this because it makes me feel good. It draws attention from my panic anxiety and things I struggle with in life for a moment. Steemit plays a major role here and I am forever grateful for the possibility.


  • I would never have shared details about my personal life in the same way I've done so far.
    Hear me out, I share experience, thoughts and ideas on multiple sites each day and that wouldn't have changed. However, all of those things are 99% related to my freelancing business. I help newcomers. I guide them. I introduce them to new methods, new things and new ways of making money online. I teach them how to set up a business. I give them inspiration and I teach them to treat their business as a real business, no matter if they sell for $10,000+ per month of $1 per year. I give them motivation. I try to inspire people..

What I've never done, is to share details about my fathers death, my panic anxiety or my depression. I've done that on steemit, even though I haven't shared everything or even half of it, I've still shared something.

That alone, is a great improvement for me. I did this as I realized that I'm not alone.. Others have done the same thing too.. And it felt good doing that!

  • I wouldn't have been able to read other peoples stories in the same way I've done during my time here.
    Stories, good or bad, true or false is everywhere online obviously, but steemit have them all under the same roof. You can find literally ANYTHING at steemit and that's the best part of it. Random people like myself. Newcomers, established users, bitcoin experts or super-talented artists. Everyone is welcome and that's why you can find a wide range of content. I love it!

  • I would never have been a proud owner of Bitcoins.
    I get paid for sharing content on steemit. That alone is a fantastic feeling.. But it's more to it. Once I get paid for the things I share, I have to do this and that, pure mumbo-jumbo (for a newcomer without knowledge) to finally be able to use the cash I've made.

The process is insane for a newcomer without knowledge.. I didn't have a clue what I got myself into.. But with your help, I managed to successfully withdraw my earnings. (Do it once and you'll never forget how to do it). I have also used some of the money in real life.

My girlfriend and I had a nice dinner at a Restaurant.. And I paid for the whole thing with "nothing". Money I wouldn't have had if it wasn't for steemit. That's one helluva cool feeling!

Thank you steemit!

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I agree with the first point. Without steemit, i would never get started in cryptocurrency. There are a lot of amazing information around here and majority of people around here will help you if you ask counseling.


Yeah, it's truly a fantastic place we got here! :)

and ... I would never have spent 10+ hours per day ... reading.


Haha.. That's what steemit does to you.. You get addicted! :D

Well done you on your success here. I know what you mean about sharing I'm a member of Facebook but hardly ever post a thing but here I write about things I dont usually talk about I can be me. I am hoping I can get near to your success.

Yes, steemit can change someone's life for sure.


Good job. Thank you!


Thank you very much, I appreciate it :)

can relate to most of what you've said .. well other than the writing 10 hours a day... that would cut into my reading time :)

This site does draw me to look through more than I ever would on FB


Haha yeah, it's easy to get caught up reading on steemit :)

Nice to see that cryptocurrency can reach so far, out to people who would have never used it in normal situations, but are using it now, thanks to Steemit social media.


Yeah, it's awesome. I truly love steemit. It's an amazing place!

Yes, I agree Steemit can be addicting. The things I get to read are fascinating, and the things I write are more raw and honest, more the "real me," using my authentic voice than I could write anywhere else. In other places, I have to watch what I say in order to please my family, friends, freelance writing clients, and fans of my novels. Here, I can be me without holding back, and it's wonderful.

Steemit paid for an expensive veterinarian bill for me, without me having to dip into my bill money or savings to pay it. And the first time I converted SD into Bitcoin and sold it for cash, I felt like such a cryptocurrency badass. :) I knew what Bitcoin was, but had never purchased any until I got with Steemit, and I've done it three times now. I've also converted some SD into SP, so I have an investment in this platform.

I'm excited about Steemit, and I love it. I'm glad other people are having similarly awesome experiences with it. Steem on!