Thanks to STEEMIT, the venezuelans can face the economic crisis!

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It is not a secret the serious crisis experienced by the venezuelans, as a consequence, mainly, of almost twenty years of bad and inefficient economic policies and high levels of corruption never before seen at all levels of public administration. The ferocity of the crisis has reached such a point that a high percentage of the population of Venezuela can barely consume one meal a day. Regrettably!

Figure 1: Venezuelans eating garbage in the streets.Author: Jamez42 (Creative Commons Attribution).

But thanks to Steemit, many venezuelans users of the platform, we can buy food and other products from the basic basket as a result of the profits generated by the posts, and in this way they can face the serious economic crisis.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the crisis, the minimum wage in Venezuela (which is one month's salary) is approximately US $ 1, and with a minimum wage you can only buy 2 kg of rice, to name one of the most consumed foods in Venezuela. Yes gentlemen, although it seems incredible a high percentage of the population earns 1 US dollar per month!

Then, with the salary of a whole month, the venezuelans can only buy 2 kg of rice. And how do other foods get?

Well, in several ways: some receive remittances from relatives abroad, others generate some sbd in Steemit, and many others are engaged in various commercial activities.

The hyperinflationary prices of food and all kinds of products and services in Venezuela, is one of the main reasons why many Venezuelans have decided to emigrate to other Latin American countries, the United States and some Western European countries, and once in the outside send remittances to relatives who remain in the country so that they can survive.

Figure 2: History of inflation in Venezuela.Author: ZiaLater (Creative Commons Attribution).

Those of us who do not have relatives abroad, then we turn to Steemit to generate some profits that allow us to acquire at least the food of the day to day.

Thanks Steemit!

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Excellent my brother @hugobohor!.