20 SBD Giveaway / Contest to Celebrate Getting to 1000 Followers

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1000 x.jpg

Wow!! What a fun, fantastic experience it's been these last few months. Between getting to finally understand and experience the powerful potential of Steemit, meeting and connecting with many current and new friends by organizing the local Steem meetups, and most recently attending the Steem Creators Conference in Las Vegas life really does feel different. This community is something special because it allows us to connect in a way that truly respects our individual and collective value, rewards us (/enables us to reward each other) for our efforts and contributions. This is so rare and I want to do what I can to spread the prosperity.

So to thank everyone whose following me and has commented and / or voted for my posts (and anyone else who wants to join the movement:) I'm giving away 10 SBD within one week of this post. And to make things even better my good friend @yabapmatt has generously offered to match the pot and is also helping me give away another 10 SBD! So we're dividing the winnings into 8 payouts, two winners each for the following amounts 4SBD, 3SBD, 2SBD, 1 SBD.

The rules are simple:

  1. Upvote
  2. Resteem
  3. Follow me
  4. Comment (in English only please) in a way that offers some kind of value: tell me what winning one of these payouts would mean for you in some way, whether it's a making your day happier, helping you buy something or whatever the case is.
    You can also look through my posts too see what I like and enjoy. Then find something interesting / cool / fun /useful that is related to those things in the comments - a link, a song, an article, pictures, videos, whatever. Of course it can be something original, like one of your videos, a painting etc. Let me see what talents you have!

All winners will be notified in the comments when the post has been up for at least one week.

Thanks again for the support and good luck for anyone who wants to play!


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@hypnopreneur Congratulations, cant wait to see whats around the corner!!

Bigups on your fantastic achievement @hypnopreneur! Getting 1000 followers is a blessing indeed.

I want to enter the competition. I pray that God will give you wisdom so that you can further attain 5 million followers. The reason for this number is, because 5 is the number of grace.
The 1st time grace is mentioned in the bible is when Noah found favour in the eyes of God. I believe that you are highly favoured in God's eyes stunner..

Congrats! Very well deserved! I will kick in another 10 SBD to add to the contest payouts if you want to update the post.

Looking forward to your 2000 follower post!


Thanks Matt, really appreciated! I feel a bit more official now that I've hit the 1K mark. :)
Would be awesome to add to the pot, I will update it and do a little bit more promotion. 20 SBD should get more attention and participation for sure!

I really like the holiday, I plan to take a vacation to a biggest lake in Indonesia, named lake Toba, but now I do not have enough money to get there...
Hopefully I can be helped by joining this great contest ... I will be happy if my name is one of the winners ..:)

Congratulations @hypnopreneur on hitting over a thousand followers on steemit..
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, you inspire us all.
I am a yogi and I really want to win in this challenge to support my brand which is the 'Nigerian Yoga Girl' brand



Beautifully executed yoga asana, yogini! Thank you for the inspiration and for showcasing and highlighting such a healthy way to achieve/maintain excellent health, flexibility and harmony inside and out.

Good luck in the contest! ;)


thank you so much ma'am, am so grateful for your support @angelacs

This is totally you! What a way to give back! You are such a giving person! So proud to be one of your 1000!!!

Congrats for your 1000 followers. Good luck everyone who participate at this event. İf I will win your contest, love to have Steem silver coin with it. I like the idea to give a present myself :)

Well this post interested me for two reasons:

  1. I congratulate you and admire you for reaching 1000 followers 🏁 waoo !! that's great and I hope to reach the same goal soon.

  1. I would like to make competitions one day about cooking recipes or horror stories, that's why I try to grow in this community.
    And as for your prize: if I were the winner, with your prize you would help me to invest in this page called https://motormoney.org, I am looking for a way to obtain funds to mine rubles and help me financially! as well as he helped me with steemit.

I read that you are addicted to self-development 📝💡 and I think we share that in common, success and congratulations in advance to the winners! 🏁 🏃

Note: I had to edit my post because the first time I wrote it in Spanish. Sorry

Congratulations to you..
It's very difficult to get 1000 followers, but you can get it .. hopefully you can be a whale in the future .. haha

Congratulations @hypnopreneur for the mile stone achieved and thanks also for this contest you have put up to celebrate 1000 followers.

What the Sbd will do for me
The sbd of this contest will do two things for me.
1 Since January this year, steemit has being my source of feeding in school because of the difficulty of things.
2 I have being thinking of runing a contest to help newbies.

Over view of the contest

Title of contest Learn And Win
How It will work
I have done some posts to help newbies which has being of great help to me and also helping me to succeed on steemit.
So I intend helping newbies to succeed as well on the platform by making them read three old posts of mine so they can learn and here are the three posts




Now they have to read the three posts and then make a post of their own of not less than 400 words explaining what they learnt from the posts they read and what they have being doing that they discover it was wrong.
The contest to run every month so that those who participated in the last one must have gone beyond 40 Rep so that there will be fresh people to also take part in the contest the next month.
Am looking at 10sbd or less giveaway or #steembasicincome

Rules of the game
1 They must resteem the the contest post
2 Upvote not necessary but they can still give it.
3 They must include the three posts links in their post.
4 Their reputation must fall within 25 to 40
5 post their link as a comment to the contest post.

This is so great! Having a thousand followers is a dream of every steemian and I look forward to having that figure too. I'm really happy for you.

Steemit is indeed God-sent. Imagine different people from different origins with different culture, ethnic and belief coming together in a community that gives no room for racism. Such a great place to be. Steemit has brought us together and created an eternal love, friendship and brotherhood among us. Even some famous foes became friends through steemit meetups. Such platform is made a decentralized one so every member is responsible for its growth. Indeed it is so humbling to be among these great minds here.

In every contest or competition, not every participant is meant to win. It is what made it a competition. It is what made it a contest. Some people are meant to win while others are meant to just chill and wait for their turn to win. So missing out on this wouldn't be a bad thing. However, it is the desire of every participant to win. Winning some SBDs will be so great. Every steemian loves steem. Every steemian loves SBD. If you want to win a female steemian heart, just send her some SBDs or Steem 😂. Funny but the truth. It is my hope that I win some of these SBDs as I'm like so broke right now.

Looking forward to receiving these 😂 😂.

I congratulate you sir @hypnopreneur. You are a kind and amazing man and it's been an honor having you on my list. Do keep up your good work.

Thank you. Regards and happy steem!

Hi. Congratulations for your 1000 followers, I have the same amount in instagram and it cost me a lot to get them jejej. I took the liberty of making a publication in my account of steemit about the five things in my life for which I am grateful it would be great that you could see it attach several of my artistic works that took me a lot of effort and I have almost no colors and are very expensive , also you have inspired me to think about the good side of everything and that I am more fortunate than I thought, so thank you and I hope you like my art.
That prize would mean another season of materials and I could do very nice things, besides that I could finance my return home the tickets in Venezuela are very expensive.
Thanks and have a great week.IMG_20180426_160023.jpg

If I can win a prize from this contest, I will buy a pair of underpants for my husband ,,
I must give her a special gift for our marriage anniversary .hhhhh

My friend congratulations on this achievement! I'm starting in this world of steemit and I think it's great, to be able to make publications, photos, videos interact with other people from all over the world and also gain from it, that's amazing I like the world of the internet and I live In part of it, from there my username: internetworld but in Spanish.

I could notice that you like to do exercises for me too, I even have my personal machine to exercise in my house here is this:

And that's why I'm participating in this contest, my multiform is damaged now I need to change some records and guaya and that is too expensive in my country (Venezuela) So if I were the winner of this contest you would help me to repair my machine and continue with my exercises, maybe it's not something so important but it's my reason to participate!

I am happy that people like you exist in this world that give example of their effort and help others, my friend very successful greetings from Venezuela, I hope that soon reach the 2000 followers and many more!

Of course to be a winner, I would make a proud post repairing my machine, doing exercises and thanking you my friend for that valuable help !! and if not, then thanks for this gesture and congratulations to the winners! 💪 👍

Reaching a thousand followers is a great milestone and its proof that your offering good content, its nice to have people like you who give back to the steemit community, winning one of this pay out will mean a lot to me. with 10 sbd i will be able to add to the little money i have to get a new smartphone to help me access steemit on the go as the one i have is faulty

Congratulations, Sir. Steemit is a great platform for learning and connecting with people. Winning any of the payouts will make me happier and motivate me to participate more in the community.

hello friend how happy I feel to see that you already have a thousand followers I would like to celebrate with you and fence way to do it with a contest! I am from Venezuela the current situation is uphill I have 3 months in steemit has not gone well but I believe in the platform less than a week ago I damaged my cell phone that I had bought 4 years ago with the country situation is impossible to buy it !! right now I write from a tablet that the government gave me, it is not easy what we are going through but not impossible I hope I can win to tell all my friends and include them in steemit !!

Honestly, i was browsing around steemit (like i always do ), when i saw your contest post, and i decided to take a look at it and see if i have a shot, while reading this article, I decided to check you out by visiting your blog and.....


am amazed at what you are doing here!
the meet-ups you organize and attend have really motivated me today.

First off, i want to specially congratulate you on hitting a followership milestone, you really deserve the celebration.

i guess am going to find the nearest Steem Meet-up around my locality to attend or even host one!!
i do hopethat if i grant you a special invitation, you would honour my invitation?

By the way, if i win this contest, i would use my earnings to help organize a Meet-Up with my team mates.

it's your steemit babygirl @steemcenturion. Cheers.

Hello buddy I hope you find well, first congrats for your 1000 followers. A good number and day to celebrate, I hope someday to reach that number of followers . Grateful that you make this contest in gratitude to your followers.

What winning one of these payouts would mean for me?

You may get many users of my country on this platform, as it has been a great help for many of us Venezuelans, the truth I do not like to be talking about the problems of Venezuela and write them here, would be like some way to make feel sad for me and i dont want that, I don't know if you understand me? But there are so many things I would do if I could win any of the prizes, buy some food, gather to fulfill my goal of being able to practice in another country where what I studied could be well paid. Not like here in Venezuela, I am a doctor and after 12 hours of night work just win (135,000 BSF) as 0058 (SBD). My sister is pregnant, so I'll be a uncle in a couple of months, helping my sister buy diapers would be a big help. Anyway there are so many things I could do to win some of the prizes that would not only make me happy, my family would be happy.

Best regards and congrats for those 1000 followers \o/

Congratulations!! 1000 followers is a HUGE accomplishment and something I’m still aiming to accomplish myself! Winning one of these payouts would definitely make me happier but I’d use the winnings to help the Steemit community by providing them with shares of @steembasicincome in order to help other steemians to grow and prosper like other steemians have helped me to grow and prosper in the same way!

First of all I would like to congratulate you @hypnopreneur. Reaching 1000 followers in Steemit is one hell of a challenge. I applaud you for this kind of contest and to initiate something that would really help the community here in Steemit
The prizes were really good . It will really be. A big help and motivation for Steemians like.

Everyone deserves the prizes and is a winner...
But the prize would really help me a big time. It's has been a tough struggles for me her in Steemit. Sometimes I lose my hope and faith. I write genuinely and really trying my best to inspire and be that motivation here in Steemit community. It's been a tough. I joined a lot of contests here and I failed too many times. But giving up is not my option. Having to failed makes me wanna strive harder and do more.
He is my Grandfather, he just celebrates his 77th birthday. The prize would be a big help for me to buy him something. He is very special person in my life. My motivation and strength. He has been through my ups and down.
The prize would be great thing for me to buy him something. Being a student is quite difficult specially in budgeting.

I would like to thank you lot for this one of a kind contest you made. I am truly grateful to people like you to have an initiative to help others her in Steemit specially those who were really struggling and having difficulty in terms of success in here. I believe those who help others will be blessed more. Also when you help other you are not just making yourself happy but you're also making a lot of people happy and inspired as well as motivated to do well and not to settle for mediocrity! Godbless you ❤️
This is my congratulatory message to you ❤️

Great contest like really motivates me. I know earning here in Steemit is not that easy so you gonna do all your best, strive harder and continue to engage in the society.
Goodluck and Godbless to all of us

@hypnopreneur, if I won one of these payouts I would add it to my SP, it's probably of more use that way than any other. :)

I want to win this because of two reasons. I would like to call it the minor and the major reason.

  1. The minor reason is that I would like to add this reward, if I win, to my piggy bank! (Savings). Why? I have a goal to achieve 700 USD to buy a razer phone. Expensive huh? But it is the first time I had a goal why I want to have extra income. This goal of mine is my dream, my dream being a gamer. 😁

  2. The major reason? Hmmm I just want to join contests. Haha! I like joining contests! I can see good entries in contests here on steemit. 😁 I like everything about contests. Contests make me fired up always. Winning contests is just consolation. The best for me is just I joined and tried! 😁

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts sir @hypnopreneur! Very much appreciated. 🤘

Congratulations. It would really make my day, because for weeks now I have not been able to gather an upvote worth $0.50 or even $1.00. And sincerely, it can be frustrating at times. So me winning one of the payouts will really make me happy.

Congratulations @hypnopreneur. Having 1000 followers is something I look forward to, so your success is a motivation to me. I wish to join the league pretty soon.

Now, about the 4 SBD you’re going to give me. (LOL) Well, I started a project recently called the @grayesque project. It’s a long story but the summary is that I want to help planktons with extra exposure and upvotes. The project runs independently of me, meaning I am not a part of the curation team.

I can think of two great uses for the 4 SBD.

  1. I could convert it to Steem and use it to get delegation for the @grayesque account, say 130 SP for four weeks. With my 80 SP and 55 SP from @steemitachiver, the account currently gives about 0.02 upvotes. An extra 130 SP should increase the upvotes to about 0.04.

  2. On the other hand, I would start the weekly contest I’ve always thought about. It’s to be a weekly contests for planktons with really low reps (45 and below) and will feature a prize of 1 SBD per week. This will help increase @grayesque impact and also boost its exposure to the steemit community.

To be honest, I’m undecided. Although I think I’m more inclined towards the contest option.

What do you think?

Once again, congratulations.


Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
Check @resteembot's introduction post or the other great posts I already resteemed.

congo for looking forward to 1000. me willing to for 1000 Goodluck
oops comments I hate this :p

I'd use the winnings to help advance my writing career. I'm pretty excited by this opportunity. Being a whitewater river guide doesn't pay a lot, but the stories are priceless, and sometimes can be conveyed in very few words. For instance, "What do you call a river guide that just got broken up with? ...Homeless." I think that paints a picture... ;)

(Nice job. I like what you're doing here.)

(They're singing the songs of their people)

Hi @hypnoprenuer congratulations on reaching 1000 followers
Am lipsync artist here one I did for this entry

I don't have a PC 💻 to make better videos
Am currently raising funds for it so I can make better videos
It help a great deal to me if I win
Thanks I wish you all the best on steemit
Once again congratulations

Congratulations! It's nice to meet you virtually and an exciting achievement. I just hit 500, so I'm looking up to you and hope to get there sometime in the next few months.

I like what you said about the unique power of this community. I've been blown away by that as well, especially the unique niche communities that live right here on Steemit. The one I've connected the most with is the @SPL -- Steem Poker League. It's a freeroll poker site where over 1,000 Steemians come to play, talk, and communicate with each other for SBD. It's 100% community funded.

What I would do with any prize if I happen to win, is to use those winnings to sponsor a tournament in your name (and @yabapmatt). This would help get your name out to more people and give us another fun tournament to play.

Good luck and I look forward to following you and getting to know you better on Steemit.

  ·  2년 전

Hey there.... Congratulations on this milestone.

Well I was talking to a friend about steemit and she was quite interested. I wanted to open an instant account for her cos im not sure how long the normal process would take and i wouldn't want her to loose the zeal she has now. Buuuut i don't have enough steem to do so. I had a pretty rough april so i had to sell all of my steem and sbd.

If i won this id jst add it to what i have and create the account for her

Congrats on 1000 @hypnopreneur!
✔ Followed
✔ Resteemed
✔ It would make me extremely happy to finally be able to power up and give a 2 cent vote, since that is the minimum payout. Without having enough SP I have to depend on someone voting with me to make it past the dust threshold. I wasted a lot of votes not knowing about that threshold. But, I have wanted to be able to give my 2 cents, just because of the saying... A goal I wrote about after being on the platform for about a month. I didn't even know about the dust level being 2 cents at that time...

Thanks for the contest.
And thanks for having a cool friend like @yabapmatt to add to the pot!

I like this and I want to participate in these competitions should always be done without demanding to place.

Getting a thousand followers a milestone every steemian hope get , congrats on getting urs , am from NIGERIA ,am a student and i really need ur SBD to help pay my tuition fees , so why not give me ur SBD and i will put it to good use.....IMG_20180426_135458.jpg

Congratulations @hypnopreneur on reaching 1007 followers!

I wish you continued success!

@Introbot is hosted and managed with donations from @byColeman in an effort to help others achieve the success you have!

I have followed and upvoted you.

Wow , congratulations @hypnopreneur on reach a milestone of a thousand followers , i really wish u vould give me some SBDs , i really need them to buy some provision for my sick friend....i really need all the support i can get..

Happy 1000 friend 👍
Keep it up!

If I win I’d power up
As I had my account @geneeverett for 10 months had 4100 followers and was locked out and lost my password so I’m literally starting over!
Either that or I would go sing some Karaoke 🎤
Or go to a Philadelphia meet up and use the prize for gas money👍

Or maybe buy myself a silver steem piece..... so many options

hum, it'll help me to pay my medical bills cu'z i have carpal tunnel syndrome and it's supper annoying to don't be able to do music because the pain it's too overwhelming :/ :) so yeah, that's why i think it'll be super awesome to count with your support Hypnopreneur!!!

Congrations... No fate, no chance, no problem can stop a determined soul ... Ride on

Winning would give me the boost up that I need!
Having 15 steem power is very discouraging. Would purchase some, but times are a bit tough right now. I suppose I have not networked well, I am not really sure how to start.
This contest is very considerate of you and I would love to do the same when I reach a point that I actually could.

Hi @hypnopreneur, i celebrate you for your hardwork on this platform, thank you for your kind gesture in supporting other steemians.

I would be really grateful if i emerge as one of the winners because whatever i would get will really go a long way in helping me to reduce the amount am looking for to purchase a personal laptop.

Am doing some programmes that require me to use my own laptop which i don't have the finance for it now, so whatever i get from this would be a minus from the required amount.
Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Humbly, the reason I would like to win has everything to do with awareness of the work I do to solve for the problem of psychopaths in control on Our planet. For an idea of what it is that I work towards, as well as why I see that psychopaths are in control here, see My posting here:


The More who are aware of a solution, the more likely it will be implemented. Love always!

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now your life is so fun and you've become a successful person, I hope to be like you.

I am a simple life that has no advantages, my family is all people who berkecupan, and I want to be successful so that I can boast my parents, I am a mechanic car again belacar to work, my time is very narrow tapih I give time for activity in steemit for a while even though I am busy, why do I give my time to steemit temporary because I want to be able to find success from steemit as well.

I'm sorry if I'm guilty, I'm just telling a story of my life.

yes the same thing with me, here we feel a special kinship, I am a newcomer in steemit prayer I can be as successful as you are now, happy fighting friend

first of all congratulations for 1k

alot of my friends think steemit is fake
and every time i motivate them to use steemit ,they just ask me to show that we can really transfer these sbds in our currency
i want to earn more sbds so that i can convert them into INR to show them how real is steemit and how our efforts
let us earn money. i love steemit

Hey @hypnopreneur
First of all heartly congrats fr getting 1000+1(me) followers i know it was never been eazy task to get this milestone.. Hope u get many more ahead..
At the movement iam stuck.. I havent got any sbd reward last month... I i been luck i would covert those sbd to SP and boost myself on this wonderful platform of steemit.... Ty

Hi @hypnopreneur
Congratulations for 1000 followers...
Good going friend keep it up... I am struggling with my SP/sbd.. If i win i will use them to powerup.. The sbd at this moment means alot to me.. Eagerly Waiting for ur contest result...

Congratulations! :)
And also, thank you for hosting this contest. I hope I am not yet too late to drop my comment. Hehe :)

So, I will just tell you what I would do with the earnings. :) This account, this is actually a joint account of me and my boyfriend. :) We are in a long distance relationship. He is from Texas and I am from the Philippines. We have been together for almost 2 years now but, we haven't met in person yet. Yes, I know you might think it sound so impractical. That is what I always hear from most people. but you know, there are really things in life that you really want to do but can't do because of a lot of factors. Just like us. We have been wanting to see each other for a long time now. But, his earnings aren't enough for us to be able to meet sooner. We still need to save a lot of money and that is why we joined Steemit. :) I love to write. :) I have also been in some other blogging platforms. So, I guess, this is one way we can raise funds to be able to see each other. I already have a savings account opened in the bank (thanks to Steemit). :) So, if I will be the one to win, that will really be a great help. I will be putting it to my savings account and that will be steps forward to our dreams. :) :)


So this is me and my boyfriend. :) And this is how we take pictures together. (just Skype screenshots :D) But one day, we are looking forward to having real pictures together :) :) <3

You got a 1.39% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @hypnopreneur!

Earn 100% earning payout by delegating SP to @upmewhale. Visit http://www.upmewhale.com for details!

Look at you!!! What a great initiative!! So, winning here would bring me that much closer to coming to Philly and meeting up again in July :)

Or help finance the contest we want to do for 200 days of Freewrite! Crazy!!

Or go to the Freewrite House @freewritehouse to finance a weekly SBI giveaway...

And so much more :)

So glad to have met you in Vegas 😉

great contest

A very big congratulations goes to you for reaching this milestone, and I just want to tell you of an idea am nursing already about @steembasicincome where Steemians submit there best post curated and the winner get one @steembasicincome per share, the money if given to me will offset the contest for the next 10-20days enough to give it popularity and by then, even you can benefit from this amazing idea of unending pool of reward forever, first am going to make it for minnows then upscale it as times goes on.

1st Off Congrats on the 1000, excited to be one of them. I'm sure the next 1000 will come even quicker
& Cool, I love contests of all sort.
Especially ones that I can easily participate in 😁
Upvoted YES. Resteemed YES. Following YES (especially with that secret app I put on your phone in Vegas) 😲
.... Following real close
...every day LOL 😉 😎 # Stalker

Well winning anything gets me excited and happy, whether its a free pen at the casino, a free cap, t-shirt ...pretty much anything. SO winning alone will be the JOY, the SBD well that will be taking care of in some special way by Amy most likely re-invest to grow our voting influence 😃

Now the piece of personal creation I believe you would enjoy is my latest post on Decision Making As it talks about how we think and you being an awesome hypnotherapist I'm sure it will interest you. 🤔

PS I'm still crowing like a rooster every time someone says Good Morning to me since our Hypnosis Session LOL. 🐓😳

I heard Einstein got along well with his parents ... relatively speaking. 😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣

Hi brother ,

First off let me say congratulations on your success of getting 1000 followers , wow , 🙌🙌. I can't wait for you to get 10000 , hehe for the new contest . Hehe

And this is why I would really love to win this contest.

  1. My family is going through alot. And I'm just a student right now . I am trying my best to get some income , I do post regularly , I try my level best , but sometimes , my posts don't get any upvotes , it's really sad. But I try to keep going .

  2. My house is in a case and there is a chance we lose our house. All our money is going in the lawsuit.

  3. I have a large family of 9 in my house. It's hard with just my parents working. And I could sure use some help . To at least get my tuition fees. And every penny counts.

Yeah that's it bro. I'm not saying all the sad things in my life , anyway , thanks alot for this opportunity. God bless you 🙂

  ·  2년 전

Congratulations on your achievement, Hopefully success can always be your found ..
I am very happy to participate in your celebration contest,.
Hope I am lucky ..😊

Congratulations and thanks a lot for this giveaway....

I'll be so glad if I win any of these payout as it'll go a long way in making my dreams come true.

I love singing and I don't have a guitar.
I intend buying one and I'm raising funds to do so.
Winning this will most definitely aid my plans....

Here's a video of me singing...
I hope you like it...


Thanks much

One's happiness is very diverse, some people are happy with simplicity and some people are happy with luxury,,but I am very happy to get a little present from celebration 1000 your followers ..

Congratulations on your first 1000 followers @hypnopreneur. I hope i will have that followers someday. I am grateful that you will give free sbd in your first 1000 followers.

What winning one of these payouts would mean for me?

Well, I would like to give my winning rewards (if i win) to my sister who is pregnant right now so that she can buy a vitamins for her new baby. My sister is 8 months old pregnant. She is now carrying her second baby on her womb despite of being a student at night and being a mother at morning. But she graduated last week.


It is also a blessing that she has now a second baby, which is a girl. We talked last night and i decided to give her some of my payouts so that she can undergo another ultrasound.


My parents works really hard for work but their salary is not enough to go to another ultrasound. At her (my sister) first ultrasound, my parents borrowed some money to our neighbor.

Congratulations 👏 on reaching 1000 followers @hypnopreneur that is quite the milestone.

If per chance, I was lucky enough to win one of the prizes. I would convert to Steem and share some @steembasicincome shares with worthy Steemians, that post regularly. Thank you again for this generous contest. 👍👍

Hello @hypnopreneur congratulations for your 1000 followers, i hope you success.
The reason why I would like to win SBD is to be able to do a course in bakery, in Venezuela the economic situation is very difficult and very costly to make this workshop. After making this workshop would be an additional income selling bread and support my family and friends in hard times. I pray to God that can win. :)