Reboot: Steemit 101 Discord classes to begin again! A Five-Star Entertainment Exclusive.

2년 전

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We are pleased to announce in collaboration with Five Star Entertainment that the Steemit Discord classes are back!

What is the aim of these classes?

  • To teach newcomers the basics of Steemit
  • To provide simple and straight forward explanations of the workings of Steemit
  • To provide individual teachings
  • To provide a service to offer help and advice to newcomers
  • and more ...

The first class in this new rebooted series will be on this coming Friday 6PM New York time. Class will be for an hour after which we'll have a post-class general chat and hang out session if you'd like to stay after.

Just hop into our Discord server ( ) and scroll down to the Steemit101 channel. Classes to be hosted by none other than @iamnotageek and @bitcoinparadise.

This was a huge success last year but unfortunately it died out, but we've now breathed fresh life into it and plan to make it even better than before! So grab a cuppa and come attend our first class!

We look forward to seeing you in class!

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Look forward to rebooting this.

Will be there buddy ;)


Thank you my friend. Sorry, who are you again? LOL


what exactly do you mean?

Yogi yoga lessons start thi afternoon lol


Then we got Paradise Pilates in the morning lmao!


lol, Can I do a BattleAxe class, literally.......axe throwing is a thing right?

Sounds great @iamnotageek! Thanks for sharing:)


Hope to see you there!

Will surely make out time


That's what I like to hear :)



Thank you!

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