Time for me to leave ....

4년 전

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Yes you read correctly, I'm leaving. Calm down, contain your excitement. Sheesh! I'm not leaving Steemit, I'm leaving the garage. ( Bet you thought I was pissing off for good right? lol ).

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Steemians, investors, bloggers etc, I am heading out! Let's just recap where I have been staying since beginning of November 2017...

  • The living room / bedroom / bathroom / man cave

  • A different view of exactly the same room

  • My back door

These past 4 months have taught me a lot about life living out of someone's garage. This is the first time ever I've had to do this, and I'll do it again if I have to. In this time living here I have learned...

  • To be humble
  • To appreciate what you have
  • I have seen incredible generosity in people ( The family that took me in )
  • I have learned to do things for myself and not expect life to hand it to me
  • I have survived through the generosity of Steemians and people that are willing to give me a fighting chance at life

I have found a bedroom in a house ( to share ) to move into. Wait, let me show you some pictures...

  • My future new living quarters

  • Just look at that beautiful wash basin!

  • Hey sexy

  • My own shower guys!

  • Windows!!

  • My own bathroom <3

I'm extremely excited. I'm moving in between 01 March and 03 March 2018. Already paid the deposit ( Which I 100% earned through Steemit ) & signed the contract. ( or lease agreement ). I have my own shower, oh my gosh, and my own bathroom. A room that when I look out the windows I actually see grass! Friggen epic.

I still haven't found a job yet so I'm still doing Steemit fulltime. All this, everything you see here, is thanks to Steemit and the community of Steemit. People who are helping me by voting for me. People who could've said, "Stuff you, this aint my problem", but instead said, "Yes, I believe in you and I'm willing to help even though I don't have to".

That is how this community is. That is how the people on here are. You have given a man the ability to upgrade his life. The ability to have hope and a future.

There are no words in the English language that could possibly do the gratitude I have justice. I will end this post with the two that will have to suffice...

Thank You!

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You have my 100% upvote, I wasnt aware of your struggles. Always positive... blessings on blessings. Sweet new place bro.


Thank you my friend. No worries, you were AFK for a while, & I am very blessed to have the support of everyone!
Stay true to The G my man!

P.S. What do you use to edit your vlogs? I love the editing with the sweet tunes in the background.

My man, I am really happy for you. We haven't shared much but you really seemd like a nice guy since we met. Alway joyful and grateful for what life has given you. Steemit is really working for you, my suggestion is to go long on it. It already payed for your deposit! Again, congrats @imnotageek. Real happy for ya!


Hey my man! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment & for the kind words regarding my character. Yes, I'm loving doing Steemit fulltime. It really is a fulltime thing though. Not just posting once and sitting back. LOL

Networking, commenting, voting, seeking new followers etc

Once again, thank you my friend. & thank you for the resteem!!


No problem my friend. You deserved it! Keep it up :)

Congratulations on your next new chapter. It gives lots of us still hustling, hope to do the same! Keep steeming on and see your again round soon.


Thank you my friend!

This is a great and amazing news ! congrats !!! :) happy for your life improvement.


Thank you so much!

Pleased to see you moving back up the ladder...ramen style


Indeed my friend, indeed! All thanks to my loyal supporters, and you're one of them !!!!!

Keep Moving Forward! Nice digs man. You got this.


Thank you so much for the encouraging words my friend.

Yea, I'll have my own shower, friggen awesome!

I'll admit, I'm guilty... I gave this my token 15% upvote before reading it. I don't read every post people put up and some people I just want to support a little regardless. However for some reason I wanted to read this more closely, maybe because I just sat down to lunch or something drew me in.
This is fantastic news!
Please do me a small favour and reply to this comment (no tricks) so I can 100% upvote the comment!


Guess I caught you at just the right time. LOL
Thank you so much for the support. Every cent counts!

Hello, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and good job on the level up, the upgrade.


Level Up... Hahaha, nice one. I like that. Thank you :-)

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Amazing news!!! Congratulations.


Thank you so much! :-)

The wheels of change is a turning


Indeed they are my friend!

Man this gave me chills. So fucking proud of you man.


Aaaaah, my good friend @condra. I hope you well my man. Thank you so much for the kind words. "Proud of you" are words I really don't hear very often, and I know coming from you they mean something.

Thank you so much.