Update on Steem-promo naija for the 2nd of march

3년 전


Hello steemians!

Here's an update on our first campus seminar;
So we had our first meeting at the office of Dr. Adebowale Ajayi of the faculty of computer science Babcock university Nigeria.


It was a very interactive meeting at the office today.
We introduced the platform to few students of the faculty who were present at the office.
We explained how curators and Authors get rewarded on steemit, we also explained the value of the SBD to USD they were very interested in signing up and also we've been given the go ahead to organize a more efficient and elaborate seminar on campus starting from next week.
We look forward making steemit a trend on campus..


Photo credit @igweezeh

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Please feel free to support our project any way you can. Together we'll make steemit the best.
Thank you steemians in advance for your support

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Great, bringing computer science teachers into the ecosystem. Well done guys. Consider the possibility of offering a talk to the students too!!!


Thanks a lot, we are currently preparing a seminar for the students of the faculty by next week.

All the best in your presentation! Great job in bring steemit to other students and they can make some extra cash through posting articles too. The platform also benefits with more members!


Thanks. We are working to do more promotions on campus...more people must hear about steemit

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