Kurangkan mengeluh apa yang kita belum kecapi

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Category : Gambar Kata Motivasi
Regards : @iimii
Location : Indonesia

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Flagged for bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

I would guess there is some plagiarism involved also but that would be an assumption. Please quit abusing the use of Bid bots for a zero effort post as this. There are many out there that put forth hours of effort and don’t get rewards like this. The only reason you are is if buying votes from multiple bots. I just like to see credit given where credit is due.


Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for SFR Token Issuance!

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Thank you for reporting this abuse, @jlsplatts.

  • bid bot abuse
    You bought votes to increase the rewards of your post above the value of its content.
  • plagiarism
    You are posting content that is not yours by copying it without sourcing or manipulating it to pass plagiarism tools.

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