An Insight into My Voting Priorities and Habits on Steemit (Curation, Auto Voting, Vote Selling & More)

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Hi Steemians,

This post is full of disclosures, admissions and openness about my voting priorities and habits. I have been constantly rethinking about my voting pattern and the improvements it needed to come in line with my Steemit vision; which holds benevolence at its core. My opinion on use and abuse of voting bots and the subsequent community input has also affected the way I see my voting habits.

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I think it is important for me to share my voting habits, cleanse my practices and be a part of the solution instead of adopting a path which leads to further frustration across the platform. So, here is what I am doing with my voting weight and power.

On Curation

Maximum of my voting power has been consumed on curating comments primarily on my blog. It also includes flagging some copy-paste or spam comments to refine the comment hierarchy. But a significant portion has also been consumed on curating content outside my blog. I have regularly, and on a daily basis, voted for newbies or minnows who put in good effort.

What helps me look at content outside my blog—and this is not the only way—is when my content or username are mentioned by other users. Thanks to Ginabot by @neander-squirrel, I almost invariably check the posts I am mentioned in. However, the chance to vote or comment on that post entirely depends upon the quality I perceive it to contain.

Most Probable Plan

I should maintain my voting power above 77 % at all times and above 80 % preferably. Any content that I find worth voting for will be voted with appropriate weight such that the VP does not fall below 77 %.

On Auto Voting

I started using SteemVoter for auto voting some of my favorite authors. Most of them are newbies or minnows who I wish to support for their hardwork. A couple of people are very close to me and I wish to help them find their feet on Steemit.

However, I stopped using SteemVoter until its new version is launched. I am using an alternative for auto voting and it is working fine for me. It's an incredible service and I will soon share a detailed guide on how to use it. There are three things I am using autovote for:-

  1. Autovoting at least 10 authors with different voting weights. They do not post daily and certainly not at the same time so the actual consumption of my votes is far less than the number of authors supported. One of the accounts I am voting for is @youarehope which is a charity initiative by @sircork (who is a friend, a witness and beneficiary of my autovote as well).

  2. Autovoting comments by people who regular show up on my blog. You can call it a loyalty reward or something like that. I call it rewarding proof of effort. I do vote comments manually but these special people will get a vote automatically because I wish to reward their contribution whether I am online or not. The list will expand.

  3. I have joined the @utopian-1up curation trail which votes on accepted @utopian-io contributions just before the big votes. It's an experiment to see how much curation reward can be earned. I've contributed my half vote to be used only once per day. Let's see.

These are the three of the uses of autovoting service that I am using. Tutorial soon, I promise!

Auto Voting Strategy

*I have set 85 % VP as the baseline to start autovoting, meaning that an autovote will be cast only when my VP is higher than 85 %. Which means than I can curate other people's blog posts/comments from 77 % to any percentage above that where as autovotes will be cast only if VP is 85 % or higher.

On Selling Vote

I have been selling vote through MinnowBooster and SmartSteem for a few months now (click links to know how). It's a profitable activity for me and a way to recover the cost of SP—exceeding 125 Steem—that I have leased so far. On average, I am getting 12-20 SBD per week from SmartSteem and MinnowBooster combined; mainly from the former.

However, selling my votes puts pressure on curation and autovoting (which is also curation). It's too much pressure to be ignored. Also, the thought of supporting people who are doing good work but not being noticed plays a vital role in deciding my selling priorities. I do wish to balance benevolence and profit, with preference given to benevolence.

Selling Conditions

My vote will be automattically sold to SmartSteem if VP crosses 89 % and to MinnowBooster if it crosses 92 %. Below 89 %, and till 77 %, all my votes will go to Steemians. Vote selling will happen only when I am inactive or sleeping.

On Self Voting

For the best part of my ealiest time on Steemit, I was strictly against self voting. I had recorded them in form of a post 8 months ago. I stopped self voting for a considerable period until I saw almost everyone doing it.

I won't self vote on comments unless visibility is of utmost important—and such a scenario has to very rare. Self voting on my posts is somethings I am thinking about. I did not vote on the last one but lately, almost all my posts have received selfvote (after the initial hour though).

Final Thoughts on Self Voting Posts

I think 3-5 self votes per week out of the 70 available votes isn't a big deal anyway. As long as I curate other properly, it is okay to vote on my posts.

Some Admissions to Make

I have been experimenting a lot with Steemit reward system and the various economic opportunities it presents. Because of this extensive experimentation, I have been able to teach thousands of people about different aspects of Steemit, as well as different services with economic benefits.

But there are some admissions that I wish to make.

  • Lately, I made vote selling sort of a priority and tried to keep my VP near the threshold where my votes could be sold. I have been earning 5-7 SBD in three days.

  • This vote selling meant that even if I still curated a lot of authors, I could not do it too generously or with high voting weights.

  • I stopped autovoting for some days to preserve my VP for vote selling. Another reason was that I needed to get my voting plan sorted out. It is sorted out now.

  • I am as concerned about making money as anyone else. I do wish to receive good rewards on all my posts. To make it just, I put great effort in all my posts and comments. Despite my wish to earn money, I cannot be unfair or abusive.

  • I do not enjoy flagging. I do it only for the sake of this platform. Meanwhile, I am making more efforts to educate people on how not to get flagged.

  • I started using voting bots in December. Like self voting, I avoided them for a long time unless it became a necessary evil. I use them on my best content and only for promotion purposes.

These are some of the things I wanted to share with you.


I don't know what my audience make of this post but I shared it to let people know about my voting habits and the reasons behind them. I am sure that people having trouble with managing their voting power will learn a thing or two from this post.

Luckily, I was able to capture this beautiful moment: 3333 followers.

As someone with a rising following and recognition, I feel it is important to be transparent. I also wanted to share the techniques and services that I use and the purpose behind their use. Now that my strategy is out, I would request you to give your feedback about it. If I need to change anything, please let me know.

Kindly extend generous support though your resteem and upvote.

Steem on!

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Hi dear brother, I am Abdullah from Facebook. I read your post and I learned too many this from your post. Like How to write a good post, vocabulary etc. on the daily basis I will visit your profile and I will learn lots of things. I appreciate your work for newbie. I request to you please visit my profile and check my intro. Thanks


Awesome intro! Too bad it paid out a week ago and my vote won't help much. But I am following you and hope to catch your next post. Keep being amazing!

Another great article. Thanks for this. I appreciate the transparency. You give us all something to think about, just looking at your example instead of being told what to do.

I'm teaching some new folks about Steemit this evening, so wrote a new post for newbies that's really for them and want you to know that I linked to a couple of your articles in it. I think you're a great blogger for learning Steemit and I know you taught me a lot and I've done very well following your advice in just 2 weeks on here.

I'm suggesting they all follow you closely to learn even more beyond this initial stepy-by-step guide I've created.

If you have time to give your feedback on my newbie guide, that would be amazing. Thanks again for all you do.


I have it open since yesterday but couldn't read. This is some good progress in 2 weeks. Keep doing the good work. Feedback on your post is on its way.

Thanks for being vulnerable and open about where you're at. I think you have great reasoning for all your actions, so you shouldn't have to feel bad about any of them. They're your votes to use how you want anyways, but it seems they you use them in "honorable" ways too, so nothing to be embarrassed about.

I appreciate you sharing about vote-selling. I haven't reached a level where that makes sense for me. I'm still building my base and commenting and upvoting the authors I visit is one of the main ways I gain visibility. The other way is by rewarding real people who come to my posts and leave comments. I want them to know I appreciate their visit and votes.

I'm working hard to get to the slider bar so I can do more votes of lower power and spread the votes around a little more. I have been running my VP much too low. That's changing and I'm going to target keeping above 70%.

Your posts are informative and well-written. You shouldn't have a problem continuing to grow your following. I've benefited from reading what you write and looking forward to more Steemit wisdom.

I like the spirit of openness in this post... I didn't even know one could micro-manage their auto-voting to such extents... Seems like a nightmare to program so I'll be looking forward to your post about how you actually achieved this mathematical precision! Cool thing that you're always able to vote in a way aligns you with your vision for Steem! Big up to your good ethics and proudly sharing them with the platform. Makes sense to me to take responsibility and be up-front with everyone! Certainly a good example for others to follow.

Steem on x

Really great post as always. I just use two bots if you want to say it like that. The first one is SmartSteem (thanks to you I can use this "app") and the second one is minnowbooster. These two really help a lot for those people who are just starting in steemit like me. By the way, @alystarar I ask you if I can translate one of your guides if you wanted to Spanish. I'll be here. 😀Always improving more on Steemit thanks to you.

Your posts are always so helpful and considerate that firstly, I don't think anyone can fault you for anything, and if they try to, just ignore them! What I'm really impressed by is the acknowledgement that some of your strategies have changed because they don't work for you or you've learnt a better / different way to interact or transact, regardless of what various people may say. If I recall correctly, the only rule in the welcome page was no plagiarism and the key advice to success, post quality content. The rest is left to our judgement, morals and ethics, a really interesting experiment that has had very interesting results so far. If you are happy with your decisions and actions then you have achieved success!


You weren't supposed to upvote my comment! I forgot to add that, just a 'cool, thanks' reply would have been fine, I meant to tell you to save your curation votes. I purposely upvoted your post before 15 minutes, I'm a steemit rebel! ;)

Wonderful post, thanks for sharing this awesome post,@ilyastarar

Hi @ilyastarar, i recently found that my voting power was worth 0.00 at 100%! Now, i used to see a 0.1 before i climbed up to my present 38. What could i be doing wrong please?


The number 38 is your reputation score, not voting power. You can search reputation score 101 steemit on Google to learn more about Rep Score.

Use to know your current vote value, voting power, reputation and a lot more.


Yes, I know 38 is my reputation score - and my 100% voting power is 0.00! I've been to Steemnow, I will look up the other reference, thank you.

As always, an excellent and informative post. I'd noticed the attention you pay to mentions and resteems. The commitment you have to this platform is encouragement to all us minnows, thank you for your efforts. I for one have no problem with you making what you can from your posts, you give more than that back to the community with every post you make. Good luck man :)

Interesting to see how people are testing and checking what they do, yes once you are earning it becomes more apparent to you as to where you actually spend your money @ilyastarar

Some very useful tips in your content, I have been using SteemAuto and have found this tool another nice tool to use.

Your posts are always helpful.Good to now about promoting newbies and what is minnow? I will be anxiously waiting for your autovoting tutorials. I also came to know about new voting techniques. And congratulations for 3333 followers. Keep growing

This was very interesting to read and as usual you have informed me about some stuff on Steemit that I didn't know about. Looks like you have really put a lot of effort into fine tuning your strategy and I love how open and honest you have been in this post. Steemit needs more people like you around.

I appreciate your insight very much. I have just joined my first curation trail. I had been adamant that a vote should only be cast if you actually read the content, but I am finally seeing it another way. I don't have time to read everything that gets posted. I can't read anything not in English unless I use the translator. Devoting a portion of my vote to a "group effort" to help minnows band together seemed worth "lowering my standard." Or maybe I raised it, who knows? But I have been contemplating enacting a more comprehensive voting strategy. You offered a lot of data I would not be able to get, so thanks!

Well your voting priorities are solely yours to decide, I don't believe anybody can tell you what is wrong or what is right I have been following you for a while and I see the opportunities you give to people to translate your post and all.

The basic thing is, you're a really help at least to a few beneficiaries and well I'm most certainly grateful that @youareHope, the cause is laudable and exemplary.

Cheers buddy, your voting style is dully noted

Thanks for sharing your insights. Reading your post I got a better idea of what to do with selling votes and setting autovotes - mainly the percentages you mentioned made me realize that I need to adjust my settings.
I do quite a lot of voting on comments people leave on my blog, and I find it hard to get back up to 85% VP again. Adjusting the percentages could bring the solution to my problem.

  ·  2년 전

Well as far as I am concerned, you being sincere is the best thing...
Rest is upto the reader to make any perception about your voting priorities...
Everyone makes its own choices and deserves to be respected...
Above mentioned choices/priorities were your's to make and you made them as per your understanding, so I respect you and your choices...

@ilyastarar I think you take some great steps. Auto voting to your favorite authors is a good idea. I think day by day you are increasing and becoming a Steemit Celebrity. I always try to follow your writing. Rather this is my first comment in your blog but I am active on your blogs. Hope you will share more information in near future. Congrats for your 3333 Followers.
giphy (2).gif


Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to read that you actively read my blogs. It is nice of you to comment.


@ilyastarar You are most welcome.

Your idea on self-voting is very fair and also auto voting for your favorite author which some of them are for Charity use is very remarkable. You are laying a good example for upcoming Steemians to follow. I have been following through your posts for few days now and I like the fact that you are very disciplined.

Weldon always.

I read your previous post, because I follow . The one you adviced newbies on how not to get flagged. It good that you do not just lookout for yourself. You are also very open about your secret successes thereby giving people ideas on how to go about these. Your post are always very helpful to me most especially. This is my first time commenting on your post. But I have been reading them. And learning so as to improve. Thanks @ ilyastarar for the opportunity to learn. TEACHER.

This post is filled with tidbits of information, as all your posts usually are. I bookmarked it so I can soak on every element in part later on. I also upvoted of course, and re-steemed.

Before I really check on the auto voting or vote selling aspects that I never used before, I'd have a question related to why you have set the minimum VP limit to 77% (and not to 80%)?


80 % is ideal. That is what I'd prefer. But sometimes I may come accross that deserves a vote and I may already be at 80 % VP. In such a case, I'd vote for sure.


Thanks! Another question if it's ok with you: do you think auto voting or selling votes (not to mention delegating) should be tempted by people with low steem power?

At current Steem price, at 100% my VP is 0.01. It was of course higher when Steem price was higher, but it will get back there, I'm not worried. What I'm saying is I only need to cast 20 votes at 100% to consume the quota for the day. And casting votes at lower than 100% with such a little impact is not really a solution. So it's preferably to do it manually in this case. Wouldn't you think so?

You are right.. This sharing is quite helpful for newbies as we are on early stages of understanding system..
So after reading it we are in decission making position that how can we use our power.. Thanx for sharing

Transparency is good. now we come to know the reason for getting your upvotes and not getting one. Will try to be positive and share knowledge with others by commenting more with quality content.

@ilyastarar I salute your honesty and your integrity in trying to do what is best for the community. Thank you.

Since I started reading up about the upvoting thing I have been against it. Well not totally - I just hate it when I see people upvote their own post when it adds no value to the post. All it does is give them money and bring their post up the list while other (probably more insighful posts go dow) I agree that if you think the comment is essential or imoportant then for sure but I think people just abuse and upvote themselves to much

Hello I am having trouble finding how much a Up vote power I have at any given time of the day.. I have not gotten paid anything from upvoting even though it says I will. I am still trying to figure out how much power I have to give each day in upvote. Can you provide step-by-step instruction video or images to find this information?

Hey, brother @ilyastarar happy to see you again :)
You are really doing great to teach minnows about this platform And believe me I've learned a lot from you.

Hats off to your efforts for this platform.

It's a proud feeling for me that you belong to My sweet country Pakistan <3

As I'm a minnow and need your support to grow on this platform :)
if you have some time, give a visit to my profile and show me some support :)
God Bless you.

Waiting for your tutorial! Thank you for all the valuable information!

Do you know why some of the “Whales” who at one time had huge steem power are exiting?? Thanks

Very useful post, thank you for sharing.

wonderful post, keep on with your good work.

Tell me trick

Ironically, the post got self voted automatically because the upvote option was checked. Working on smartphone can pose some problems. This post was 100 % written and published via Chrome on Android, including the images. I removed the self vote immediately though. What a waste of 2 % VP!



That wasn't necessary.

I really love your post