Get Resteems, Upvotes and much more! Unity Project Day 4

4년 전


Hello fellow steemians! Your posts die in ,,new"? Ever wondered how to get yourself observed, how to make lasting bonds and grow bigger?

Here we go!

Unity Project is a place where users gather and share their forces to achieve the ultimate goal: Everyone wins!


All of the users that join the project get their posts resteemed by us ( with a certain frequency) so everyone else that follows us get to see this and apreciate your content by upvoting, following or simply comenting to cheer up!
Besides, all of the new and active users will get support from me, my irl friends and other steemians that joined this project on constant basis!

How to join?

  1. Simply follow me and be positive, you are awesome! :)
  2. Comment bellow ,,I'm in"! You can also be more creative though :)
  3. Upvote this post and the ones to come ( ATENTION! All the earnings from Unity posts will de splited in ten parts and distributed to random 10 members on the 10'th, 20'th, and 30'th days of each month!)

How to contribute?

  • Upvote the posts of our members (that I resteem)
  • Spread the word about our project.
  • To get your post resteemed, coment below with a link to your post or join our discord chanel

New members

@sdd / @danizaharie / @amedeo / @asmaasema / @doctorcrypto

Curent SQUAD

@infohunter / @datcryptoguy / @metaposter / @medimind / @paradigmblog / @ahrakeen / @meshy / @dextrum / @shezar / @arondite / @martinwanderer / @nemojr / @ravenj / @awint / @paps / @johnquake / @jakebuensalida / @vidanatural / @sanasara / @sdd / @danizaharie / @doctorcrypto / @amedeo / @asmaasema and all other followers! Aaand maybe you? :)

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Looks like the group is getting bigger!

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:


Sure they might be! :D

This post recieved an upvote from minnowpond. If you would like to recieve upvotes from minnowpond on all your posts, simply FOLLOW @minnowpond


Glad to hear that! If you want a post of your's to be resteemed just link it up in coments so i can resteem it. Also, I would be very thankfull if you would spread the word about our group as well :)


One day we'll be whales, hopefully :D, Done

im in!! Lets get it!!


Man, that post is too old, I connot resteem it, only upvoted :D gimme a fresher one :), long way to go though, I and other members are working to build us biger and the point is to be a free service, not like minnowbooster and randowhale...

Upvote from @africanherbman, I'm in..


Wellcome :) be sure to give me from time to time a post of yours so I can resteem to all the members :)

I´m in too!!