This is just the beginning... the potential of Steemit

5년 전

First off, wow - what a ride!
Steemit is taking off like a rocket and with it all the hopes and expectations of the crypto community. It's also probably the first time we are seeing such a wide adoption from outside of those boundaries. And this is just the beginning...

While many compare Steemit with Reddit, it really just is the tip of the iceberg.
In reality, steemit is a small peak into what could be a new social media revolution. The underlying system of Steemit, the steem blockchain, could very well be an engine for every single user generated content focused platform. And you guessed it, the whole web is (for the most part) user generated.
So this not only includes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, Wordpress and Reddit, but potentially every single Website on this planet we call earth.

This is great news for you, because you just stumbled across this first step up into a wonderful future, where beautiful content will be rewarded and spam devalued.

While I don't think that Steemit will overtake all those sites I mentioned before, I have high hopes for the underlying schematics to find a wide adoption when Steemit keeps taking off like this. Nonetheless, there's still a lot of work to do.

Two Things I want to see in the future:

  • API integration for 3rd party platforms, Steemit is just the prototype or maybe the "mother of it all", the blockchain is the future
  • A lot of simple to use developer tools, plugins, etc. to build stuff on top of the steem blockchain (Imagine the potential if wordpress users could activate a plugin and automatically publish/integrate their content with steemit)

Welcome to the future!

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