Decentralized Blockchains isn't about TOKENS TO FIAT --and most will realize it too late.

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Many of you think, who makes the most money wins.

Many of you think, how fast you can earn crypto and change it to fiat wins.

Since I joined STEEM in 2016, I've watched this panic for rushing the reward pool happen. People scamming the system, delegating for dividends, running bots, and self-voting themselves with friends to suck value faster than the next guy.

There's something that very few people have realized...

The blockchain holds history. It leaves a bread crumb path to everything you've done in the past, and everything you've done today.

REAL, SOLID PEOPLE emerge from disaster and chaos...

...and at the end of the day...

This has nothing to do with who got the most rewards first.

It has to do with community, morals, self-sacrifice for others, and the big one... TRUST.

  • Who have you met on the blockchain that you trust?

  • Who have you met that you truly value?

  • Who do you hold in high regard?

...because these are things in crypto you cannot fake or buy...

Reputation (and no, not the reputation number next to your username)

...true reputation of the respect you've earned.. is hard to achieve

In the future, you're going to see... sharedrops, forks, and onboarding of people that is going to take long-term history and respect into account.

So if you've been scamming, cheating, or trolling...

You simply aren't invited to the next version of where this all goes.

You might ask....

No one will know me, if I show up under an alt-name or a sock puppet account...

  • You're right! --- and that's why you won't be invited.

Unless you have a history of being a decent person, you won't buy or get a way into the new decentralized platforms that are yet to be launched.

Q: What if I don't believe you intelliguy?
A: It doesn't matter, if it happens does it? Whether you believe it or not...

Solid people are starting to recognize... out of 100 people in crypto, maybe a bare few are the ones who can be trusted and respected, and this history follows them.

So earn your money today -- but don't do it at a cost of destroying how you are perceived tomorrow.

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I think blockchains exist so that you don't have to have a trust issue with anybody, because like you mentioned you can back track your activity.

What it seems you're trying to convey is that blockchains are about building a solid rep instead of exchanging crypto currency for fiat? I think those two can go hand in hand. You can be a good person and you can try to live off of crypto.

This is so true intelliguy -- the very action of gaming the system is ever on the blockchain track record.

To answer this question -

Who have you met on the blockchain that you trust?

@neoxian & @dimimp

Who have you met that you truly value?

@neoxian and @dimimp

Who do you hold in high regard?

@neoxian & @dimimp

This two steemians has changed the face of my blog on steem.

Unless you have a history of being a decent person, you won't buy or get a way into the new decentralized platforms that are yet to be launched.

Do you mean project Destiny?


Every person who reads this post, will feel how it pertains to them, or their friends, and what they see on the platform. It's time to think for everyone.


True! It's time to think for everyone!

Nice. I've thought about things like this before. You really get to see how people are through the highs and the lows (if they stay) and how their true character plays out. Thanks man!

nice one... gotta keep that reputation in check... I'm doing what I can to stay afloat till some changes are made. Live streaming is helping me for the meantime. I'll just ride that wave and hopefully, one of those new platforms will come scoop me up.

So many people arent looking at the bigger picture in the end. It is turning clearer and clearer to me that espcially blogging on these kinds of sites is a big marathon and not a sprint.

In the long run so much more starts to matter, and you are one of the people that always values his own values and that is what works in the end!

Yeah, this is the fundamental shift that decentralization and blockchains can bring to society. Money is not going to equal power the way it always had.

I wonder if we go so far the opposite direction 100s of years from now that it's like that black mirror episode where everything in your life is based of your reputational score. Lord knows society like to overshoot direction on things ;-)

Great article!
Just wrote something very similar a few days ago :)

Decentralized Communities is one of the best weapons against people gaming the system.. or just being greedy.

Greets :)


Well truthfully, decentralized communities seem to turn a blind eye towards it...

Only because they feel they can't stop it, so they might as well join in too...

But as I've mentioned -- head hunters -- trying to find real solid people -- can use blockchain history to read past all of that.. and scout the honorable people.

Glad we're on the same wavelength. :)


Yea, I know.. ^^

Very curious about the future. :)
Have a nice day!

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I tell you honestly i made also mistakes when i start to use steemit.
if you ask me why? Because it was hard to get atention. Even now the people just care they own posts how much they earn and thats it. Useing bots..... In some way i understand but some way not. I mean it is ok if you want your post to be more visible but like on the trending page see everyday the same people with the same meaningless post i am tired from that. And it is also our fault in some way. Because many of us if they see a trending post they straight going to give them a vote and they think they will get also few cents on they comments. 😔

However blockchains are not decentralized...


That's correct, not a single one, not completely. Yes, some are decentralized more than others, and some are very centralized in terms of having strong influencers, such as XRP (ripple).