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You are right


Thanks :)

Wow, I thought that nobody had used www for a long time. Thanks for the link to a very informative article. Respect!

Ого, я думал что www давно уже никто не использовал. Спасибо за ссылку на очень содержательную статью. Респект!


reddit, facebook, amazon, google all use www

After reading that it seems ridiculous that Steemit does not use the www domain...

It seems they don't want steemit to progress.


lmao 😁

https be safety No need to use www

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Valid reasons but I am happy that it's safe and secure 😊

I think they had reasons not to use www.

no need use..

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steemit com or steemitinc should start focusing more on how to make the platform better, either that called www or a better interface etc etc!

Better information
The work of www is of many types. I hope your post taught me something new. Thank you very much for sharing such a post among us

💜 image

@inventor16, In my opinion this Article included both Technical and Non-Technical Knowledge for sure. World Wide Web really changed the whole world and initially people didn't gave that much importance to it but now cannot stay away from it.

So truly i hope and wish that Steemit will be an big player in the future and we need to see the growth of Steemit Platform. At this moment people are not seeing that much Potential in Decentralisation but soon the world will understand that few were right and masses missed the opportunity.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

thanks, that was new for me. I thought id doesnt matter www or no www

steemit developers after seeing this post

Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the insight @inventor16