How you came to Steemit and what you plan on doing update.

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Let me know how you got here and what you do or hope to do here.
My favorite response will receive a 100% 140K SP vote in 24 hours.

It's that simple, but no bullshit, no gibberish. Speak from the heart and be honest.

I posted yesterday offering 100% upvote for my favorite response to this question. But wanted to real and authentic responses. I am blown away by how many responses I received. 134 comments in 24 hours!

I am still reading through them, but will be deciding soon.
Thanks for everyone who shared their story, I thought I would receive 10 comments if I was lucky and it would be an easy decision to pick one person that was authentic.

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My choice and response here:

@ipromote You did a good job on the previous post

Hi, I’m new here.
I got to know about Steemit through a colleague at work @marpemusic. He told me that it’s a new platform where he now shares his passion for music to friends. I decided to make a little research into Steemit and saw that it’s not just for music, but for different great and interesting topics which people discuss and share ideas on. And so, I longed to join the Steemit community and now, am finally here. I love information finding. I like doing natural health remedies and things you can actually do yourself instead of spending or wasting money doing it. Also will I share some things women (stay at home mums & salary earning mums) can do to get extra income to their account so as to be financially independent and be supportive. Hopefully, these ideas will help someone out there who does not know just where to start from to start making some extra cash and saving some also.

I'll make mine as plain and honest as I possibly can. I got here from a youtube video about meeting people who are interested in business and you get your word out with getting feedback. I joined to share my wisdom with like minded individuals, hoping to get feedback so our mindsets can grow together. It's hard meeting entrepreneurs where I live and this plat form is full of them. Creating an environment where wisdom is constantly growing is why I joined. Nothing pays out a better interest then knowledge.

It's so wonderful to view this kind of post, honestly every time I open my steemit I usually open first my wallet if I get some SBD hehehe its sounds funny but and its real. Second, I will check my feed because I feel excited to see different posters because from them I learn a lot and gives me idea the way they make post and now I still learning here in steemit.


That's quite an extraordinary response! People really want to get their ideas and stories out, and of course share their passion along the way. I think it's wonderful how this community supports great content, and mighty fine of you to support someone who is carving a niche market out in this community. Kudos.

The real excitement is where the steemiant can tell the story straight how first played. Really great sack of course if you can share knowledge and capital to be my investor @ipromote hahaha

Thank you for this great opportunity. Here is my story and my introduction video too

My name is Clodagh or my online persona is Queen Maeve v2 where I occasionally blog about life, love, leggings, lifting and living my best life. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook as @QueenMaevev2

For my “day job,” I own my own Digital Marketing Agency - [website] ( Get Focused which is over 10 years old. I specialize in coaching & consulting with [website] ( Growit Group where I help agency owners to run profitable, successful professional services businesses. I am based in Dublin but work with agencies around the world. I am a huge advocate of the Entrepreneurial Operating System [website] ( and have seen, when you implement it correctly it can have a significant impact on improving your business.

Mid-2017 I started learning about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and I have a small portfolio. I am really interested in the impact that these movements will have on the Digital Marketing Agency community and would love to connect with other agency owners who can share their insights that will help me navigate on this journey.

In my spare time, I am building a wearable art clothing brand called Isleen Design [website] ( - Isleen is Irish for Vision and I am creating a retreat in my cottage in the West of Ireland for artists and writers called Isleen Cottage.

In 2016 I discovered that I could bench press a reasonable amount for my age and weight category and this has led me to a place on an Irish Powerlifting team where I represented my country in the World Championships in Erie, P.A. last year. As of today, I hold a World Record for Strict Curl of 32kg.

With my job, I get to visit different countries and like to take photos and share my travels, food, and experiences along the way. Other things I like are Trance, Mosaics & Mandalas.

Delighted to be part of the Steemit community. Looking forward to learning and sharing here on Steemit, - mainly Lifestyle tips I have gathered over the years and some advice for Digital Agency Owners. Please, any tips or advice you have will be welcomed.
Thank you

MY INTRO VIDEO:!/v/queen-maeve-v2/cyr15j55

this question is very realistic !!! thank you so much

Lol. A victim of your own success!
Great thing to do actually. To bad I did not enter to contest yesterday.
So, I will reply out of competition:
When thinking about investing into the cryptoworld and doing research I stumbled a lot of time on pages from Steemians. This got me interested. I took my about a month to take the plunge.
First I have to admit that I was triggered by the big payout and the money generation. So I was thinking to write about sportsbetting, as you can see in my name.
But I never wrote about it. In stead started with articles about crypto, slowly moving towards steemit.
So I can say that my focus has shifted.
My ultimate goal is to build a nice community, be active, learn and have a lot of interaction with other Steemians.

Good luck with reading all the comments!

I came to steemit to check out if poloniex was a scamexchange or not, and I ended up trying to decentralise the music industry and community forums

I came on steemit because I realized that I was in a new era and I understood nothing about cryptocurrency. So I decided to learn about it and saw a class from Jerry Banfield about cryptocurrency. But he was promoting steem. He sounded convinced that it was going to be huge so I signed up for it and waited for steemit to verify my account. At the time the price of steem was $1.27. I remembered it clearly. I did nothing with the acount for about a month. But then I saw something from Jerry again and decided that I must act on it. When I looked at steem price again it was $5+ and I placed my first investment. My goal here is really to connect with other people who want to learn, understand and invest in crypto currency. In the outside world, I cannot talk to anyone about it because they don't understand and no one is really in crypto now becasue bitcoin has fallen from grace and all the non-crypto investors think it' s a scam.
I plan on building my following slowly, learn and get to know people who are smart and have their pulse on crypto markets. Steem/crypto market is just in the infant stage and I consider myself an early adoptor of this new age. Steemit will be big, I think bigger than facebook and instagram and I want to be a part of it when it happens. So right now I just want to learn, grown and build my reputation here. Thanks

I got to steemit through the help of a friend that leased me 5 steem to signup on anon network. I've been enjoying myself since then although the pay is little but i love the posts I've seen so far. I plan on getting to 500followers by October and getting a 1000sbd by then.

Though i saw this late but i'll still love to share how i got to know about steemit

I am a Nigerian but studying here in the Philippines.
On this fateful day, their is this festival that is always celebrated in cebu city Philippines which is sinulog, i and my friends were their to make Africans braids and their we meet the steemit community cebu city their distributing fliers, telling people about steemit and i was one of the people they met though i was not sure if i was going to join or not but i give it a good thinking that if steemit is real then i could join and use my earning to help myself and less the trouble of my parent through school, then i joined
It has been pretty good since i joined 2months ago and am improving
Am planning on talking my fellow steemians through my years as a foreign student here in the Philippines
Thank you @ipromote for letting me share how i got to this community

To be honest?

Steemit has introduced to me 2 months ago.

My uncle told me all I need to do is post a blog, vote, resteem and I will earn money doing these.

So that's why I'm here. Instead of wasting my time on the other social media, so I just used my time using steemit with a lot of benefit for me.

I am able to communicate well with other people all over the world.
I am able to blog and free myself from a box, I'm no longer in my comfort zone.
I am now confident to speak English even though my grammar is not established that well.
I have now 11 SBD equivalent to 1,500 pesos in our currency.
I also tried to make my contest, if you want to visit just go here:
I am also posting on Steemchurch, Christianity, and Christian-trail
I am a Christian, I love to share the Word of God in social media.
I'm not afraid and ashame of it. :)

God bless you!

@orignalworks @ipromote

A friend introduced Steemit to me and told me how he shares his music to people to listen to. I decided to make a little research into Steemit and saw different inspiring posts so i said to myself, "I have to be part of this community" and finally am here after a long wait, totally new. I so much desire to share information concerning things we can actually do by ourselves to become independent in life. Things we can do by ourselves that will save us some money and help us avoid wasteful and unnecessary spending. These are things are currently do myself and hope to help someone out there achieve same. Am really glad to be here!!!

I was newly introduced to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by one of my close friends. I did my research, bought some Bitcoin and earned good enough during the bull run.
Then I invested in ripple too looking at its popularity then. But then everything dropped in end of December.
That's when I thought of earning free cryptos or passive income from cryptos. I started searching for airdrop alerts and did couple of google searches.
That's when I came across Steemit. I learnt it a very hard way. I had to read through too many things to understand this platform well. Later I got my wife and cousins to join Steemit.
I am saving all my Steem so that I can buy an iPhone some day using the Steem earned. I am not planning to withdraw the profit anytime before that.
Hope I reach there. Its a very long way to go.

Steemit was introduces me by a friend of mine. He knows that Im in need financially. I live in a remote area here in Phillipines, and Im the only one supporting my family nd the studies of my younger sister. When I started in steemit I thought its all about blogging for the sake of earning money but I found this platform is more on developing individual skills and encouraging pursuing one's goal. Im very thankful that ive known this platform, this give inspiration to work hard and give the best that I can.

Now that Im here, im planning to enhance and develop my writing skills through the help of other steemit members. Of course as a breadwinner, this platform help me a lot to support my family. Thank you for these people who help me and still extending there hand when i need help. Also thank you @ipromote for letting new steemians share their journey here in this platform. God bless everyone.

Thank you for this opportunity to express myself.

So, I am a very regular online user, but I only visit few sites. I'm very popular on the Nigeria biggest forum My profile I can visit that site like 100 times a day. I visited as usual on the 29th of January, surfing the site and I saw an interesting thread so I decided to check it out The Thread

I picked interest immediately and started asking some questions. I have been looking for a platform like this where I can earn cash so I hurriedly opened an account and It was approved after 5 days.

I joined Steemit because I need to add something to my pay check. I needed to see reasons why I should subscribe to my monthly data plan.

I'm a very shy person that believes it will be so difficult for me to make friends with people outside my country. I wanted to see how far I can go. I took it as a challenge to push myself.

I am not also good with my writing skills so I said to myself "You will only have to comment since you can't write" I felt like I can't make it here cause of my English writing skills so I decided to push myself to write. I wrote my first article and got $0.085....It was like a dream come through. I never imagined someone could actually read my blog and upvote so it grew my confidence. And today, I post on my blog at least once a day.

Steemit is an eye opener for me even though the earnings aren't coming so well now, but I have met a lot of friends that accepted me the way I am. People who understands that my writing isn't perfect, but they could spare few cents just to encourage. I have regained my confidence to a certain level.

Honestly, I am so glad to be part of this great platform. It has really helped me a lot in some many ways.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my story. Cheers!