Review on Iphone x. The iphone of future!

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iPhone-X-4.jpgThe iphone x is the huge leap forward the Apple's handsets needed. Aside
from the original Iphone in 2007,this new Iphone is set to have the biggest
on Apple's smartpone direction ever.


Apple itself calling it the future of smartphone,the embodiment of
what it's been trying to achieve for a decade. but while the iphone
X is all about premium parts and an all-new experience,it's a huge gumble
for the Cupertino brand too as it tries reclaim some leadership in smartphone innovation.

Losing Key,reliable elements like the Touch ID fingerprint scanner,the home
button;introducing new methods of navigating and unlocking the phone-and
charging a lot more for the privilege -seems risky for a company that was
already trending new ground by doing away with the traditional headphone
jack last year.

But the iPhone X is the handset we've been demanding from Apple for years-a world
away from the increasingly-tired designs that those who just want a new
iPhone have had to make do it.
Bloggers i am using this about two months

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