izge's account is banned by @cheetah and Co.

7개월 전


Is this a joke or something?

What right have the almighty cheetah, steemcleaner etc got to ban my account?

"Is it a must that i mention my steemit account on my other social media accounts? Don't I have the right to decide what i want to appear or not on my accounts?*

Are we now been policed on a decentralized platform? Is there a KYC policy on in here or something?

It would have been a little fair if my steemit account was reaping large amounts of sbd for being fake or something like. But even if I were fake, is it a must i made mention of my almost useless steemit account elsewhere?

I do not know the implementation of what the cheating @cheetah and his ilks do to my account and i don't want to know. As far as i am concerned, so far there is one user name @izge and that is me, yes me.!!!!

sincerely @izge

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Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #cheetah-appeals channel in our discord.

!cheetah unban
After many days of throwing insults and arrogant behaviour directed at different Steemians in Discord, the user finally managed to understand the simple process of authorship verification and verified via Scorum.
Blacklist removed.


Okay, I have unbanned @izge.


thanks for unbanning, he is no bad player. Arrogant behavior? Isn't that like most of Steemit itself, lol...irony
glad you unbanned Izge, many of us are friends with him, he's an asset and non abusive which is more than I can say for how other fucked this platform hard.
Thanks for letting cooler heads prevail though..huggies


You rock @battleaxe. Thanks a lot once again.


I will not dignify your biased phraseology with a rebuttal.

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